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shazam can also be set to scan the "soundscape" around you for music and cache it so that it doesn't matter how long it takes you to open the app. It will eat up the battery i'm sure, but it's not a problem they aren't working on.
mildly -2 ? Where are you from? There's nothing mild about -2. When was the last time you enjoyed skiing at -2? Did you not read the article? It was so cold the mountain was shut down until it was safe because of the cold. No matter how bundled up you are at -2 you are not going to have a fun day on the mountain. This stupid toy will not save the day.    on that point how does this measurably increase my pleasure of snowboarding or skiing? Seems like a pointless niche...
 I had something similar happen. the update got jacked during the download. I believe the "reset" on the ATV is menu and play at the same time on the remote for 30 seconds you'll see the light flash… for me it was reset the device then update to the current OS. 
The feature I find most interesting are the images themselves. Based on a picture alone we're to believe fully more than half of the screen on any new iPhone is less than 1mm accurate. I mean clearly we are not just talking about the edges, the entire top half of the screen basically wouldn't work if you had to shift 1mm for every action. Christ what BS. The screen depicted in the images probably would most likely be completely unusable.
too bad the average american IQ is only 98. 
oh and I forgot the   "this thing sucks because the iPhone pathetic" arguments...
I dont think people are purchasing controller cases like this as "luxury" items. Obviously the targets are boys and men 14-35 who are gamers; not execs or their uptight rich housewives who have to have gold iPhone to make themselves feel more important than someone else.   This looks like a good controller. Form follows function and I'm not quite sure what game controller out there has ever be called "pretty". The important thing is how well will it work with a range of...
Since you have to ask...   perhaps you shouldn't assume its SOOOOOO easy.
LOL Tyrannosaurus sex. I think the headlines on the sample cover are perfectly emblematic of why this venture failed.
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