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You mean this case? How could you possibly confuse this with Apple's case? How dare you accuse samsung of copying anyone!
How was my comment disparaging Schmidt? All you did was repeat what I said essentially "we don't know other than being dismissed for a conflict of interest".
Um Monsanto produces products that hurt people. Apple is not in that bag. Further Monsanto is in the business of copywriting genetics, allowing their seeds to cross pollinate and then suing farmers that harvested their own seeds; in some cases despite thousands of years of agricultural history. I understand the analogy, but "heirloom" farmers didn't willfully cross pollinate their crops with Monsanto's seeds because they were better and then accuse Monsanto of "litigating...
If I'm not mistaken the average college GPA for a CEO is something like 2.8 or 2.6. So academically speaking they are neither the hardest working nor the most intelligent people. You can graduate from Berkley with a C allot easier than you could graduate with all A's at just about any school. I don't think SJ graduated from college and we all know Gates didn't either. CEO... toughest job to get, but the easiest job to perform.Obviously none of us really know the details,...
Too bad morally bankrupt doesn't effect the vicissitude of one's bank account. But it's true; I'm sure there are a bazillion fandroids out there right now repeating the phrase as we speak without thinking it through themselves. You only need a majority of the idiots to support your cause. I'd make a Nazi analogy, but I don't think we're ready to enact Godwin's law yet.
I love how the universal response to these lawsuits has become "Apple would rather litigate than innovate". Sounds like something from John Cochran's mouth. A digestible soundbite that if repeated enough might be true in the minds of the thoughtless. The irony of this statement is unmatched in this century I believe. Thanks for the laugh Schmidt!
I haven't used those phones, have worked with several of my family members phones setting them up etc. Constantly wonder why my family members buy droids. Unnecessarily complicated, clunky, awkward, inefficient, lacking software, lacking compatibility (even with other androids). What good is there to say about them? Sincerely. They are crap in so many ways, but the perception is that they are cheaper. ??? Not sure why (when the plan costs the same) how spending $50 or...
They were thinking about the hearing impaired. They enable the flash to signal on in coming call. Also giving people the ability to crank the volume on their idevices offers two problems. Noise pollution and listening safety. Since they added the ability to limit the volume to protect kids I doubt they'll ad the ability to crank the volume. They caught too much flack before the feature was added.
New Posts  All Forums: