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  Recent drop in AAPL has been mainly due to the concerns of 'yield' rate on key iOS devices, including the iPad mini and iPhone 5 shell.
Here's the main problem, people using Apple products expect perfections, and so any scratch will make a very unhappy customer. Android phones will not get the same problem because those customers are in general more tolerate of those kinds of things.    IMO Apple needs to really rethink this current material used on iPhone 5, don't use it on future products. It's not for the Foxconn employees, but for the sake of keeping customers happy. 
  You're thinking like this is the US. In China, those who work there, a lot of them are not well educated, and they have no clue what's the rules when they sign up for the job. Also, you'd be - smoking crack if you think Foxconn will read through the whole 'code-of-conduct' with all the workers and explain to them when the workers sign up for the job. 
  Keep dreaming.   BTW, if you think the Chinese workers are already getting enough training, you must be smoking pretty heavily. People like you keep thinking those workers are just greedy or lazy bastards trying to blame others. You should go and work there for a month and you'll know the kind of work needs to be done to meet these standards.
I don't see how the yields could be 'frustrating'. The screen is smaller but it's not retina so shouldn't be hard to make. Other parts, they're essentially already in production for other iDevices.
I basically never use Siri on my iPhone except when my son wants to have fun playing with Siri. Basically got it wrong too often for my taste.   It's not a knock of Siri, it's probably relatively well done, but just not good enough for me personally. Plus, I can e.g. type on my calendar app faster than trying to get it right through Siri, so Siri is not even convenient enough for me.
Apple simply is trying to shutdown a loophole that would affect Apple's potential ad revenue. It's Apple's right to do so.
  That's only because people are so used to Apple making everything the 'best'. In the end, the world is too big, nobody can make everything the 'best'. That's just the reality.    Apple is losing focus by trying to get on way too many projects and try to do well in all of them, while Google and other companies are cutting projects and focus on fewer ones. The world is flat a long time ago, let's not roll back to the old ages, and remember the Apps from all over the world...
  To me, "It just works" is never the biggest selling point. The biggest selling point to me is the Apps, Apps that can't be found in other platforms that enable me to do extra stuffs. iDevices still get frozen, still get wifi issues, GPS issues etc just like other devices, maybe less frequently but still frequent enough for me to not think they 'just works'. 
The problem I have is, as I've said many times before, that Apple tries to manage way too many projects just for the sake of integration, and at the same time burn bridges with a lot of partners, even those who're not really going to threaten Apple's ecosystem like Pandora. Plus, if they want, they for sure have the money to just buyout Pandora (and even shutdown the Android version of Pandora to hurt Google), but instead they try to create their own 'Pandora-like'...
New Posts  All Forums: