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  It's the opposite. Apple's products are no longer the premium products they used to be. In fact on a bus, constantly you can find the majority of people there are using Apple products. And I see plenty of 'poor' people owning iPhones/iPads (judging from what they're doing/dressing). 
  And you've nothing to back this up.   The truth is that, Nike's fuel band or whatever they're going to come up with, aren't going to be mainstream product. I'd bet even the iOS app isn't doing that well currently, and it'd be a fool for them to try to spend more money and expand that to Android. In fact  I won't be surprsied if the product/apps would be discontinued soon.
Already assembling? If true, we're talking about June launch the latest.
The situation at the Bellevue MSFT store is pretty bad. Only 2 Surface Pro demo there, with the rest Surface RT. There's constantly people checking on the Surface Pro but never really a 'line' formed ever. Probably because they sold out, but it's still alarming that so few people are checking on the new product that claims to be 'selling out in a few hours'. 
It's not the phone,  it's the OS. Yes other phones have battery issues too, but that's usually because the OS wasn't integrated to the hardware in the 1st place. Apple shouldn't have this problem, so it could only be the software's fault.
  1) Poor battery life (already proven by reviews) and 2) most of the apps there are desktop apps with poor touch support which will confuse the hell out of most casual customers when they try it out
Surface pro is DOA but not because of storage. It's really a non-issue for most people
There's no way AAPL would do this preferred shares thing anyway, it's silly, at best it's public tax evasion for the shareholders and at worst it's telling everyone that AAPL can't use the cash to grow.   Now what would I think the cash should be used for? I don't know either, but doing what this guy suggested is not the solution.
  They should've used a new resolution. Stop sticking to 4x resolution, the dev can handle it. Afterall, Android handled tens of different resolutions. 
Actually the most annoying ones are those fake MSFT fans, the number of +ve comments on Win Phone or Win RT/Surface on the web are totally disproportional to the number of customers they actually have. AAPL and GOOG fans, at least we know people are actually using their products so it's normal to have fans.
New Posts  All Forums: