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The problem is not that it's too high compare to Nexus7 or Kindle Fire HD. It's comparing with the iPad 4 for $499 and refurb iPad3 for $379 that's problematic!
  This prediction doesn't make much sense to me. 1 year for a minor bump of the CPU and cheaper? (i doubt it can go much ligher, and not a priority either since it's already light enough). Even at this moment, Amazon is already producing 8.9 inc 1900x1200 tablet for $299. Apple cannot afford waiting another year and still with the same resolution for the iPad mini. By that time, Amazon would probably already be selling 7" 1080p display tablet, at $199.   I give Apple 6...
Well, they can fight for this 'low supply', I'll wait for the retina version next March. 
  More like rebranded and sold as refurbished for $379 right now. There will be a lot of them, since most people who bought them recently will exchange them for the latest version.
  Except that one can no longer tell if this is a product that could last 2-3 years...   In fact, it could very well be upgraded significantly in 6 months. I could even see retina version of this iPad mini in 6 months.  
  A5 is being used in iPad that's 2 generations behind, if you really like to keep your point correct. I'm sorry, but A5 is still underwhelming no matter how you spin it.
Anyone who's thinking of buying the iPad mini will likely be disappointed come next March, when Apple will release iPad mini 2nd gen with much better internals. Right now, it's still A5, that's just rediculous, it's a processor 2 generations behind! It'll be outdated quickly, and with a lot of competition on the 7-inch space, Apple, will have to upgrade it in March'13 for sure.   I'd hold off buying it for $329 right now. The 4th gen iPad is a much better deal.
  That's exactly the problem. Every big company is asking for a 'handout' before willing to move jobs back from overseas. Why can't these big companies, earning huge profits, just do it?    I say the US should just cut all the military overseas, so these companies cannot get protection from the military and then they'll know the true cost of operating overseas. Then they'll know it's actually a BARGAIN to have plants here in the US. 
The real story is probably like the following:   1. Apple dropping Samsung as the supplier of the Retina Display   2. Samsung, in response, shift to modify the Retina Display and use it for Android devices   3. Corp Executives in Samsung make some excuses on why this is happening by making some statements regarding how Samsung is terminating supply contract with Apple.
At most Apple can do is remove Google search from being the default option. That's it. They can't remove Google search as one of the options, it's just going to invite lawsuits that Apple likely can't win.   I still do not use Siri 99% of the time, just not consistent enough for my taste. They've to improve Siri A LOT for me to give up using the apps themselves or Safari.
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