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There is so much information out there about (and I'll make the distinction) Assisted Driving I'm surprised we are all surprised, but here's a quick little summary of their progress with an noteworthy update/ correction   http://www.theverge.com/2014/9/22/6828161/california-permits-self-driving-cars-google-audi-mercedes-benz
So you are right... thank for making me look into it. Interesting read here if anyone's inclined.    http://www.askthepilot.com/questionanswers/automation-myths/
If self driving cars aren't on the road yet how does one conduct a study? Sounds dubious at best.
Several major auto manufacturers (especially high end brands like Mercedes) are making it a top priority starting with the 2015-2016 models as a way to differentiate themselves. It's inevitable. And coming very soon.
The Government failed in its obligation first by violating the constitution. They broke the contract and chose to hide that fact. How else is the truth to be exposed? Are you honesty saying that you'd rather live in ignorance of the violation of your "God given" rights rather than someone expose some info about the governments spying practices? Please. You are aware that there have been numerous attempt at estimating the "damage" done by snowden and they all fail to find...
was a bad reply
you've been farting around in the tech world for 30 years and you don't understand the validity of patents? You never patented any of your work in all that time? I find it hard to believe. Also hard to believe is that by your argument patents in other industries are some sort of vestigial appendage in the system. Do engineers in automotive and aerospace or a myriad of other industries also not have the right to patent their ideas or is your bias just towards the tech...
shazam can also be set to scan the "soundscape" around you for music and cache it so that it doesn't matter how long it takes you to open the app. It will eat up the battery i'm sure, but it's not a problem they aren't working on.
New Posts  All Forums: