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I don't think you understand who is likely to be accused of corruption here.Also please give the Bono thing a rest. He has only good things to say about you and is upset that your mutual friendship has cooled. Also he doesn't run Ireland.
There is a fair amount of stupidity in this thread. Apple is probably not going to move most of its workforce in Ireland, largely post sales and apple care, outside Europe for reasons which should be obvious. The import business probably can go anywhere unless that incurs fees. But that's not a notable employer.
The money isn't "earned" nor is value added where goods are sold. That's a recipe to destroy small nations and enrich bigger nation since bigger nations have bigger markets.Taxes should apply where value is added.Funny enough that irelands law admitted that. Since it treats a company as being domiciled where it's HQ is. The loophole was that the US sees Apple International as being based in Ireland because that's where Apple claims it is incorporated. If the US took...
Can't be in the EU.
Why would Ireland risk losing billions in wage taxes and thousands of jobs. In any case this law was drafted in Germany or Brussels and rubber stamped in Ireland. It's a compromise.The six years is to allow the EU to clamp down on all corporate malfeasance.
Luxembourg is being investigated by the EU, and has a higher corporate tax rate. At least if you ignore it's sweet heart deals. And it's VAT is under threat too.All EU countries are going to comply with stricter enforcement.
Why? Even if they pay 12.5% on "worldwide income" there will be little effect on their ever increasing cash. Unless they mess up some other way. It doesn't affect financial reports since that's all pre tax profits.
Once again I have to pop in to point out that tax rates in Ireland will still be low. Just not 2%.If they leave ( and where to?) it will be good riddance.
Someone would need to check their books. A loss in German retail sounds suspicious but could have been set up costs.However Apple are avoiding taxes at corporate both in Ireland and/or the US.
It's retail competitors. As in the competitors to Apples retail division.Look. If the price to Apple retail in Germany of an iPhone is €450 and it's sold for €500 apple retail owes taxes on the profits garnered from the local revenue if any.It can be transfer pricing but only if the €450 is higher than the wholesale price charged to other retail stores selling the iPhone. That would be charging to Ireland revenue which would otherwise be taxed in Germany.If however Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: