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1, Test should be part of the modern development process, it is not an afterthought. 2, Apple is making engineering compromises for the sake of esthetics. This is not a criticism, but a fact. 3, Apple is relatively inexperienced in mobile devices manufacturing, cloud computing and big-data services.   4, Working hard or hire the smartest,  most talented people can never replace experience.   Apple needs to  1, Trust more people.  At least trust the testers 2, A...
I guess he really believes in Microsoft.  In his mind he probably thinks the Apple's success was a fluke.
And I told Apple I want NFC in my iPhone for years and only now Apple releases a phone with NFC, talking about slow... and can you hear me, Apple, hello? I'm going to tell the world that you ignored me for two years... Hello?
I think China does not like Apple Pay, and Apple is still negotiating with local banks.
 That's not how it works.  Typically a company did a couple rounds of test runs to making sure there were no production glitches, then they schedule the announcements.  Apple is really good at this:  it does not want to stuff the channels to have products sitting on the shelves.  So Apple ordered just enough to barely keeping up with the demand.  Then build up inventory 3 to 4 month into the release
Of all the product names, they have decided on a name that Apple choose to not support on the iPhone.     I'm going my new Android tablet... wait for it...  "Camry"
I'll use the card with most rewards.
PayPal must be betting that people won't remember numerous breaches that caused unauthorized charges that drained their bank accounts.
 I think as soon as China is onboard, the off-contract will be available.  I think they want to curb the grey maarket of people who buy unlocked iPhone in the US and sell them in China.
I tried, but not all "terminals" are activated using NFC and there are competing systems that don't always work together.
New Posts  All Forums: