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As far as new and enhanced technology goes , I've read quite a few times that the next "NEW" thing will be Thin Screen CRT's . They are supposed to take up about the same amount of room that current LCD screens take up - but with all the added benefits of the CRT ! check out this link http://www.cjmag.co.jp/magazine/issues/1997/oct97/1097indeye.html This is gonna be kick ass -...
If this was really the case then Apple would have announced this @ MWSF don't you think? I mean a small little speed bump like this on the towers would not take any of the iMac spotlight. Just doesn't make any sense. If anything this lat MWSF has proved that all the rumors sights know DICK about what's going on... Let alone some chump at a store outside of apple. When apple announces the new Pro's , they'll be a lot better than this rubbish.......
If those truly are accurate specs.... I'll break down and cry - cry out of pity for Apple and what it could have been
"Way Beyond" Means they are completely bypassing the G5 and coming out with a G6 - DUH ! :eek: It's not going to be called G6 though - Something along the lines - T-1000 Neural Net Processor
So has anyone actually seen this movie yet? if so... What up with the G5 comment ?
I thought it was pretty funny and made myself laugh I just wanted to make a point that this thread doesn't mean a damn thing
Well maybe Israel ordered all those DP machines so they can model all those nuclear explosions they'll be sending over to Pakistan Personally I think we should hook Pakistan up so they can get rid of Israel and reclaim what's rightfully theirs Just a thought........ [ 12-26-2001: Message edited by: budz420 ]

PowerMac G5 @ 1.2 - 1.4 - 1.6 Dual 1.4 DDR Ram - New Improved Superdrive(faster better stronger) - Will have Choice of ATI or nVidia cards - Gigawire - New 19" Studio Display - elimination of 15" model New iPodesque FireWire Digital Camera - OR maybe even DV Cam iMac will be ELIMINATED FOREVER!! MUUHAHAHHAHAHAH
This is funny There's no way in HELL I would ever buy anything other than a mac I just thought I'd post this and see what the peeps had to say. I guess that's how I feel inside and tell myself I'll do it if Apple doesn't "put out" ! But I know I'd drop $3500 just to get laid by the lady G5 I'm pretty sure I'll not be buying from Apple till the G5 comes along - But if Apple keeps giving me blue balls and I'm horney enough...... I just might blow my load ...
If no G5 @ MWSF - I'm saying %$#@ it ! and buying an AMD ! That'll show Apple I don't play! Word up G
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