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Not for sale.  But a "merger" perhaps?
I wonder if Google had to share advertising revenue or pay annual fees to get the buy-ins from the carriers.
My kindergarten daughters had no problem with the YouTube interface on the iPad mini, they used the voice search feature to find what they were looking for.  Most of the time, they were fascinated and watched other kids/adults playing with their favorite toys.  If they want to watch a show, they go to Netflix.   I do wish YouTube would have a full featured parental control with separate password.  Right now it only let you filter out explicit content.   I do have a...
Samsung will announce it too is working on a car.
 Only the Windows 10 Upgrade is free and it is only for 1 year.  You still need a copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8 to be eligible. The full version of Windows 10 will still cost money (maybe even more expensive?) if you are building your own computer with parts from Newegg.  HP, Dell will still need to pay Microsoft for every PC sold with Windows. Microsoft realized very very small number of people actually purchased OS upgrades.  That is why it is free upgrade for one year....
There are several reasons to move the logo:  1, when you wear a badge necklace, it will not cover up the logo.  2, consistency, when you have different styles such t-shirt, polo, even a sweater or a jacket, you don't have to change the location of the logo.  3, people are already in the Apple store, you don't need the Ironman in-your-face size logo, you just needed a gentle indicator who works for Apple.   Fashion is going to be very important for Apple now that Apple...
I'm really impressed!  It is not just about planning, the execution is superb!  The number of store opening before the Chinese shopping holidays,  the showcase of local artists just shown Apple's/Angela's impeccable taste.
2 words:  Post Election.   Taiwan just had its important mid-term election and I suspect the "investigation" was highly political.
iOS 7.1 became more stable finally but with iOS 8, Mobile Safari started to crash all the time again. 
Basically record labels made Apple do it.
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