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Not really making me think anything except what a stupid analogy. So based on your previous post, you're saying the iPhone is overpowered and the body was more important thing to change? NOT changing the body is the best move Apple could make. Production lines are expensive and time consuming to build out. With the lines built and all of the kinks worked out they were able to focus on the guts and the software more and NOT waste their heavy investment int he production...
I'm surprised at the reactions too. Why don't people realize that generally most Americans are locked into two year contracts. Why would Apple try and sell you a new phone every year if that is the case? DUH New Camera, chip, etc etc.... everything but the body is new and SIRI looks amazing. Anyone who says "my droid had it first" is not understanding the depth of voice commands in SIRI. It's bordering on AI, not simple voice recognition. Relax people. Don't cry all...
Surprised if you haven't tried "click to flash" yet. On topic...buh bye flash! It was great in the beginning, but the relationship was over long ago.
Military investigators had to rely on one of the victims family members "find my iPhone" feature to track down a plane lost at sea because... said plane didn't have a black-box? Ok! Ya know it sounds more like one of the investigators handed the distraught family member a BS story just to give them some hope.
Just wanted to point out that I am pretty sure Apple already uses third party servers for idisk. IF they are still relying on third parties for support I'm not sure how iDisk is evidence of a fail or success. Personally I think the rumor is BS. More likely they are using sun and Hp servers and probably running linux.
Not sure what this analyst is thinking, but how is malware going to infect the iTunes store? I don't see the correlation between OSX and app from the web and iOS with an app from the app store. As posted earlier a major outbreak in OSX has been an "when, not if" condition since the beginning. So again, I don't see how that reflects on iOS at all.
Why is everyone freaking out? Apple is not going to replace their entire lineup.
AI had better follow up on this story once the winning bidder is announced.
I get it but please, are you seriously trying to claim that no form of communications should be considered secure because "nothing is inherently perfectly secure"? How exactly am I supposed to communicate with anyone besides sealing myself up in a hyperbolic chamber with the 2nd party if I cannot email, text, phone call? Would you consider postal mail "not secure" as well? At least I can understand who I am dealing with based on your response.
You just proved my point. In the past it was inadmissible. Today that situation has changed even though the laws have not been clearly voted upon. Corporations like Google should not have the right to access this info. I can't believe you are not listening to yourself. Your only argument is... "well thats the way it is get used to it." Good job.
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