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You are expecting a fairly spectacular y-o-y drop in the holiday quarter. I'd be surprised. They are probably hoping 80m-100m units. I think there will be a reintroduced 4" for poorer markets.
That's just a click bait blog. Badly written, no research, ridiculous conclusions.He's not an analyst though.
I know. But then I didn't mention Cook.
Mostly but drivers embedded in kernel space can cause system panics.
Jobs was a bit dead to fire Forstall. Things improve over time, Forstall was responsible for some rock solid iOS releases.
People he managed liked him a lot. That's telling.
Apple maps is much improved. Silent success story.
You need to get a map and work out that there are different countries in the world. I was giving an anecdote, as colour, to what everybody should know before they start taking crap -- the iPhone's original model wasn't selling very well until a price drop and until they increased their carriers. Of course it didn't.Therefore my point stands. This launch can't be compared to the iPhone because Apple has far greater number of die hard fans. As well as more countries in its...
No it wasn't popular outside the few then Apple die hards , including me, who lined up in America but not in the UK. There were queues for 10.0. A queue, or the lack of it, is not any indication. Its an anecdote. Including my anecdote.However the statistics show that it wasn't setting the world alight until the price reductions and the 3G was the real success. You even linked to a piece which proved that point, and you are still not slinking away with tails between your...
It's not really up to the person making the fairly normal claim (the iPhone didn't really take off for a year and Apple didn't have the fan base then that it had now) to provide proof. Anybody who knew the slightest bit about the iPhone's trajectory would know that. Extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof, ordinary claims do not.To rub salt in your wounds here is what that article saysDespite drawing a horde of fans, the iPhone didn’t immediately charm its way into...
New Posts  All Forums: