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2 words:  Post Election.   Taiwan just had its important mid-term election and I suspect the "investigation" was highly political.
iOS 7.1 became more stable finally but with iOS 8, Mobile Safari started to crash all the time again. 
Basically record labels made Apple do it.
The ruling party KMT just had a landslide defeat in an election last week and recent food safety scandals..  This is just a show that the NCC is doing "something" to protect consumers.
 You don't see anything wrong when each publisher told Jobs "we want an agency model but will only do it if everyone else is doing it too."? Apple has to prove the above conversation never took place.  Agency model, Amazon, prices are all irrelevant.  As far as I can tell, Eddy Cue keeps saying Apple has customer's best interest in mind and that was never the central point from DoJ.
Eddy Cue is wrong.  DoJ got Apple at "collusion" with book publishers.  So it does not matter Apple or Amazon has a monopoly or not.  If Apple even hinted during the negotiations that all other publishers are switching to the agency model, Apple is guilty.
I have kids in school with school issued iPad Air's.   I can see why some school districts want the cheaper Chromebook instead.  Many of the education software on the iPads were repackaged, older Flash content, they don't work very well on the iPad and crashes a lot.   But I still don't trust IDC numbers.  For all we know, the Chromebook were purchased to replace netbooks and laptops.  Also this is the same IDC that predicted Windows phone to dominate by 2014. 
Does DOJ keeps a master key to every home and every business so, just in case, it can access information that may save someone's life?   While we are at it, I'm sure spies in the government would love to sell access to foreign governments and international criminal rings.
With 128GB iPhone/iPad available, and iCloud will store all my photos, I don't see needing this at all.
 I can see reward cards from merchants work the same as the credit cards: You use the iPhone camera to capture the reward card, You can activate the cards while you use Apple Pay.
New Posts  All Forums: