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Nice for IBM. This has absolutely on the PowerPC chip though therefor no baring on the mac community whatsoever.
PPC8500 mentioned something along those lines a day or two after MWSF. [quote]Quote from PPC8500 ....guess sacrificing some powermac sales was worth having the iMac comparible in speeds to the Powermacs at the time of intro help the impact of the product . Now that Apple has a huge number of preorders of people thinking they're getting top of the line speed (which they ALMOST are (L3 cache,133 bus, GF3, expandability blah blah) ) and now at seybold they can roll in the...
[quote]Originally posted by GK: [No]
wow. creative anwser. you dumb-witted inbread.
wow Gnom got shot the **** down earlier in this thread. Sad but funny to read. [Laughing]
This topic is based purely on curiosity, not trying to figure out how to pirate DVD's. I've transfered many of my analog camcorder movies to my computer via my new digital camcorder (basically used as a converted). In theory, if you have a large enough hard drive (216 MB a minute for DV right?) couldnt you just copy a movie this way or any other high-res video capture methoods to pull a DVD into DV on your mac than proceed to burning it using iDVD or DVD Studio Pro?? ...
I agree that sometimes a slight update in the software is required for new hardware but i hardly would count 10.1.3 as a contributing factor that new hardware is on the way. There are still bugs to squash and features to add, therefor new hardware or not, we'll see software updates.
[quote]Originally posted by PPC8500: you know... i actually remember arguing with someone in 1999 about this very topic. I was proven wrong. I said time and again that if Apple had the G4 ready they would have had it go along with the ibook release at MWSF. I guess we have to learn to comprehend that apple likes to have the spot light on certain products at certain times. Now its 2002 and we are in the same situation. Clever, SOS.
[quote]Originally posted by Bob Sacramento: TiPod... would be cool if it looked something like this: http://forums.appleinsider.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi ?ubb=get_topic&f=10&t=000610
Nah it really wouldn't. Too much going on with the design, apple is elagent and simple in designs. Think simple.
[quote]Originally posted by BuonRotto: SameOldSht is true to his name.
[edit: lets all be friends and cuddle] [ 01-21-2002: Message edited by: SameOldSht ]

Go back 2 years. iBook Announced in July 1999 at Macworld New York PowerMac G4 (pci graphics) Announced in September 1999 When the ibooks were introduced for the first time at MWNY 99, the show focused completely on consumer products. 2 months later? Brand spanken new PowerMac's including the pentium-toasting G4 (catchy). Back up to the present, 2002. MWSF 02 focuses completely on consumer products with the bump up in ibook models and the brand new iMac. The G4...
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