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Not really true anymore. A lot of developers, except those programming for Windows only, use Macs. That includes the unix heads. But developers are a small subset of office staff and most office staff would need full computers, laptops etc.
Even Apple admit it is really a consumption device. Trucks and cars. Maybe Tim Cook comes into work and boots up the iPad Pro to send all his emails but most people will start a desktop device and start working on multiple screens, command tabbing between numerous applications, and using the mouse as a much finer grained inout device than a finger. And they will do it on larger screens than the iPad.  The cars, well iPads will replace laptops for some, but by no means all,...
Actually they are losing cash as well as retiring shares so prices don't necessarily go up.
Non compete agreements are very hard to enforce outside the US.
Oh yeah. You have to seperate his supply chain info from his predictions about dates and names etc.
Apple would know by now if there is a reluctance for people with older phones to upgrade. Also they can go cheaper than the 5C, relatively because the differentiator is now cheaper components and screen size.Or they might do a premium 4"
What you miss is he was the first to even mention force touch. I still take him seriously.
There's plenty of life in these kind of movies if they get Oscar nods.
Me, for one.
Really? I thought it was a different remote. Did you buy it through some British based online store (Amazon uk?).
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