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You can already turn off iTunes and much more in the spotlight settings.
Why do people say this? Are you actually in the market for a new car? Is this something people buy a car specifically because of? I mean ther 3rd party heads are much nicer and a good custom install will look seamless and with nice hardware will sound leaps and bound better than ANY factory install. So what keep waiting?
Especially if you get to pick and choose from different teirs. Something like... 4 teir 1, 2 teir 2 and 1 premium.
also a great feature for the house. I hate searching for my keys when I'm loaded down with stuff in hand.
Im' surprised so many people seem to think this is some sort of replacement for the key. We're all still going to have keys and fobs and loads of options to share cars with friends attendants mechanics etc. The watch is just an indulgent (check that; one great reason to get the watch for myself ;) ) way of getting into your car without ALWAYS needing a key. Don't you guys already have attendant key for your cars that won't open the trunk? Sheesh guys. 
Absolutely. I'm not very familiar with the landscape in Monterey. Maybe it's a great location. Although there are forests in Monterey (including Los Padres and of course Monterey National Forest) I was mostly thinking of NC. The east coast is dense with trees. Living here I forget what California calls a forest. Maybe it is just scrubland. I've been looking for survey maps. If I find anything I'll be sure to post.Agreed.
Well that's what happened in NC. I can't imagine that those 1,300 acres are already free of trees. Apple had environmental impact studies done and of course they say "no major loss", but obviously others say " no, there's protected marshland, wooded areas, wildlife etc. I love the idea of solar myself but when you look at the cost of implementation (including mining, manufacturing, shipping, direct environmental impact etc) I'm not so sure it's all that much better than...
1,300 deforested acres. Very environmental indeed.
How is 14% a high margin? And don't give me BS THAT 28% of a $200 iPod is less than 14% of a $50k car. Dollars to donuts. 28% of $50k worth of iPods is still more than 14% of $50k worth of 1 car.
Ferrari and Porsche have the best margins at 14% cited from reuters.
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