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GOOG's relatively good performance recently has a lot to do with people migrating their portfolio from FB to GOOG, and very little to do with AAPL.
  Plenty of iPhone and Android Phones in my area, men with those big screen Android phones while women mostly with iPhones with some pretty cases. 
  You're really making this up. $150-$200 to break even is a myth. Like I said, the parts cost at most $50 for a dual-core 8GB tablet. All those "R&D, ....." costs, really is nothing, because, when you're going for a $99 retail price tablet, you'll definitely sell in 10s of millions, so the average cost on those you mentioned would be spread and will be pretty low per device. Plus, e.g. marketing cost will be very low because, just the fact you're selling such device will...
A $99 tablet is not going to lose money. People are way overestimating the cost of a tablet.   In fact, the biggest cost is just the touchscreen and the glass associated with it. A dual-core CPU is dirt cheap as well as 8GB memory. The cost of such 7" tablet could be as low as $50-60, as long as you strip away most of the ports/buttons, and use some cheap shell. The software is expensive to develop but in this case, it's 'free-riding' the software for other devices.
I do not believe this. I mean, look, if Google ever make a Maps App for iOS, there will be turn-by-turn navigation. So, what's the point for google to hold it back? No point.   It's more believable that Apple axed the old Maps App because Google wants the data wired to them in a certain way and Apple thinks that'd give Google too much advantage. It's ok to axe it because of competitive reasons, I don't blame Apple. But I don't buy this turn-by-turn thing, and the...
  Yeah i don't believe for a second that Google is 'caught off guard' and couldn't produce an app in time. I mean, a small developer can port an app from iOS to Android or vice versa in a matter of weeks. Google knew about this in June, that's months ago.    I feel like they're not submitting the app because they don't want Apple to know what's Google's iOS Maps App so that Apple can't be inspired from it. 
I know many people here hate Schmidt, but that doesn't mean Apple should put the hate above the needs of consumers. Apple used Google search in the 1st place not because they loved Google, but because they wanted consumers to have the best search experience. Maps should be the same. Consumers should be the ones to decide which Maps App is the best, lets approve the Google Maps App, and if everyone wants to download that and replace Apple's Maps App with it? So be it....
There's a reason why a used ATV 2 is selling more than twice of a new ATV 3.   Apple is not unlocking the potential of ATV because they can't monetize that potential, that's all. It's just a matter of time before Apple can figure out how to make money out of it then they'll add apps.
I just don't get it, out of a million diff clock designs, they HAVE to use this version? There are plenty of alternatives.
The thing is, the $700 AAPL stock price alreday baked in some high expectations, so it's normal to view this announcement as 'letdown'.   Either way, AAPL is going to be fine, at least before some new trends are coming out anyway.
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