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Well the Itunes motorola phone is not a rumor nor is it vapourware, it's just not out yet though it has been made more or less official. It has many of the features you speak of but I'm not sure if browsing the web is going to be any better or not though I assume not. Bluetooth, wifi and an sd card had all been metnioned in the specs I had seen but no is going to confirm until it is released.
Obviously allot of people have never worked on a tablet because you can't compare a mouse on any level. The tablet is far superior to the mouse for painting and drawing. Not to mention other input devices for 3d which allow you to work in a subtractive process more like sculpting than in an additive process. And what about a Newton-esque device with character recognition. Ever try to type while you holding you laptop? It doesn't work! Perhaps I do work differently than most.
I was very anti tablet for years as well but I would never go back to a mouse ever again, never! Give one a try some time.
admactanium and FreeState obviously haven't seen the Wacom Cintiq Tablets http://www.wacom.com/lcdtablets/index.cfm I have on and have been using it for about two years now. It was expensive but it works very well
Paleeease!!!! With all of the rumors circulating around during the MOTO days and did we see a change. Things at IBM are not nearly as bad as they were with MOTO and you guys are still mongering the possibility of a switch. Obviously all of the ship manufacturers have hit a solid wall. No one is getting good performance out of anything beyond 3GHZ. It'll take allot of innovation to get beyond that barrier and in the mean time everyone is looking for sidesteps like MP and MC...
jnrjr79, Sounds like there's something else going on. Do you run your book from the ac adapter all the time? What's your charge/ discharge cycle like? If you're not exaggerating it shouldn't be happening. What sort of battery did you replace the original with? Within 6 month's any difference in runtime should be negligible to the point of being imperceptible. Though true enough after a year unless your charging habits allow for proper conditioning of the battery you...
ATI Supports Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 with Extensive Line of Hardware and Software Products. http://www.ati.com/companyinfo/press/2004/4790.html What gives! Apple, don't let us down.
The logistics of bringing innovation to the market, keeping costs down, making it easy to use, great design and overall marketability have always held us (humanity) back. Today's market makes it even scarier for large companies to release new products, especially with R&D, manufacturing and marketing costs. Personally I don't think Apple will delve into this market, despite the obvious fact that we all want Apple to make something, because we feel they'll make it best....
I agree I think that if they did ever release anything it should be something like a "headless client" and it has to integrate into existing home theater rigs, standard component size and should have a remote control. Niveus is using media center software for thier unit, very pricey, but also vary capable, high def, and two SD streams and it can record all three at the same time, and a slew of other impressive specs. I was considering buying one myself, (if i can put...
Frankly I'm suprised at how much thought everyone has given to this topic. Obviously I'm not the only Mac user who's thinking along these lines; COOL! Though I'm sure "Apple" doesn't read these forums themselves perhaps they've seen the interest thier audience has in such a device/ software combo.
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