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After reading "Becoming Steve Jobs", I now understand why Angela was not on stage.  Tim Cook surrounded himself with people who are passionate about products, about making the best experience, not people who "needs" a stage to showcase his or her own accomplishments.  Having Angela on stage would distract people from the Apple Watch.   I really like what Tim Cook is doing.
You need to launch "incognito" mode to see the real search result.  Google News re-arrange news items based on your click history.  It is possible DED clicks on Apple related articles more often so Google moved non-Apple news downward.
I think Apple waited until the FCC's net neutrality to pass to update Apple TV.  Now Comcast can't block or slowdown streams from Apple.
This is super huge!  I was involved in a project that over the course of 10 years, evolved. from CD-ROM then then a website, and at most 200 subjects at a time.  It required people recalling what they have eaten in the past week in such details as toppings, portion sizes, and even supplements, but getting people to participate and share the data with people just so hard.   If I were still involved, I would rewrite the entire program using the ResearchKit in 3 month.
 I scanned my signature and initials into a "stamp" in Acrobat Pro, but you are right, most people don't know how to use the stamp feature.  If Adobe could add a "Doodle" feature for signature, it would be great.
I love MagSafe, but it has faults too.  Some of the charger cable and contacts developed intermittent problems over time and I had to buy new ones.   I think part of the reason for USB-C was respond to oft criticized proprietary charger and cables, and if the battery lasts 10 hours, do you really need to plug it in at all times?   The new MacBook is also meant as the new entry-level MacBook and like other people on the Internet, it is not design for today's users, but...
 Thanks to your own government in your respective country.  Crude oil is cheaper because of strong dollar.
 I think it is also correct to use "strange" because both side claimed ownership of the other side at one time or another.  Both governments admit strong economic dependencies, yet politically they are not talking to each other.except through media outlets.  Very strange.
Nicely done piece.  I grew up in Taiwan and I can tell you this article is well researched.  Good job!
From Lynch's personal website, he worked on the original FrameMaker that was sold to Adobe, later worked at General Magic, founded by original Mac developers Bill Atkinson, Andy Hertzfeld, and Marc Porat.   He later joined Macromedia, which was formed with the merger of Authorware, Macromind (Director), and Paracomp, Flash was acquired with FutureWave software.  Also, Flash was originally a vector animation software with minimal scripting capabilities.  Only after...
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