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 I've been seeing a LOT of television commercials for ApplePay in the last few weeks by credit card companies.  I'm sure Apple had a part in that.
Birdies (and Spaceship 1) fall nose-first because of their aerodynamic design, not because of the heavy nose.  If you dropped a birdie on the moon, it wouldn't fall in any particular orientation.  The shifting/spinning weight inside the phone would rotate the phone via conservation of momentum and angular momentum. This can be easily tested.  Tape a couple of metal washers to the back of a relatively light and thin, but firm object (probably best not to use an actual phone...
 12A365 on my 4S
 That was the problem from early in the Summer that they already fixed.  This is a new, different, problem, according to the article.
Too little, WAY WAY too late.  I switched to iBank when they couldn't be bothered to make an Intel version (!!) and Rosetta went away in OS X 10.7.  Couldn't be happier!
 The headline implies; YOU infer.   :) That said, you're quite right.  Such a rumor would suppress TV sales, not drive them.  Also, it's not terribly surprising that after a major change in an appliance industry (the adaptation of HD) there would be a surge and then a drop of sales back to normal levels.  Neither the growth nor the decline has much to do with any Apple rumors. FWIW, I always thought it was dumb for Apple to try to make an entire TV anyway.  I doubt they...
 Not without violating their NDA.  But I've certainly got my fingers crossed...
Uncropped versions of what appears to be the same item over at MacRumors: http://www.macrumors.com/2014/02/12/alleged-iphone-6-prototype/
LightDims sells fully opaque stickers to put over bright LEDs. (In addition to stickers that simply dim them, of course.) I put one of these over my camera, with the end folded over to make a tab. It's a full hardware solution, and I can remove it and replace it as needed when I (rarely) use the camera. http://www.lightdims.com/ Oh yeah, and since it's glossy black, it matches the existing surface, so it's not very noticeable.
 Kind of late and off-topic, but... There are some problems that just require a wipe to fix.  Or sometimes hardware is physically damaged.  That is why Apple makes it so easy to have a backup in iTunes and/or iCloud.  If you don't have a backup, then, well, I suppose this is a teachable moment. Not to be flippant - I've certainly been there.  That is why my backups have backups.
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