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Because Apple doesn't own the trademark for "Android" or "Samsung".  They would be sued and swiftly lose, just as any other cybersquatter would.
 Um, this might be news to Tim Cook:  http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-ceo-tim-cook-on-the-nsa-2014-1
Well, that is the first time I've ever heard any kind of date, so there is that, but... the end of the year?!?  That's even after the October EMV deadline (which they already support - I have a Discover card with an EMV chip in it).  Oh well, as I've said... I've moved on.
There is not. Citi® Double Cash Card
Discover has mostly lost me as a customer over this.  I used to charge *everything* to that card, then just pay it at the end of the month for the cash back.  After a couple of months of the repetitious "we're talking to Apple" runaround, I started card shopping and found Citi's Double Cash card, which supports ApplePay and has 2% cash back on everything instead of Discover's 1%.  Now I use Citi's card for almost everything, and only use the Discover for the 5%...
This is a horribly misleading headline.  It's clear from the images that these are reminders that the *USER* creates as a means of pushing themselves to do an important task.  Health info isn't even the focus, it's just an example, as is very clearly demonstrated with the "take a picture" reminder.
It WOULD HAVE been a life-saver for me once at a Best Buy when I accidentally left my wallet at home, but...
Apple does get your credit card number once when you first add it to Apple Pay, but they claim they don't store it or even the unique device account number.  See "When you add credit or debit cards": https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203027 Anyway, ApplePay, AndroidPay, PayPalPay... :)   Bring 'em on!  From the merchant's point of view, they all work the same, so the more people that are trying to use NFC payments, the more merchants will get on board and support them all....
 I've been seeing a LOT of television commercials for ApplePay in the last few weeks by credit card companies.  I'm sure Apple had a part in that.
Birdies (and Spaceship 1) fall nose-first because of their aerodynamic design, not because of the heavy nose.  If you dropped a birdie on the moon, it wouldn't fall in any particular orientation.  The shifting/spinning weight inside the phone would rotate the phone via conservation of momentum and angular momentum. This can be easily tested.  Tape a couple of metal washers to the back of a relatively light and thin, but firm object (probably best not to use an actual phone...
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