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@marvin -- the 5.3 million is live viewers on a night watching the BBC. Not on the iplayer. Nor the sales to other countries. Top Gear was huge for the BBC. 50 countries I believe. They don't need the Top Gear formula. That was mostly boring. They just need the specials. That's just a travelogue with cars. It really isn't a car show.
How could they have forced him to stay?
That's not true at the executive level. He could be "rich enough".
I reckon people read the first line or two of posts and get mad. Maybe boldify the "falsehoods" sentence so they get it.
Nobody would ever leave the rat race of Silicon Valley for the Cotswolds, are you mad?
Some lad called Jim had an issue.
My solution the the ATV licensing issues which I mentioned before would be. 1) produce an EPG API. 2) when TV player apps are installed they can write their schedule to the EPG 3) The TV app shows the schedules for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc. there would also be other non live content and you can search for specific Netflix (etc) content within this app. 4) a request to start the show launches the installed app on the correct page. The back button goes back to the main...
@relic. This is not for you. You are sorted. You're a top 1% techie. It's for the rest.
If tidal got a letter they can publish it. If not Apple should sue for slander.
Apple will get these guys to port to the ATV. Will it be IAP driven. Yes. Will this upset big game developers and traditional console game devs. No. They'll just change their model or ignore the platform. That model grew over the history of the iPhone and allowed game houses to make more money than up front. It was their response to the "let everything be free" brigade and although annoying it works. Apple has lots of big game devs on the iOS platform as it is.They...
New Posts  All Forums: