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"protruding camera lens" = Interchangeable lenses for different focal length.
What if the pushback has more to do with payments from Apple and accounting, not directly related to the actual delivery of parts?     What if the pushback was not for an Apple product?
It is quite fascinating to watch this coordinated attacks from Samsung.  A couple of days ago there were several articles on "Why I finally switched from iPhone to Samsung S5 (screen size)" articles showed up on the news aggregator sites such as Google News, Yahoo News.  Then this AI "coverage" about the commercial.  I'm sure AI is getting paid by Samsung for every S5 coverage.  It was obviously executed in response to negative PR from last week about how poorly S5 sales...
Quicken was a dead end product, just like MS Money.  That is why they bought Mint and offers other SaaS's.
Don't read too much into what the Chinese government says, they were merely responding to US concerns about Lenovo and Huawai.
A great book, a must read for anyone managing in a creative environment.
... And see some headlines that says "Bono says Apple is a Religious Cult"
 Samsung wasn't the only one that paid celebrities to sell products.  Remember the days that Apple had iPod commercials featuring U2, Coldplay, M&M songs?  What about Robin Williams for the more recent "What's your verse" ads?  Apple just does it better and subtle celebrity references than Samsung.
 Insurance companies do not have your medical records, not in detail.  All insurance companies cared are the dates, diagnosis, and treatment performed so they  can determine whether it was reasonable or not.  Hospitals and Clinics hire a large number of "Health Coding" professionals to convert Doctors' medical diagnosis and treatment into standard "medical codes" so the insurance companies could process the claims.
 My 2 cents is that Apple's proprietary nature were greatly exaggeration over the years by PC manufacturers, Microsoft, and lately, by Google and its supporters.  The word "proprietary" has no real meaning other than an argument to be anti-Apple.   Microsoft's C# was MS only available in Visual Studio and only years later it gained multi-platform capabilities from third parties.  Java was Sun's baby and had sued MS and won to prevent MS distribute incompatible JVMsFor...
New Posts  All Forums: