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The biggest problem is that people here think that if you've the money and people, you can do everything under the Sun. It's just not true. When Apple keeps adding things they do, the marginal effectiveness will keep decreasing. Just look at Google, they have to keep cutting stuffs they're doing since Larry became CEO, because they just couldn't manage all these projects well. 
  Actually the authors can control their prices. They just have to avoid using those big publishers. You got it all wrong, authors can always just sell the books by printing their own books and negotiate their own contracts with any retailers if they want to control the price. In fact, by using those big publishers, the authors voluntarily give up the rights to control the price.
  Well, a settlement like this is just that, a settlement, that has no implication on whether Apple was right or wrong. Nothing to be unhappy about, but nothing to be happy about either. Amazon still got to lower prices for 2 years.
The difference between HP and Samsung is that Apple won't win against HP in a lawsuit. Why? Because, HP has been around for too long, with tons of patents on computers, HP can just countersue.
  But then that'd hurt Apple's margin a lot.   You see, $249 for 8"? or $499 for 10" iPad? Take the 8", no brainer.   In the end, Amazon is not trying to beat Apple, Amazon is trying to destroy the field, so that nobody can make decent money on hardware. That would hurt Apple the most, because other OEMs are not making much in the first place. 
Why not just buy Pandora? It's really not a good strategy to create new service to compete with Pandora directly, plus that'd just push Pandora to the Android platform entirely. 
The schedule doesn't matter, because this is not about the latest Samsung device. If Samsung sold some of those old phones before the hearing, that just means more damages assigned.
  You might not like plastic but please, Lumia? You mean that 'looks good' phone that nobody wants to buy?
For some weird reasons, people here seem to love Nokia phones, which I just couldn't understand. I mean, it's Win OS, which just very bulky and way too busy compared to the iOS. "At least they're not copying Apple" is not a good reason to like a phone, period.
  The OEMs cheap cable are crap, but from my experience, the Apple's own cables are not that much better, still break after a year or so on average. I'd rather buy $1x10 OEM cables and burn 1 every 2-3 months than buying 1 $10 Apple cable and gone after 1 year.  
New Posts  All Forums: