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  They'd be worried if people buying Kia were those who would've bought BMW if Kia didn't exist.    In the end, yes, people who bought cheap tablets, some of them would've bought an iPad. iPad, especially with mini, is not as 'premium' as people here are thinking. At $329, a lot of people in China can buy 1 if they really want it, but if there's Android tablet selling for $99, well, even if it's crap, it can still be used to read books, play video, use facebook/email/web,...
In the end, it's still about companies with tons of patents vs. newer companies with few patents. They all act according to their self-interest. Let's not kid ourselves and think they truly believe in what's right or wrong. 
  The purpose was tax evasion. At least that's what some hedge funds might be doing with the preferred shares. For small shareholders, probably doesn't mean much either way. 
  Hi Einhorn (I'd assume you're Einhorn since that's the only reason you won't tell us the 'one other thing'),   Let's stop trying to be childish and create posts that really doesn't help anybody. Nobody here is going to take your lengthy explanation seriously, because, quite frankly, you have no say. Even if Apple's proposal get voted down, nothing will happen. What are you gonna do afterwards? Nothing except doing more interviews/calls etc to promote yourself.   That's...
  Yeap and then next year if the Congress decided to close this loophole and the company would've paid both interest and tax for nothing. 
People here just don't get what GOOG is doing.   This is an experiment. The whole point is to find maybe 10k unltra rich people in the whole world who'd buy this, and then monitor their behavior in order to understand more about the "1%", so GOOG can find new ways to make money out of the 1%.    This has nothing to do with average consumers, or even business owners. Period. 
  I'm not siding with Greenlight but there's nothing wrong with thinking in general that the power should ultimately reside with the shareholders. Afterall shareholders are the owners of the company, not the management. Management is basically hired to manage the company for the shareholders. Now of course a lot of people here would think AAPL is actually Steve Job's company, but he's gone. Tim and other executives really can't claim they 'built the company'. 
  Actually every shareholder should get preferred stocks if they get it, afterall they're also just shareholders and nothing more.   My understanding of what they want is - they want AAPL to release more of the cash in hand without paying tax (back to US) using preferred stocks, while the management is not really interested in doing so, for whatever reason. 
  It can still happen by charging $399 instead of $329 for the retina iPad mini. The current iPad mini will become $299, while the normal iPad 5 will be starting $499.    I don't think AAPL can afford to sit there doing nothing major when others are producing 5" 1080p smartphones .... 
A lot of people dislike Browett but if you go to any Apple retail store nowadays, you'll know that he actually was right in the need to cut people, just poor timing and execution.    Simple put, there's way too many employees standing there in the store chatting with each other nowadays because there's just not as many customers as before. And I'm talking about the busiest hours during weekends/holidays, not just normal quiet day. 
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