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No you go back and read my original post (you want details - I'll fill them in via PM because I don't want to derail the thread). Right now? It's time for my beddies and this stinking pile of shit has already cost me too much of my life to lose another night's sleep. I don't care what your fucking politics are unless you're so far left or right you advocate violence. The issue is government (any government - this is not an anti-US rant) being more transparent and...
Did you read his reply? Because frankly (NPI), I was heartened by it. And my politics are as different from Frank's as is imaginable. But at least he still has an open mind. The number of times I've wished in the past few years "why couldn't this happen to sego, or sammi jo or trumpty or SDW" or somebody who damn well cared. It breaks my heart that I put everything on the line for somebody like you sego. Damn you to hell. Whatever your BS political position.
I should preface my comments by saying I no longer know who is on whose side in this thread (in regard to this topic it is not always immediately obvious). I know what some people's politics are eg. sammi jo, sego, trumpty. But I am a refugee of the split/aka the "revolution" between appleinsider and applenova. Like others, I have been left swimming in largely open water ever since those fateful events back in 2004. (Newcomers, please don't get hung up on what happened...
Did you set it up in Network Prefs or Internet Connect? Don't know if this will help but I recently set up a USB wireless modem. Couldn't get it to work through Network Prefs but when I set it up in Internet Connect it was up and running. Makes no sense but it works so who cares? All I got, sorry. Good luck.
Is it possible for them to kick this thing up so it becomes more a computer (albeit a basic one) than the iPhone but acts as an input only device for more processor intensive apps like Final Cut etc.? Especially given the need for more HD capacity and RAM goes hand-in-hand with those uses? I read somewhere that OS X is designed to be modular. Don't understand or know enough if that's true. But if they could do something along those lines, seems it would address some of...
And just like the underpants gnomes' financial theories, you could substitute "?" for: Step 2: Come up with solution to solve the "no keyboard or trackpad problem"
Oh it was intended entirely in good humour. At this point in time, it's hard not to let a bit of silliness set in. N'est-ce pas?
And the show closes with Kenny Rogers and Kris Kristofferson singing a duet to the Beverly Hillbillies theme:Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named JobsHe spent all his time makin' tech for the mobs.He said, "Come and see our latest creation",And all around there was great elation.A tablet that is, an iPad, an Apple slate.Well the next thing you know old Jobs is on the stageHe said, "Have a glass of this yummy Koolaid."The crowd all cheered and applauded very...
God even my untrained eye can spot a bunch of problems with that pic straight off the bat. And I'll go hee if there's a tablet on the loose in Shanghai (or anywhere else in China for that matter). Can't think of anywhere on the planet Apple would be less likely to let a real tablet go floating about.
And it fits in nicely if the rumor that it's a device shared among the whole family turns out to be true. Maybe we should drop Steve a line, adda. For all we know, they might still be mulling over what to call it. This could be just the idea he's looking for. He might give us a job. Gee, doesn't he look like shit in that pic accompanying the Slate story. I'd forgotten just how sick looking he got. Not just his face but his left arm is nothing more than skin and bone.
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