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  This could be another problem or AAPL. IPad users finding out just how good the mini is, so they stop ordering the iPad 4 (and any other big iPads in the future). That means customers would spend a lot less on iPads in the future.
If the 4x retina display is way too expensive for the mini, I really hope Apple would reconsider another resolution for iPad mini 2. Yes the dev would have to do more work for sure, but if let's say they need 2 years to get the mini to adopt 4x resolution, I say forget about it and just do a 2x resolution. It's not the end of the world for the devs. Android has a lot more resolutions and it's a hassle but a lot of apps still can do it fine on Android. 
Well, the question should be, how many of the iPad 4 sale is coming from a returned iPad 3? Given lot's of stores give 30-day return, and given Apple was selling around 5MM iPads a month last quarter, this has to be a concern. 
  If you don't understand the issue here you should consider not commenting on it. Nobody is question the '2 options' you're talking about. The question is how many are they producing a day, which your comment never even tried to answer. In case you don't notice, a lot of retail stores are out of both iPhone5 and iPad mini right now, and in case of iPhone5, have been like that for quite a long time. 
  Well you can order everyday, but how many are there? It's still the same question, how many units can AAPL produce everyday. I'm sure they'd solve this problem in a few months but right now they need to get a lot more units out before the end of this holiday season so people don't defect to other tablets, and that's the concern. 
The biggest problem right now is not the margin. It's actually the rumor 'low yield rate' of the iPad mini.    It seems like even without long lines buying, the mini ran out of stock quickly. That means not a lot have been produced. If they continue to be out of stock for the next month, a lot of people will have lost their patience and just go and buy other tablets for holiday gifts.
Jobs can handle Forstall, now that SJ's gone, nobody can control Forstall. It's unfortunate but it's not Tim's fault or Ive's fault or Forstall's fault. It's just the way it is, Tim has to deal with this, and the only way is to let Forstall go, otherwise the team would not function well.   People are naive to think that 'oh that means Tim is than SJ in making the team work', no, this just means SJ's gone and Tim cannot play SJ's role because he's not SJ, not because...
People understandably are rooting for Ive because of his good reputation in hardware designs. But to me, that's not very relevant. In the end, Cook needs to step up as the CEO, he's the person who's ultimately responsible for all the mistakes made during his time as CEO. Everyone makes mistakes, Ive is not God, it's Cook's ability to manage possible problems over time that'd determine how well AAPL can do overall going forward. 
  But what if Tim/Ivy doesn't want this ally in the 1st place?    During SJ's era, everyone comes and goes based on SJ's decision. Now that SJ's gone, people come and go based on who win and lose the political battles. That's how all big corporations work. Scott lost, Tim/Ivy won. 
  AAPL will be ok, but I don't expect AAPL to outperform the market anytime soon. With iPad 4th gen, Apple has to write down A LOT of iPad 3rd gen (they're selling them for $379 refurb right now), so it's definitely going to hurt AAPL's margin on iPad, plus with iPad mini, a lot of people will get the mini instead for their kids (iPad too heavy for children, plus mini is cheaper), which will hurt the margin further. 
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