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The thing that nobody even tries to explain is, how can traffic per hour be up but total iPads (retina+mini) sold be down? Can't say that's because mini is out of stock because they aren't (at least the 32G/64G ones).   Instead of being worried about the Mac sales or laughing at MSFT, I'm definitely more worried about the iPad sales figures.
  IMO it's the opposite, you can't let your children just have something because he/she wished for it. Get him/her an android device and make him/her work for an iOS device after he/she showed maturity of handling a (worse) device. That would actually help the children's future.
  That's all true for all the targets around me, have 32g/64g mini in stock.    Basically most people buy the 16g mini because mini buyers are usually more price sensitive. 
  I give up. How's 60/499 or 379/499 10% off? 
  Well, I think we all know that during past years, iPads were only sold for 10% off tops on Black Friday that's it. This year is different, as from what I listed above, we're talking about more than 10% hit for iPad4 and way more than 10% hit on iPad3, and a new lower margin product in iPad mini. So, obviously it's not the same as 'happens every year' like you claimed. 
  IMO it's the opposite. The high margin product, the iPad4, just came out last month, and it's already more than 10% off ($60 of $499). the iPad3, has been selling at $379 for a long time and still not sold out. We're talking about big hit on the margin this holiday season for the iPads, except the iPad minis, but that's already a low revenue product starting at $329.    All these is unprecedented for AAPL and certainly not good news. 
Since AT&T already have a soft data cap for unlimited plan, this is the least they can do. 
No need to make any excuse, let's face it iPad and iPad mini are going to make fewer people buy Macs and PCs in general, plus there's also this low end segments filled by tablets by Google and Amazon. Expensive computers are hard sell these days especially when consumers are mostly just using them to browse the web or watch movies. It's not a AAPL issue, although since AAPL sells the highest end computers they'd actually be the most impacted because the price diff is so...
  Well but they are. At least in S Korea anyway. 
  Samsung is not afraid of anything because this is essentially a company backed by the S Korea government. Samsung will never go under. Well, unless the US is willing to go far and stop trading with them anyway. 
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