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What debacles are you talking about, the 6 and 6+ was near flawless.
He uses 1Q15 to mean the first calendar quarter of 2015. Which makes sense. He's reporting to a world that may not know Apples peculiarities.1Q 2015. Revised is, I'd guess, since the last estimate by him. This is a report he sends to subscribers.As for the shipments in 1Q of the watch, they are probably his estimates of shipments to channel. It won't be broken down in the conference call however.What will be interesting is projected revenue for calendar Q2 and margins....
Unless some radically new battery comes about that's not ever going to happen.
It really doesn't. It might "execute" but the output is clearly different. For instance with the same input ( and keeping your stupidly named class).   dumbThingSaid.Replace("Is", "Be");dumbThingSaid.Replace(".", " when it's finished."); would replace my statement with "Xcode. Is Great." Serious misunderstanding of the very basic of programming, or how English works,  here. Back to ignore.  
I have been building software on the Mac and then the iPhone for years. You are clearly a hacker. Plenty of people who aren't hacking ( and some who are) have had problems with xCode related to certificates, memory leaks, slowness in general, crashes and general instability across point releases. It is getting better, but it reverses.  If you had to produce production code you would know about it.  Now let me explain your logical problems before I put you back on...
These guys are total spoofers. Firstly the bug was noticed by the open source devs at AFNetworking a month before. They've announced a vulnerability before devs can get a patch out. Spoofers and con men.
I never sign up to iCloud on setup. I can access that stuff later. Apple seem to be doing two amateur programming errors here: a network call that never times out ( you have to go out of your way) and one which seems to lock the main thread.
No it doesn't. I'm afraid you don't understand either English or logic.Didn't I have you on ignore?
VS is better and Xcode is pretty good when it works. My "snarky" comment refers to the frustrations about its cycle of stability and instability. It was super robust until 4.0 and then has gone in cycles of full and point releases regressing and stabilising. Rinse and repeat.6.2 was good.
I doubt you can read because I didn't say a thing about swift.I've been using Xcode since it wasn't Xcode.
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