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  Just imagine if you'd use the word 'exclusive' for the following example. A game that's being launched on PS3, Xbox360, and Wii, but PS3 will ship the game 1 week sooner. Will anyone actually call that game 'PS3 exclusive'? I'm pretty sure that'd be a no. And if marketing people from Sony dare to market that game as 'exclusively on PS3 for a week!', that'd be news. 
  Please don't use the word 'exclusive', that's nothing remotely close to being exclusive. Yes iOS Appstore got a head start (about 7-10 days), but launching 1st is totally different from being 'an exclusive'. 
I do believe we're not going to see a retina iPad mini. It'd just mean a lot fewer people buying the full iPad which would hurt AAPL's profit further, no matter how much lighter the full iPad could become. For casual use (which is the majority of sales in consumer mkt), iPad mini is a better size.   I really think we'd see the full iPad refresh much sooner than Oct'13, AAPL just can't afford waiting that long to get a thinner/lighter iPad out. We'll see it in July...
  But none of the competitors will try to sell a 128GB tablet at the same price! Ok except the always clueless MSFT, but still...   In the end, GOOG or AMAZ can easily sell a 128GB version of their tablets, e.g. NEXUS 10 with 128GB for $599, or Kindle Fire 8.9HD with 128GB for $499, which can easily undercut the iPad. 
  People would be naive to think that quality products and short term stock performance have no serious relationships. People need to realize, quality products don't come out just because a few very smart people sit together and create it. Incentives plays a huge part. If you're working for AAPL and you see the stock tumbled in a matter of months, your work ethics could be affected, your concentration could be affected, in fact you might even look for a new job. The whole...
  1. Yes it's 14-week quarter last year, but the effect on net income should be small (a 1-2 out of 14 increase in net income is nothing major) 2. Reasons like cash, deferred tax etc etc, are irrelevant since those things happened last year too.  3. It claimed "when gross margin improves ..." but margin suppression has been the major concern. That guy gave no reason why gross margin would improve when people are shifting to buy lower margin products like iphone 4 and iPad...
Uncertainty would usually cause stock prices to drop. AAPL's no EPS target probably threw a lot of funds off balance. These funds would sell regardless of what AAPL's worth right now, because of the uncertainty of AAPL's future EPS. 
I'm surprised Apple would make such a threat, I mean, if anything, Palm would be the one suing given the (horrible) business performance. 
  Exactly. The total units sold is way too small to make the story believable. 
  At this point, I'd suggest wait till after they announce the earnings before trying to buy on 'dips'. Technically AAPL has been doing terrible. 
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