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You sound personally invested. Does someone in your family own Samsung? Was Samsung your ex who's runoff with another guy? WTF? Spite? It's business.
I second that motion.
That's a pretty large commitment for such a bad deal.
Sounds plausible, especially if the external ATV was the experiment, but I don't think the price points are even close to what the market will bear right now.
Not a big surprise at all. Eat it MSFT, Sony and Nintendo.
I kinda thought so. Had a few acquaintances that worked up there too. Too bad too. As if NY needs another empty facility... I live not too far from IBM's old facilities in Poughkeesie and to the north of us in Kingston. To this day they are still vacant and some of them lay in ruin; collapsing roofs and all. It kills me to know one of the world most advanced chip plants is unused. Another thing we don't need upstate is another aging stripper either. I wonder if these...
Kodak had many options, regretfully there were internal conflicts, mostly between the film department and "everyone else". They saw film as king and didn't evolve, even as other departments were trying to develop new products including cameras, but the film departments squashed many of the ideas claiming other departments weren't "good enough" to take precedence over what kodak did best... film. They were afraid to divert money from film and now they have nothing to sell....
This changes little. Few buy iPads for Amazon, B&N etc anyway. Anyone who says Apple can't make the rules should have read the iOS TOS. Any reseller who thinks they can create their own storefront on iOS devices should have known Apple wasn't going to let it happen without a cut. Either they'll come clamoring back or they'll become irrelevant. Good luck selling books exclusively on the Kindle Nook, etc. Apple's customers will just use the iBook store.
IMO western retailers are going to have major problems selling their products in china. Especially companies like Apple that have to protect their IP. Am I the only one who sees big problems for the west in China overall? The potential for relationships to be strained and American companies leaving seems high at this point. Not unlike businesses that attempted to move into Russia. The system for buyouts, payoffs, bribery, corruption and threats was cited by a personal...
You and the original author of this article must have very active immaginations. Conspiracy theory much? I think what most of us read into it was that we are now in a digital age. How the F___ you got a reference to 1984 who knows? "A seeker seeks and a finder finds".I don't get involved with criticizing AI often, but this did not merit reprinting.
New Posts  All Forums: