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In my link you will see that Scotland's GDP with oil is 6k£ per capita higher than the rest if the UK. Without oil it's the same.Even though social spending in Scotland is higher than the rest if the UK the difference is more than made up for in oil revenues.I would have thought that it's obvious that China, India, Nigeria, Brazil etc are not rich. The US is a large country outlier.A search for GDP Per capita will prove the...
Popped into the DailyTech comments. Lots of Android fruit bats in there. Amazing how the sale of a new phone they will not buy affects these nutters. Some of them are probably writing the comments in faeces in their parents basement before opining online. Just to get the spelling right.   I mean I don't care about Android phones so I don't go and criticise Android phones,  every time there is an new phone released from Samsung., HTC et al. Why would I care? Utterly insane.
The Verge has to play both sides of the Aisle. That said Pogue and Mossberg are a bit fanboiish. Me, I am looking forward to Anandtech reviews.
It's not a big deal but you've spent the last week bitching about it.Press is always hostile to Apple. Nobody knew or care that Samsung did something like this. Generally people on AI laugh this nonsense off but this time the hipster than thous are are feeling themselves "raped" by the inclusion of an album on their library which they don't like.Even though they don't have to download it. Even though it will never appear in shuffle. Even though they can scroll past it, ...
It's definitely the worst thing that happened since ISIS. Worse than ISIS. It's been a terrible year but free music which specifically doesn't download to most devices is the worst thing that's happened this year. Probably the worst thing since the gulags.Is there not a political site on which you could bore people to tears. Because this is a technology site.Simon Cowell was saying the exact same thing on the British xfactor this weekend.
Yes to all three. I am confused as to why when I say Scotland can be rich the statement "I didn't know haggis was that popular an export" can be seen as anything other than implying that that would be *all* you would expect from the Scottish export market.Pretty sure they export some though.
Which part is not "close to being true". I made three statements.
Reported as an ethnic slur.  I was talking about the oil of course. However even without the oil Scotland's GDP is per capita about the same as the rest of the UK, with the oil ( and removing it from the rUK) it's about 4K higher per person.  http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-24866266
You probably want me to answer - because of Marketing. Sure, but thats not sales although it may lead to it. The guy I quoted was talking specifically about jobs. If we didn't realise that this was a good ad then he suggested we shouldn't give up our day job. I then said, as an aside, that it's the marketing department's job to do the marketing not sales. He disagreed. He's wrong and so are you. Samsung's marketing is, for whats it worth, what sells their devices, but...
Yeah I know what sales are. Thanks. Notice it didn't say: same as marketing.It's a different discipline from marketing. Lots of things lead to sales. Marketing. Engineering. Industrial design. But marketing is not sales.
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