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This new Apple TV will play games, run Apps, run your house via home kit etc. It won't be as dumb as modern smart TVs.
Apple like their margins. It could come subsidised with a contract with an ISP.
It won't be cheaper than $349 unless subsidised by IPs or other interested parties.
But they are not going to put an A8, new GPUS, and higher storage into a $69 device. So they either get rid of that or create a pro version.This will sound out of date in 5 years. Whether Apple produce a TV or not the very fact they will be emphasising 4k will help manufacturers build more TVs and IP providers to upsell more bandwidth. I have 10mbs at the moment. Suits my purposes until I visit somebody with a 60" 4K TV and 100Mbs connection vending his Apple TV content in...
I think they really like keeping engineering together. Might stay in IL.
Gosh. The older building was cosy. Most iphone and os X Devs were in one building as was/is johnny Ive. The new building - well people could spend their days walking to meetings.
That's the iShoe factory.
Pros wouldn't be buying a MB anyway but the question was about 17inch vs 15 inch. The 17, which I had, was awkward to impossible to use on trains. The 15 inch was better. When at home you can add an external.
I doubt if the market is really 20 times larger. I know the population is but Europe is still richer.
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