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If you're still using your 3GS and haven't actually used a 4 let alone and obviously not the 4S you have no idea what you are missing out on. The IP4 experience is far superior to the 3GS in every way.
Yup and America is still Apple's largest and if you are buying out of contract how tempted are you to spend nearly $1,000/ year on a new phone even if you aren't tied to a contract? If you're ok with that you do what I do and have two iPhone plans and upgrade one phone every other year. I'm pretty sure I am as well as those who would buy a new phone out of contract EVERY year are few and far between.
I like the way you think.
rofl #1 "A keyboard... How quaint."
Have you watched the SIRI demo? It DOES look awesome and it is definitely NOT the same thing as Android's VR. What can't you see or what do you see that isn't "awesome"? Apple is not about false advertising. In fact they generally pretty reserved with their promises.
"You're generation" must be very short sighted.
Yes and of the millions and millions of iPhone users they are all just like you and only like you.
Not really making me think anything except what a stupid analogy. So based on your previous post, you're saying the iPhone is overpowered and the body was more important thing to change? NOT changing the body is the best move Apple could make. Production lines are expensive and time consuming to build out. With the lines built and all of the kinks worked out they were able to focus on the guts and the software more and NOT waste their heavy investment int he production...
I'm surprised at the reactions too. Why don't people realize that generally most Americans are locked into two year contracts. Why would Apple try and sell you a new phone every year if that is the case? DUH New Camera, chip, etc etc.... everything but the body is new and SIRI looks amazing. Anyone who says "my droid had it first" is not understanding the depth of voice commands in SIRI. It's bordering on AI, not simple voice recognition. Relax people. Don't cry all...
Surprised if you haven't tried "click to flash" yet. On topic...buh bye flash! It was great in the beginning, but the relationship was over long ago.
New Posts  All Forums: