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How is it a great move? The just spent $12B on a "antiquated" company (albeit one with a rich patent portfolio), entered a field they are not familiar with (manufacturing) and pissed off their licensees in the process. Seems like another reason for OEM's to flock to MSFT. MSFT has a much better mobile OS anyway. I think this will tank for Google.
Not even the end of WW!! Please. It's f-ing store. Only capitalists would get this excited over another opportunity to spend money quicker. It wasn't that long ago that all of our Apple purchases were done through catalogues and the internet. To this day I still purchase my apple gear from the web. The apple store "premiums" are ridiculous and the the support is generally useless if you have any computer skills what so ever.
I was wondering the same thing. From what I can tell it's the later. Companies love to lock you in to their system. \ Too bad to because a real world phone would be BADA. Although if anyone could put the telecoms in check it might be Apple.
I loved my turbo GFX16 and the portable gaming device (Lynx?) that used the same cartridges as the console. Loved the thin cartridges. PS Samsung is grasping at straws.
Yes we have already argued it. The most reasonable and knowledgeable contributors to the argument made the case that it was actually quite reasonable for an electronic distribution model when the chain follows as such... publisher - Apple - Subscriber. It turned out to be less of a deal for Amazon and others when the chain was publisher - Amazon - Apple - User. In this case there was an extra middle man in the chain. I don't believe Apple ever intended to provide and...
You sound personally invested. Does someone in your family own Samsung? Was Samsung your ex who's runoff with another guy? WTF? Spite? It's business.
I second that motion.
That's a pretty large commitment for such a bad deal.
Sounds plausible, especially if the external ATV was the experiment, but I don't think the price points are even close to what the market will bear right now.
Not a big surprise at all. Eat it MSFT, Sony and Nintendo.
New Posts  All Forums: