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Yeah. No point complaining about how Apple stocks fall on news when we commentators on rumour sites add to the frenzy.Wish we could say more. Might just be better Siri.
I just hope the Gizmodo muppets don't steal anything.
 Well yes, I said that SQL is *mostly* a standard, not quite. Yes, there are no standard C++ APIs, but plenty of example code to talk to SQL database, a fairly common way of structuring data. The rest of your post is correct of course.
 Yes, but the language is not the framework. C++ is basically used in cross platform code to handle data manipulation and interactions with databases ( which are platform independent since SQL is mostly a standard).. I don't think too many people *even* use it for network api - those are possibly the same on UNIXEN but not guaranteed to work on Windows. To write a swift app which talks to the cocoa frameworks which is write once and run anywhere needs the compiler to...
Dick, bit off topic but there is good sample code on views for table views on the dev site. 
Bindings are a maintenance nightmare.
It isn't cross platform so it can't. It's tightly coupled with iOS and mac now and with the cocoa frameworks. Even if some of it were ported its hard to see the advantage over C#.
That said I don't think hybrid works either.
No that's me too. I bought the original iPhone and the original iPad. I have bought 2 new iPhones and 0 iPads. The iPad neither replaces my laptop at home nor the iPhone on commute. I don't use it for work, not even emails. Too slow to type. No quick way of showing different app windows at the same time. I can't imagine it ever replacing a laptop. Without significant changes. Even doing 80% of what you need - which I think is a high estimate - means you still need the...
What's all the claptrap about SIRI. Siri isn't an API, it has no SDK. It's a system feature. Nothing to do with the kind of fragmentation which affects devs.
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