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Actually except the Xoom, nothing significant has come out yet, so there's actually no need to rush because of the 'zillion of android tablets' in your dream. Besides, end of March was the time iPad1 launched, iPad2 is only 2-3 weeks sooner which should not be considered a 'rush' by any standard.
When I consider an iPad I don't think about whether it can run Flash, if I want Flash I'd just consider some other tablets. The RAM size issue to me is about hoping iPad2 to be on par with iPhone 5 in terms of the running similar new apps smoothly and using iOS5 new features smoothly.
1. Just because a certain app can run on 256MB ram, doesn't mean 256MB ram is enough to run it smoothly. 2. Just because it can run on 256MB ram using iOS4, doesn't mean it can run on 256MB ram using iOS5. 3. Just because this app can run on 256MB ram, doesn't mean other apps can, and most likely a lot of new apps for iPhone5 won't be able to run on 256MB ram. Now obv people would counter with "this is purely speculation", but it's a pretty good guess, because that's how...
1) That's partially because the iOS4 version you installed on your 3G is different from the other 2 phones, with a lot of stuffs disabled. 2) And again, I could see some people claiming that their iphone 3G ran iOS4 just fine, but there's also a lot of people (myself and my friend included) that experienced problems with it because of memory issues. That tells me when some people say 'just fine', or 'not fine', it's probably subjective, but I did list the problems myself...
It does not work fine, at least from my experience and a lot of my friends' experience. Apps shut down randomly, battery drains much faster, some apps would open and then close in 10 secs, etc. People keep forgetting that when you've 512MB, about 1/4-1/2 of that is already being used by the OS itself and phone/email/iPod. Also I'd willing to bet that iOS5 which is around the corner will increase the amount of ram needed for the OS itself.
Of course it'd be great to have 2GB or even 4GB, if we just look at Ram alone. But people are only asking for 1GB because that's what they expect the iPhone 5 will have and probably needed to run iOS5 smoothly. People are not trying to be unreasonable and ask for iPad 2 to match the specs of iPhone 6/7 in Ram, but I think asking to have same Ram as another iOS product in 3 months isn't a lot to ask.
Also don't get why 2011 being "Year of iPad 2" means there won't be a premium version of iPad 2 in 2011. \
All depends on whether the OS/app is optimized for dual-core. Why would you asssume that dual-core is only useful in multi-tasking is beyond me, i mean, all the dual-core PCs are much faster than single-core ones even when you're only using 1 program.
Overall looks great, but still a few unanswered questions: 512MB or 1GB Ram? Any improvement on the display? Resolution of front facing camera?
I think Apple should be able to keep the trademark 'App Store', but other companies should also be able to call their mobile apps 'apps', just not their app store 'App Store'. 'App' is generic, but 'App Store' IMO isn't.
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