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Unless the app updated in the last 48 hours, no. I've been using the ATV V4 since release day. Gotta say overall I love it Hoping some things change though. I just signed up for Time Warners "internet Only" Basic Cable package to test it out. It also came with a free Roku 3 so  for $10/ month why the hell not? I was able to plug my info into the individual apps with various results. CBS and NBC unlocked, Fox unlocked but the most recent episodes remain locked on some...
Well we all know how much Steve loved license plates.
The remote app issue makes sense. They definitely are forcing us into using Siri and the mini glass track pad. I'm ok with it knowing it won't be forever. Besides I would think they'd want time to add features such as force touch to the new remote app utilizing added value or benefit to utilizing an i"device" as the remote instead of the remote itself. Force touch will be a great add for this type of situation. After playing Aron d a little I also feel like they could...
Gaming on ATV is going to be a blast. Nothing like gaming on my Mac but awesome regardless. I don't think exclusives deliver much value in this arena. Even in consoles there aren't nearly many exclusives as their used to be. So many games are networked and as such can't rely on just Xbox gamers or just play station players for a robust MMO experience. I believe for Apple it's going to be more about the variety and quality of games in the App Store. Less than any...
Too young to remember antenna gate? Lol that was 4 years ago. It's not ancient history. I'm sure the responder is at least that old. Idiot!
You asked a computer for a gift suggestion. Yeah. You're right, Siri is the idiot in this scenario.You asked a computer assistant for a gift suggestion? Yeah. You're right, Siri is the idiot in this scenario.
No because the vapor would evaporate long before it ever hit your lips. But I wasn't stop anyone who wants to suck off their phone. To each their own.
I think laptops were the first place Apple experimented with fuel cells a few years ago.
It's less water vapor than a cigarette vaporizer. If your pants get soaked its your fault and not because of said phone.
I'd like to add that it's going to be hard to prove any wrongdoing on Apple's behalf when the investigators realize you can sign up for spotify outside of the app and App Store. No one is being forced into buying through the app and further if spotify did more of their own marketing they should have plenty of paid subscribers who bypass the App Store and save money.
New Posts  All Forums: