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As of now that is not officially in iOS. It would mean some kind of ux switch when the keyboard (or trackpad?) is attached. Instead if just touching the app to run you would select by swiping a trackpad left or right, then clicking to open.I think iOS will get that, and it needs it. Until then you need to use your finger as a touch/select and scroll input which isn't idea for a vertical screen.
Not without a ux change.
Terrible news. I've been on that bus tour. Surprising it was so damaged as they don't go very fast ( was the accident spot at the bottom of a hill?).
I'm going to dictate this to see how that works my feeling is one of my work at home it won't work very well in the office can you add information recently and that's not perfect either no I wanna paragraph no hour to do thatThe only way out of the ergonomic issue (one of many problems with tablets and keyboards) is to put the screen horizontal and that creates greater ergonomic issues with neck strain.
Yes but we are talking about the iPad Pro where Pro means professional. I'm not denying that for consumer use it can replace laptops (frankly my 6+ replaces both the laptop and the iPad – which is too heavy – for casual browsing). Earlier posters following on from Cook seemed to think that the relationship between laptops and tablets is full replacement, like cars replacing horse drawn carriages. It's more like cars not replacing trains but suplementing them.However this...
I can't see that few thousand people bringing down one of the richest continents on earth. They're not bankers.Bad da tish.
Rebuilding your own filesystem to view as you want? Now that's geeky. Also possible in OS X with metadata search. An advanced feature.A filesystem doesn't have to be complicated. Most computer newbies, if any these days, get the concept within a few minutes. Folders are abstracts of their real life analogues– places to group files.
You can't really open files across sandbox in iOS, not unless the application jumps through hoops. I don't think a hierarchical file system is all that confusing and OS X already has metadata search.You expect office workers to stare down at their desks from now on on? With a keyboard it can be configured as a small screen which can be touched, but as jobs pointed out vertical touch screens are useless and tiring. Which leaves the office worker with a small screen, a...
The economy will have another recession but people won't starve. 
Accessing files across different applications is hardly a geek only feature. Nor it needing bigger screens, or a mouse for most input etc. Or a decent screen. Or a vertical screen.  Jobs himself says that you can't have vertical touch screens or your hand drops off. Given that argument, what is the Pro for? Who is it for? Assuming that the Pro in the iPad Pro does mean for the professional classes ( there are other iPads for home users), what professions?  About the only...
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