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I really think they need to just rewrite their wifi drivers. Apple has no real excPlenty of pro-Apple bloggers and podcasters have been making that point. Releasing to a hardware schedule isn't going to guarantee quality.
This patent is just for the UI. When maps was introduced Scott Forstall said there was an API to allow 3rd party apps to add content and transit information to the maps app. That died a death.
Fact is ios android and windows and maybe blackberry are here to stay.
Oh. How the tables have turned. If windows phone OS market share is a bloodbath where is the Mac?
It's equal to ios in some markets ( well iPhones)
Yes, a disasterous experiment. The Euro.
 Blame the stuff you don't like? The Euro is over-valued if anything, without the Euro most European currencies would decline in fact. 
Lots of naysayers here. People what don't believe the stats.    I can see keyboard driven devices as being more useful than an iPad at the moment. Some of Apple's productivity suites are coming along, and there is office of course, and the IBM alliance. However Apple needs specific and free education applications. 
It's funny that a semi-rational ( within it's own universe) explanation of how the force works causes so much grief. It's still a bit mystical -- the force itself isn't explained, just people's propensity to be able to use it.
Where are your atheists now Dawkins?
New Posts  All Forums: