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Of all the product names, they have decided on a name that Apple choose to not support on the iPhone.     I'm going my new Android tablet... wait for it...  "Camry"
I'll use the card with most rewards.
PayPal must be betting that people won't remember numerous breaches that caused unauthorized charges that drained their bank accounts.
 I think as soon as China is onboard, the off-contract will be available.  I think they want to curb the grey maarket of people who buy unlocked iPhone in the US and sell them in China.
I tried, but not all "terminals" are activated using NFC and there are competing systems that don't always work together.
 As a website/mobile developer, yes it would be nice to have more ram but when we have to support devices all the back to iPad 2, we still have to optimize our site and programs.   With some extensive research, we've found the most website crashes due to sites not optimized for mobile devices.  Besides optimizing websites/images, using latest iOS also helps.  iOS 7.0.0 crashes way more than iOS 7.1.2 viewing the same websites.
Flying cars.  Apple builds the first anti-gravity engine and first warp drive.
Currently you have to give your phone to the cashier at Walgreens to scan for the "Balance Card" in PassBook, then take out your credit card to swipe to pay. It would be really nice the both tasks were done at the same time. The NFC was not activated all all locations at Walgreens (I was told many months ago.) So they have activated NFC at all locations?
Looking at his Wikipedia page, it is clearly that Marc Newson is hired to design the iCar for Apple.
 Also this is part of troubleshooting the manufacturing process, not development process.  You only notice it when you are making millions of the same items because it only happens 1 in 100,000.
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