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I don't like this kind of 6-month cycles at all. Makes customers delay purchases and hurt resale values, which in turns cheapen the brand. Hope it's not happening. 
  People are not spending when they don't need it. Very little to do with politics.    There's really no need for another computer when most families have more than 2 per household. 
  Apple just needs to buy this tiny company if it's needed, so I don't even know what you're talking about.
AAPL was boxed in by their own 'retina display' claim. Now they've a problem making larger display size because that'd make the display out of the 'retina' category. If they try to increase resolution, then that'd be yet another resolution for the developers to work on, more fragmentation.   Tim and others need to really start thinking about the long term future. We cannot be be stuck with certain resolution screens and marketing claims which slows AAPL's innovation...
While I don't have any real objection to this, Hyundai is such a 'cheap' brand I'm not really sure I'm happy to see this 'alliance'.   At least get me Lexus, if not something more premium.
  "Fairness" itself is pretty subjective, I doubt you're really trying to ask for objectivity there, you just want to say you disagree, which is fine, just don't try to pretend you're really curious of an objective answer. 
  Reminds me of what Republicans quoted Obama on "you didn't build that"
  I'm sorry but nobody except the insiders really know what happened. Especially if it's just verbal contract. 
  The court assumes the patents to be valid otherwise the trial would take a lot longer and tons of experts on those patents will have to be involved.    But in short, yes, the patent system in the US is pretty messed up. 
  I also think retina is unlikely, mainly because retina is actually the only advantage of the $499 standard iPad now compared to the mini, and so there's no incentive for Apple to kill it's higher margin/revenue per unit product.    But a premium mini model that cost $429 for 16gb with a close to 1080p display (and software update to downscale retina back to that resolution)? That'd be my bet. 
New Posts  All Forums: