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Was the first iPad ever called the iPad1?
Because the more you post, the more valid your posts?
I agree with you. What would the rationale be to omit this feature? Every phone I've ever owned had an audible alert for missed calls.
I thought the sarcasm in the original post was fairly obvious.
Been on it from the beginning.
Let's face it, this is just a HUGE upgrade to iMovie -- hence, the ability to import iMovie projects/events and not FCP projects. If this had been named iMoviePro X, there'd be no bitching. Hopefully, they'll upgrade FCP soon.
Which of my statements is incorrect? I assume you mean the statement about the program not being "pro". You are correct, Gary Adcock did not say that in his piece found on MacWorld.comhttp://www.macworld.com/article/1606...1/06/fcpx.html He said it later in this forumhttp://forums.creativecow.net/readpost/335/2522 Sorry about the mixup.
Yes, people are. Thanks for the demonstration.
...but it will import your iMovie events/projects.
Thanks. As I've been reading on other sites, this is not an upgrade anyway. It's a totally separate program. Supposedly, project files from earlier versions cannot be opened with FCP X. It's early, but initial indications are that there is no RS422 support or 'log and capture'. According to the MacWorld site, this version is "not for Pros".
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