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Yeah if it were just storage then people could hit that limit with a few minutes of video. It seems to be number of apps. If the reports are true
Performance is one thing. Repeating boot loops making that impossible to fix are another. And OS X does warn on low hard drive and swap space.
 One debugs a system without blaming the user. If the file system on the device can handle ( that is download) 700 apps then it should work. If not it shouldn't allow 700 apps to be downloaded. Ads have nothing to do with this, there is no indication that the apps are even running. 
 Actually that is just not true. The list of apps is not a list of running apps but the last time you launched that app. Some of those apps might be still running, but most are not. The OS will quit background applications as memory pressure grows and not necessarily in the order that you launched them either.  Apps which can do things in the background may keep running, however a lot of background apps are actually relaunched, not kept running to handle background events....
 I hope you guys never work in software. Rule 1 - don't name the user. 
Works on your machine.
No reason why 50,000 or 5 million songs wouldn't work.
I like the look and feel. It's lacking polish however. For instance the System Preferences, on search, doesn't show the spotlight effect. Wouldn't have happened etc...   Boot, for me is scarily slow. It shows a progress bar, goes away for a while ( seems to be stalled) and then comes back with another progress bar, this time it's faster. I am sure there is a transition here, from the firmware to the OS proper but it needs to be quicker. I think in the old boot up they...
The difference is that the .0 (or .01) releases are tied to events or immediately after and .1 is released when ready.Actually I think he should try his appleID and password for that.
Apple does have software issues and it's tied to its philosophy of event days being release days. That goes to the top.
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