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What about blu-ray R's for the MAC mini. I have one running as part of my home theater now (DVI to 42" HD Hitachi Display) but it would be awesome to have a blu-ray reader. Too Expensive? Perhaps BTO, but Apple doesn't seem to keen on too many BTO options for the mini. It's seems It's meant to be, I mean the optical connection w/ support for 5.1 makes it so easy! and though I bashed front row at first it's pretty sweet to. BTW I thought I did received a bulletin from...
I'm hoping for bluray ROM drives for HDDVD. I already have my mini driving my plasma. Superb! with a few tweaks it would be great!
Probably just a coincidence, though there were rumors that del said something aabout wanting the Mac os. Probably nothing though!
Cool! Unless it's nothing Perhaps we'll gain some insight into what we'll see in the "Mac Pro's"
sorry... thought it was amusing! Still would have liked to have seen the pics, kinda like watching a car accident or the ugliest woman you've ever seen strut her stuff in spandex and a bikini top ....
Give us mockups for the mood mac. It's be awsome if it changed color when it got too hot: maybe when it sleeps? Fantsy yeah but fun fantasy....!
Wasn't there a rumor involving something about apple patenting an "OLED-esque" skin for thier cases not too long ago. "Mood Macs" cool
Uh I have my mac mini driving my 42 HD plasma display and it looks great with excption of the overscanning. The only other thing I feel like I need is a bluray burner but I'm sure we'll see those in the spring ish 07 revision. Apple doesn't NEED a dvr though, higher rez downloads, streaming, I don't know but as far as I'm concerned the macmini is only about 2 steps away from making the media canter leap even if front row sucks(and it does) I rip my VD's to hard disk and or...
i held this mag in my hands are these guys printing bs? Geuss ishouldn't be suprised that ilet a fake under my radar
New Posts  All Forums: