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They don't pay that. That's the "effective tax rate". What they should pay. Or will sometime.I didn't reply to this childish post sooner because I was listening to the Q&A. Like an adult with an investment. Where tim was indicating that he was unhappy with "penetration" in enterprise for iPads. Hence the IBM deal.I doubt if they are happy with consumer tablets either but can't say yet. I expect that the recent upgrades weren't all that compelling - the iPad 2 was and is...
Spot on.
You are confusing guidance with expectations again.
Apple do not have zero bugs in radar when they release a build to developers saying "No known issues". They have no p1s and possibly no p2s. There will be thousands of lower priority bugs. Software is never finished.
If those products were released next quarter then the pent up demand would produce higher revenues ( and possibly lower margins). It looks like that isn't likely given Apples guidance. The other alternative is worse - new products and low guidance.
I wonder about tablets. I have my iPhone all the time. My laptop for work and home. The iPad tends to be in the corner. My sister loves hers though. I wonder is it really the post-PC era.
Yeah. Looks like no new products for most of the Q.That said it is a high range of $3B and $40B could mean the iPhone 6 debuts late Sept.
I really dispair at sharing a website with people who think *AppleInsider* is paid by Samsung. For ****'s sake.The headline says " expectations" not "guidance".
The iPad figures are worrying however. ( iPhone did well). Projections look like they may not release the new phones this quarter or very late in it.
When Apple say "No known issues" they mean "No known issues which we consider blockers". There are plenty of bugs in radar on any release, and they get working on the 10.x.1 release to fix them ( and any others which turn up after general release). Dark mode was presented in the keynote - and in the API - as a universal feature which you could use as part of your applications. They seem to be moving away from that now.
New Posts  All Forums: