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I remember when Deng came to the US in 1979 and played up the "Soviet hegemony" card.  He seemed friendly to the West as he portrayed Moscow as the common enemy of both the West & China and essentially opened the door to the West.  Knowing that Deng fell from grace and then was rehabilitated post-Mao contributed to his pitch.  The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan certainly lended credence and many in the West were encouraged to think Mainland China was lowering the Bamboo...
Is it possible part of the IBM alliance was to strengthen the iCloud infrastructure?
Can anyone explain why Apple has not added the mysterious Red Box from the old NeXT days? For those who have forgotten, Yellow Box was the Cocoa environment and Blue Box was the traditional Mac, i.e. Classic, environment. Red Box allegedly was a full Windows compatibility layer. You can't tell me that there isn't a fully functional Windows runtime environment that Apple hasn't developed in-house just begging to be added to any of the 10.3 & up OS releases for Intel...
In the great rush of slobbering speculation of new Thunderbolt hardware, one machine is noticeably absent, namely, the MacBook. It has been well over a year since it's last refresh and I'm really curious if MBs are getting phased out as the standard consumer level laptop. There was supposed to be a distinction between the MB & MBP as the P meant "Pro" so a better screen, better graphics, bigger $$. Where's the speculation on the MB?
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