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As a consumer, I don't see what's wrong with what Amazon is doing. Lowering the price of ebooks to below cost will only hurt consumers if Amazon can eliminate competition and then raise price later. But this will never happen in the modern world because companies like Apple or Google will keep staying in the market no matter what (because they want to be the 1-stop shop to everything). 
  That's not really an argument. It's not like government only has access to data from Google but not Apple. There's no advantage of using Apple's softwares in that regard.    To me I'm still using the old Google Maps app from iOS5, not upgrading to iOS6 even with Google's new map apps. Being jailbreakable is still the most important thing for my iPhone. 
The problematic part is, now that iPad mini becomes the standard, people will start to use the $329 as the anchor for tablets which means it'd be hard for Apple to create new premium products and higher price points that people will be willing to pay for.    Besides margin suppression and lower revenue of iPad mini vs. iPad 4, this is also part of the reason why AAPL is struggling
Actually this matters a lot, in fact I've said here many times, a lot of people will be buying the iPad mini instead of the bigger iPad, and this will hurt both the total revenue and margin. I'm not suggesting Apple should not have produced the mini, but I'm just saying it's bad for AAPL, at least until Apple figures out a new way to sell premium high margin iPads again. 
It's a smart move. You don't want to tie most of your wealth in 1 company, no matter how high you value the company.
This thing called Surface Pro has identify crisis. On the 1 hand, you're somewhat a tablet and run some tablet apps (won't be a lot compared to iPad), on the other hand you're kinda a laptop/desktop by running those win 7 desktop apps, except those apps won't be usable with touch, so you'd need a mouse/keyboard combo for those. Seems like anyone using it will switch btw tablet mode and desktop mode a lot, especially if you want to mulit-task Office work and then some...
  Can't people at least entertain the possibility that this is mostly about politics? Seriously those who've worked in big companies would know, this happens in every one of them.
This, if happened, would be a bad shift. Seriously, that'd just mean current TSMC customers will order from Samsung instead of TSMC while Apple would order from TSMC. That means other customers (i.e. Android device manufactures) will get better chips than Apple. 
Let's not underestimate how much this is due to politics. This Richard guy probably is Forstall's buddy, it's only natural that Cue put someone new to replace this guy.
The sale is actually on the 2nd generation Kindle Fire, not 1st generation (and not Kindle Fire HD either). That's $129 down from $159.   In fact KF was the most searched term yesterday. People wanted to buy 1 for their kids.   Yes, at $129 this is a device for <10 year-old kids. I know some posters here say they've no problem buying an iPad mini for their kids but let's face it this forum's population is not very representative of the general public. A $129 KF...
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