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I assume they'd include cable with the new iPhone, so it's no big deal, can just wait a few months before the OEMs start selling the cheap alternatives.
This article is very misleading. Any time is the 'worst time' to compete with the iPhone. But that doesn't mean companies should hold off from launching their products. Win 8 is coming next month, these companies have to announce the new phones now, or in the next couple weeks, which will be even worse after the iPhone announcement.
The key would be if the new iPhone can be jailbroken or not. If it can't? It's going to be trouble for Apple. Will still sell well in US but the growth could be on last leg internationally. My friends in foreign countries (Europe/Asia) for the 1st time, owns more Galaxy S III than iphone. It's a small sample but still telling in my book since most of my friends are not good at tech.
Don't see how there can be settlement given Apple has a lot more relevant patents than Google. Plus, Google has no control over the OEMs on copying iDevices, so the settlement can only be on the software side, and I don't see the lawsuits between Apple and the OEMs going away even with a settlement.
  The whole point of replacing Google map is to stop Google from collecting iOS users' data. If Apple license streetview, obv Google would want data of people who use streetview, defeating the whole purpose.    Apple is doing this for competitive reasons, this is really not about user experience so it's pointless to complain. 
Bottom line, there's nothing to settle.   Apple wants HTC's Android smartphones banned. That'd be the only settlement Apple would take.    It's silly for the reporter to think HTC actually has the choice to settle. 
  The things you mentioned are not really related to the core advantage of Apple - a premium brand. The cutbacks in service will undoubtly affect the brand image, which is a lot more important than let's say whether they release product on schedule or with enough supply. Note that I don't mind cutting back staffs if there's way too many of them, but definitely not sacrificing service for revenue.
  Not happening. Neither side ever wanted to negotiate, Apple wants Samsung out of the Android business period, while Samsung does this kind of infringement in every kind of electronics (seriously it's in the core of their business) so they'd never feel like they're guilty.
$1B is really nothing for Samsung, a company that will never go away as long as the Korean government is still supporting the company. If Apple doesn't order parts from Samsung anymore, yes, Samsung stock will take a big hit, etc., but life goes on for Samsung, they'll just sell the parts to other companies. Samsung is just an arm of the Korean government, government just don't go away, even if it's Greece.
  All Apple did was to attack the competitors, companies make claims even they themselves don't believe in all the time in order to win market share. The emails proved people in Apple were not against a smaller device, they just couldn't make it work at that time.  
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