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Bundle $80 headphone with a $200 iPod or a $60 Shuffle? i'm surpassed anyone would expect bundled headphones to rival $120 Noise canceling earbuds w/ built in controls especially when I think about all of the junk buds I've gotten with other devices over the years. They're meant to get you started and prevent the extra cost of $100 earbuds at the time of the sale. I'm also surprised that no one picked up on the fact that this patent might very well result in better sound....
you guys see this one yet? Their using the pending update as a cover. it just arrived in my email today. I know you'd have to be stupid but just FYI ... Subject Reads: Apple Update Countdown Dear iCloud member, Did you resently change your address or phone number? Please sign up again for iCloud Take a Minute and review your account information you'll be able to keep your MobileMe email address and move your mail, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks to the...
You have to go through some hoops and wait for it to cache, but ATV2 will play 1080p. I just got the first half of my 1080p library on my server and haven't had tons of time to noodle around with it all, but if you wanna know ... it does in fact play 1080p movies. I can answer more questions as I have time to "experiment" with my setup.
He specifically referred to Android and Google. Not EVERY competitor.
the only thing I can tell from most of the previous posts is that VERY few people understand the needs of professional who need the horsepower. Expansion for example is critical for a video editor even if you have a top end video card you're going to need a slot for your "BOB" of choice wether its for FCP or avid, another slot for fiber channel or Dual channel SATA and most likely another slot for something else down the road and that's if you aren;t using a card that...
Monkey heaven. also, when are studio going to understand we don't want disks at all? Buy a disk and stream the movie? SO the disk is essentially destined to be garbage or the stream is. I'm sure they won't stream at 1080. Anyone look into it yet?
+1 Completely accurate description of the process. It is a freaky thorough update.
Seriously? My personal experience... (and all of my iPhone owning friends too) the grip of death was a myth.
It definitely does. I bought my IP4 about 4 months after it was released. When I confirmed whether or not my phones qualified for the upgrade to IP5's the sales rep chuckled and said "Definitely". But I also have 3 phones on my plan and have have been with them since IP1.
Hyperbole much. Christ, I think the point is much more reasonable than that. Being nearly everything else BUT the design was changed about the phone (hardware and software both) this is a very acceptable upgrade. Everyone thinks Apple should make business decisions based on customer wants all of the time, but they are a company and they don't. They gave their customers a really nice upgrade in almost every front AND managed to NOT waste their time retooling their...
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