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I believe he is a hit with the ladies.  I don't really think that any star guarantees a movie these days. 
 Sounds like a TV movie. I am sure there is a story there of a father daughter relationship but that would be true of most fathers with daughters. Which isn't what made Steve Jobs Steve Jobs.
 My understanding was this was the script. I would do this. Jobs before his speech for the Mac. Reminiscing a bit ( maybe shown in Flashbacks). Gives the Speech.Jobs in his empty unfinished  house when fired at 30. Someone from the company calls over, they talk about what happened. Flashbacks.Jobs introducing the iPod. Before the speech we get some flashbacks about his return to Apple. Jobs introducing the iPhone. Before the speech we get some flashbacks about how it...
Probably won't be any good though. Although I like the idea of a montage of the Big Events in Apples history.
Fassbender is a star. Christ sake. Good actor. Looks nothing like Jobs. Boyles a good director too. Seth looks the part.
That's not what the analyst said. It's what I think will happen though.
Also how odd to predict the 5C and 4S will sell close to 10M between them in Jan-March and then be abandoned for the rest of the year. 
Back to the article, I think he is being a bit pessimistic for calendar Q1 2015. I can see Apple selling more plusses than he thinks and its still a holiday season somewhere - like China. 
Two sizes? Is that it? Apple itself mentions the different brands on it's pages. Ignoring the straps there are at least 6 options: Watch, Edition and Sport, all in two sizes.  There are also a lot of iPad options.  I agree that there should be a low priced option for India, in fact I think it should be a 4" option like the 5C. Rename that to a brand ( without a number), add the touchID and update it with last years chip ( or older) every year. Better to have 16Gb though,
Thats an American perspective. Apple are selling the 4S and 5C into other markets. I can't see why they would stop ( or why 5 SKUs is so impossible to understand). But if they do reduce it probably won't be to remove the 5C until the 6C is out. And boy, isn't the Apple Watch going to really flummox you? The home button is going to be around for a long time. 
New Posts  All Forums: