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You asked a computer for a gift suggestion. Yeah. You're right, Siri is the idiot in this scenario.You asked a computer assistant for a gift suggestion? Yeah. You're right, Siri is the idiot in this scenario.
No because the vapor would evaporate long before it ever hit your lips. But I wasn't stop anyone who wants to suck off their phone. To each their own.
I think laptops were the first place Apple experimented with fuel cells a few years ago.
It's less water vapor than a cigarette vaporizer. If your pants get soaked its your fault and not because of said phone.
I'd like to add that it's going to be hard to prove any wrongdoing on Apple's behalf when the investigators realize you can sign up for spotify outside of the app and App Store. No one is being forced into buying through the app and further if spotify did more of their own marketing they should have plenty of paid subscribers who bypass the App Store and save money.
Except that unless you LOVE Taylor you're not going to hear about the new song or be able to hear said song if it wasn't for "free" services which aren't actually free. Radio companies pay royalties only spotify had crazy low rates to pay and those contarcts are quickly expiring. I wonder if TS's previews on her songs are shorter than other artists as I've seen some do on iTunes.
Why is streaming so awful to artists? I understand rates are low, but once the contracts expire and steaming pays out like radio what's the big f'n deal? I know Taylor is probably a little young to remember radio and sure radio want perfect but you never had anyone so dumb as to complain that radio was ruining the music biz. I fail to see how streaming is different other than it just doesn't give labels as big a cut as they like. In which case swift is just another tool...
NYC is old as dirt and Apple maps has been flawless. I would be surprised but not in disbelief if someone reported issues, but in my experience google maps has never been so far superior as to never make mistakes either.
You can already turn off iTunes and much more in the spotlight settings.
Why do people say this? Are you actually in the market for a new car? Is this something people buy a car specifically because of? I mean ther 3rd party heads are much nicer and a good custom install will look seamless and with nice hardware will sound leaps and bound better than ANY factory install. So what keep waiting?
New Posts  All Forums: