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You and the original author of this article must have very active immaginations. Conspiracy theory much? I think what most of us read into it was that we are now in a digital age. How the F___ you got a reference to 1984 who knows? "A seeker seeks and a finder finds".I don't get involved with criticizing AI often, but this did not merit reprinting.
I don't know why we are talking about Netflix anyway. HULU is for sale and $2B isn't allot fro Apple. If they get the content then it makes sense because it would definitely ease negotiations and encourage networks to work with Apple. In the end it could easily be worth the money if it speeds things up and sells more ATV's. I know there is a handy little app for the ipad (iphone too?) called VLC streamer. It uses the open source VLC code, but it's a paid app. It still...
This will certainly make my impulse buys at the Apple store much more frequent.
45GB data cap huh? Ugh. I thought ISP's in the states were bad. Still a restore shouldn't take up more than 10 percent of that unless you'd have to DL the apps too. Hopefully you aren't punitively charged for overages. It's kind strange feature anyway; obviously designed for users who don't know how to back up their data.
Am i misunderstanding Ai's article? Or did Apple have a kick ass Mac sales quarter?http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...3_million.htmlI should have added; the Macbook was made obsolete by both (or either) the iPad and the MBA. Why would anyone buy a Macbook at this point when for the same money (or less) you have two superior choices depending on your needs?
OMG. How much are you charged for a few gigs DL'd? Please.
Why not just create a mirror of your system drive and clone it if you need to do a recovery? Then you can include all of your specific device drivers etc. So much faster that way.
Sheesh. Make you're own recovery disk. The walled garden hyperbole is getting tired as well. You can buy all of the software you want on disk, just not from Apple. Mac sales are growing year over year. I'm Pretty sure Apple wouldn't be working so hard to make those sales numbers if they had any plans of ditching Macs. Macs are a huge portion of their sales figures why on earth would anyone think Apple would lob off such a sizable percentage of their profits? iDevices...
I was holding back, but I agree. It's time. Earlier I suggested that "Apple would rather litigate than innovate" was quickly becoming a mantra for the Android camp. Had I taken it a step further I would have added that the nazi's and hitler enjoyed spreading propaganda too. Seriously though, I wanna see a picture of Schmidt (or just about any notable person) feeding on dead kittens.
It's not about "copying" every detail. It's about copying specific implementations. See my post above and check out Samsungs doc connector. It could be said that Palm inspiration came from the newton. I don't think Palm or Visor's (which used palm OS) were much akin to the iPhone except in form factor. The visor actually had a phone adapter and mobile internet in one device before either. I just remember the palm OS was very very different VS Android which other than being...
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