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Remember those cell signal booster stickers?  I don't think they worked.
Microsoft should buy it.
This is a classic case of how Japanese economy works:  Big Japanese banks took over large failing companies and refused to let it die.  U.S. banks do not like to own failing companies and will just cut their losses and force the companies to liquidate assets.
I don't believe what Terry Guo says (the CEO of Foxconn, not Ming Chi the analyst) and the original source says that it was overheard during a private event (political fund raising?)   Terry Guo is known to say many things to advance his own/Foxconn's agenda, so take it with a grain of salt.
Am I the only person thinking one USB-C is enough?  I'm looking at the USB-C as a "dock" connector, not as a "new USB standards that needs adapters for legacy devices".     Right now, when I go to a meeting, I needed to disconnect everything: the power, the display port external monitor, keyboard, mouse, and external hard drive; that is a lot of time plug and unplug going to and come back from meetings.   The new MacBook would be perfect for me.
 Then they changed their minds once they found out how much money the nerds were making.
Wow, I got in this year!     Last two years I tried with both company account and personal account, neither got me in.     This year I only used my personal dev account and got in.  I wonder if it was really random or do they take IP address or number of attempts into consideration.   I've always wanted to go.  This would be my first time, so many questions, not just technical questions, like where to stay, what to do in the area... etc.
 While I don't completely disagree, however there is going to be a point that small sensors approaches the quality of DSLR in the future and DSLR will relegate to a very small niche market. I remember years ago I was told "LCD monitors will never reach the performance of a quality CRT because turning each physical liquid crystal will never be as fast as shooting electrons in a CRT".  Just look around, no more CRTs because the LCD's are cheaper to ship, easier to...
I think Apple Watch will be a success.  I don't want to keep my iPhone in my pocket when I workout, and I do want to measure all my activities all day, but I don't want to wear funny looking fitness band all day.  Moto 360 looked promising but just so ugly and won't work with iPhones.   On the other hand, I see the Watch as the Ive thing, so whatever project that keeps Ive happy and stay at Apple is well worth every penny.
McDonalds is a franchise, and depending on the locations and owners, it can be very smooth for Apple Pay.  Stables required me to sign afterwards, which slowed things down.  WholeFoods and Wallgreens are good too, and I see they improved transaction speed over the last couple of month.  But one time Walgreens did have problem with the NFC terminal and asked me to use CC instead.   The vending machines at Chicago Union Station also worked great with Apple Pay.
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