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Probably meant reselling to China.
There will be another survey tomorrow with yet another set of numbers, which means we'd be able to give AI 3 clicks instead of just 1 click.
No reason to dump Samsung from Apple's point of view, rather make them use up their capacity on Apple product so that they won't be able to produce lot's of galaxy tabs at low cost.
I'm surprised people even care to compare iPad 2 with the Xoom. Besides those fancy ads, the Xoom has shown nothing, there's no lines during release, there's only mediocre reviews, and there's only 100 apps specifically made for it so far. To me it's not even worth a comparison.
I think people surprised by the long lines probably didn't realize this is the new age of entertainment. After satisfying the most basic needs (food, shelter, clothings, etc), people would choose to put most of the rest of the monthly income into an entertaining gadget. And right now, iPad is the thing. This has nothing to do with 'computing', most people just want to have fun with the iPad, that's it. And it's a great trend for Apple because other companies (RIM,...
Like most people, I don't care much about the camera at the back, but front-facing one I did hope for a better one for video conf. Other than that, it'd be nice to have 1GB ram, but I guess for now it's not a big deal.
This is not about who has won/lost IMO. It's about my experience of using the web. At the end of the day, I wish Apple would be able to desktop version of safari with minimal changes into iPhone/iPad, but with Flash disabled as default and a switch in the setting to turn it either on or optional. That would satisfy most people. HTML5, to me it's still far away. And who knows, maybe some company would develop ways to put ads in HTML5 format that cannot be removed in the...
I'm not concerned about this at all, Android can have all the market shares but iOS is still the best in terms of user experience and that's what matters to me as a user. I wouldn't mind Apple creating more variety of phones though. Differnt materials, different size, different color, etc, just like iPod.
I'd rather have plastic back. Anything else I probably would have to put on a case and I never like the idea of using a case.
Doesn't mean you would be able to jailbreak iPad2.
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