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No. It can't last. You wrote a good piece about this last year. Android users think that there can is no way but up from here but I think the opposite. The market is going to consolidate into profit making manufacturers and unlike clone PC makers there aren't any. Except samsung. Which is rapidly declining.
Seriously disagreement is libel? Even if his post were inaccurate unless it said something personal about you which was defamatory and inaccurate it wasn't libel.And he wasn't trolling either, which in this forum isn't disagreement with you but Apple bashing or Android fetishing of a certain type -- he just didn't like the use of certain words in the column.And we are all posting anonymously, or rather pseudonymously, here -- which is normal for a forum. Posting under the...
You are right about the tone of these articles. You are wrong about Androids future. I don't see it surviving.Here's why. First a quick question? Why did two OSes survive the 80's and not 10? And a second one? What was the biggest selling OS in early 1985? Third what happened to computer ASPs over the 80's?Stew on that. Let me reiterate some fairly simple market theories.1) a brand is as good as it's worst product, though this can be modified by after sales service. If a...
The 5s has touchID
The uptake of that API has been surprisingly low.And why aren't more people using touch id to log into their app?
It's not trustworthy in the non tech sense of the word.
 less than 50% of anything that could reasonably be considered a smart phone.I wouldn't bet on that 80% continuing either. Android could well implode because it's manufacturers are making no money and it really is a sullied brand, synonymous with cheap.
Producing a large screen phone with adequate 64-bit CPU and leading GPU processing power to drive it, and then giving it clearly differentiated features including Touch ID and Apple Pay as well as Continuity features that tie it into the Mac desktop, iPad and the upcoming Apple Watch, were all elements of a "thermonuclear" plan to strip Samsung of its Galaxy S and Note 4 profit engines.   Not really. The 64 bit came out last year and really isn't even mentioned in...
Although I haven't used it in production code myself the user forums for Devs would indicate that Swift is not really making dev lives easier, at least not yet.
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