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There is no need for swift. There is no need for rossetta. There is no need for paying people to recompile. Devs recompile tens of times a day. Apples compilers will take existing ios code and run it on os x. That's how the simulator works. You can write significant chunks of common code into a fat static library and use those libraries on iOS and OSX already. Mach binaries can be fat binaries ( or for apps on the Mac store can strip out as needed.) See lipo
Always amused that there is a strong correlation between argument du sneer and not knowing your arse from your elbow
Let's all agree that. 1) the people on here who rubbished big screens -- many making the argument that Apple is always right -- were wrong. 2) the excuses for the 5C were incorrect. Cook said that the 6, not the 6+ was top seller this year. it looks like there wasn't a plan to sell fewer 5Cs last year. They miscalculated. Maybe on price.
Now that you've linked to people who agree with you there's no real comeback is there. I suppose we could link to people who disagree with you though. Let me think on that.
That argument would prohibit any discussion of Apple.It's does seem low. He's estimating the installed base of iPhones at 500m
It indicates a positive attitude to the results and will be where the stock starts tomorrow.
Yes that was incredibly clever. It basically made me get a 64 GB rather than a 32GB were that available.Annoying. But clever.
Childish. ( Also something you probably said when Apple was not producing big screens and people here opined it should).To get the same unit and revenue growth they need to really knock it out of the park next year. However the upgrade cycle this year was amplified by the move to a bigger screen. Can Apple sell 100m, mostly high end models, on the S cycle?
Well I can't see yoy revenue growth in that quarter again unless the watch takes off
Amazing quarter. Will they ever get that yoy growth again though in that Q? Maybe in unit sales but not in revenue i think as the big screen has been tried. That said he did say there were a lot of android switchers.
New Posts  All Forums: