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Lighten up, Francis.
I know that you can fall asleep to music in your library using the timer function but I certainly can't find a way to wake to my music using the alarm function.  Please post a screen shot.
That's a good question.  And I will really miss Activity Window.
Was that info in another thread?  I didn't see that in the AI article.
I'd say I use one hand on the phone about 80% of the time when texting, all of the time when dialing, typing in my password, etc.
Professional cameras have never been defined by the number of pixels. And professional HD cameras do not "struggle" to come close to the 4S definition. If you want to compare the 4S to other smartphones or consumer equipment, fine.
To which professional Nikon cameras are you referring?
I thought the same thing, but isn't it backwards compatible with 3G networks? If so, wouldn't they want to give you the option of being ready for 4G, assuming a compatible version is on the way?
Thanks. In the US, I remember the original iPad only working on the AT&T network and I don't recall any confusion. The confusion may have been present, I just don't remember.
I'm not familiar with the Australian networks. Did the iPad 2 work on all networks? The original iPad?
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