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If the stores aren't important anymore why the vast sums spent on Angela?
No. But you felt the need to pretty much quote everybody who disagreed with Apple.The problem with the statement that Apple knows best is that it is unfalsifiable. If Apple were to release a 4Gb RAM phone you would also be correct. It also tries to thwart debate. Treats people like children.Everybody here who thinks 1GB is not enough is a consumer. They know their own experiences. What Apple thinks it knows, or how it balances costs vs expectations, will remain a mystery....
String and NSURL.Swift isn't really ready yet. They are going to keep changing it post beta.
There has been talk about that on the dev forums. Seems to be iCloud related. 
However the 9th is not the launch date, it's about 2 weeks later and in general the GM is that date.
Seems too early. Way too early.
 More memory will benefit everybody. It seems a waste of a 64 bit chip to not try and beat Android, now where Apple has the chance.  I don't care if they charged more, they do that for flash. 
ITs not practical because of the size of the flash drive.
Happy Yueltide. Bit more paganistic.
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