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Since Shakespeare has been filmed that distinction, if it exists at all, is moot. And the latest movie version of Macbeth also has Fassbender in it. I doubt if people watching that will be expecting to see a Fassbender lookalike every time they watch Macbeth from then on.In any case you missed the point. Historical drama != documentary history.
So what. The entirety of Shakespeare's historical drama about Caesar ( I say for the 3rd time) is made up and in a different language than Caesar spoke. This isn't a documentary. As long as the speech gives the gist of what happened then that's what historical fiction does.
If flaneur doesn't like visual influences then he or she is missing out on Shakespeare's plays ( one out right now has the lead on Steve jobs playing MacBeth) and plenty of high quality movies. Nor is there a compulsion to watch Hollywood at all, or to watch blockbusters or anything really. There's good television too.What you do need to avoid is the 24 hour news cycle.
Was metaphorical speech invented in 1990?
My references to Shakespeare's Caesar is simply to point out that historical drama is fiction, based on historical fact but not a documentary or a history book.
Et tu, AI. Taken from Shakespeare's appalling play on Caesar where Caesar supposedly said "et tu, Brutus" but didn't in reality. Shakespeare made all the dialogue up and has his characters speaking a language in the play they didn't speak in reality, because it didn't exist. Nobody who knew Caesar was consulted ( they were "dead" according to Shakespeare) and most people who played Caesar historically didn't look like him. Shocking play. Read a history book.
I haven't seen much commentary on the movie, not in general release, from people inside Apple.So you want the movie to talk to people who knew jobs but when it does you dismiss it because they were paid. But any consultant would be paid.Woz and Sculley both consulted.Here's the thing about historical drama. It's never a documentary. You can be certain that a movie on Naploean or a play on Caesar will not have the exact words spoken, in the exact order spoken, or even at ...
That 15% is doable. The reason why nobody is paying the 30% is because it's on the gross price of the digital item. Amazon are making less than that per digital sale so they would be out of pocket
The 30% wipes out their profits but they probably see some value in being on the platform.
Hmm. Anti-trust law in the US cares more about harm to consumers rather than harm to other retailers or middle men.
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