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Anyway, another rumour from AppleInsider squashed by the AppleInsider rumour squashers at AppleInsider.
Or car accessories.
Tim. What did Apple's board tell you about posting on AppleInsider? Steve never did. Don't do it again.Em,no.Yes. If technology could disrupt the watch industry then digital watches would be the only watches available now. Clearly while smart phones are about technology, watches are about fashion and displays of wealth. The function - telling the time - can be done with a cheap $5 watch just as well. Or just use your phone. To convince people to put accessories on their...
If Apple wants to not look naff these companies know what to do. But how would a hybrid model work?
20k is a lot. Is it most of them.
He didn't generalise. He was just musing.I don't get the iPad replacing the laptop for a fair percentage of the population. It's a good consumption device. Not so great on production.
Judging by comments here, and my own anecdotal experience the Touch ID and better flash storage will really push upgrades. I'll send an email to Tim.
Nothing. I was elaborating on your point. And agreeing. Not everybody got what you meant.
Well I don't follow the analysts much. Maybe you are right and the headline is over gloomy. But no need to suggest payments by Samsung.
Yes. Over last years 4S.
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