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But even at $10.5 it's still way too expensive. So yes, the distribution channel (in this case Apple) does cause the price to be higher but it's not really the main reason why people won't pay for it. If it's like $3 a month, yeah ~$1 goes to Apple, but those who'd pay $2 a month would likely still pay $3 a month.
Depends. Right now the online division is clearly sharing resources with the printed division, and management is managing both divisions. $3MM a month is $36MM a year, definitely enough to cover the salary of the hours writers/journalists/dev put on the online newspaper plus a lot more left as profit. The problem is that the printed division is losing money and they want the online division to be the new revenue stream to help subsidize the printed division, and they're...
I'm sure the rich would still pay for this, but for most iOS users, this just means 1 fewer app to use. Even the Daily looks too expensive IMO, let alone this. $10 cents per issue (no ads) would probably be ok for the masses, but not more than that. If on average $1 million iOS user buy it everyday you still get $3 million a month, more than enough to cover the cost.
Right now Apple still needs the web browser in iOS because apps can't cover everything in the web. But there's no reason why Apple would need web apps, it's just a back-door way for companies to avoid paying Apple the 30% cut. I could see Apple totally banning web apps, and they're not doing it yet only because they're worried about the PR hit they'd get if they did that.
I've to agree. Some might even think "I wish I could just used the iPad2 once before the radiation consumed me...."
I know this probably sound stupid, but I if were you I won't let my girl go to Japan this weekend. Things are evolving so fast there right now and there's no way to know if the Japanese government is telling the whole truth on this.
Well if an iPad2 is worth 1k to you and it's selling at $499 right now, you can certainly choose share your $500 consumer surplus with some ebay flipper, or you can just wait in line every morning in order to get 1, but pay some time cost. This is capitalism at work my friend.
Because it's not comfortable to do that with a netbook on your couch/ in bed, and it's not finger-friendly. As successful iPad is, most people I know use it just to fool around when they're on the couch/in bed/when they're eating on the dining table etc. Nook color is mildly successful especially when they're on sale (slickdeals generated close to 1k replies when they knocked down the price to $200), because it's cheap, has an OK screen, and you can fool around with it...
There will always be supply issue, because that's the only way to keep cost down and margin at reasonable %. The cost curve would bend upward if they try too hard to ramp up production.
A lot of things. e.g. A5 chip, 1GB RAM, thinner/lighter design, LTE support, better screen (non-reflective, fingerprint resistant, etc).
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