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What? They send their marketing dept out to sell? Sales is when actual humans go sell you something. That's not the same as designing a website or an advertising campaign.
This is marketing not sales. Plenty of surveys show that negative marketing doesn't appeal to the unconverted. Samsung fans will love these. Other people might go "Apple has a new large screened phone?"
Siri only? So we say "scroll up"
Surely the only way to sell a $1k -$2k watch is to guarantee updates. Or replacements.
I think if you can't tell the difference between Bono the person and U2 the company you should probably stop posting. Bono could evade tax by living elsewhere but he is in a very high personal tax regime.
Unless you are Irish Bono or U2's tax evasion isn't really your issue.Bono probably pays far more tax than he needs to as he declares tax residence in Ireland and doesn't have to.
Although there is no need for widgets iOS 8 does have them.
Fair enough and I agree. Just correcting the maths but not really your mistake.
Great band V3 with slightly derivative a songs by bobo, the ledge and the other two.
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