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A remarkably economically illiterate piece from the WSJ. It's possible Apple Germany retail made a loss. However that piece seems to suggest that if an iPhone is sold in Germany all revenues should be booked to apples retail division there. That's never the case in for any good which is exported.It would only be transfer pricing if the cost to Apple retail were higher than the cost to its competitors.
Got a link for that?
That's Apple not paying tax in Ireland. It doesn't owe anything but taxes on profits in the retail sales in its own stores in Germany.
There is a EU case against Ireland ( I meant to say) re: Apple. The US was a hearing. I should have said "claims".
But that is in fact absolutely correct and moral behavior. It would be illegal to charge more to Apple retail than other retails, but it doesn't look like Apple is doing that. Its totally incorrect to say that Apple are moving profits to Ireland, all cases against Apple are that they are not paying tax in Ireland ( EU) or America (US Senate). 
I didn't say it was 12.5% on Apple's revenue but that they would be paying to Revenue. Which is the Irish IRS. 
No there is a double taxation agreement, as there is for US corporations. The senate committee got that totally wrong. It can be argued that tax should be paid where IP is generated but that is not now international law. The Senate accused Apple of avoiding tax in the US by avoiding tax in Europe, in fact Apple owes more back tax to the US because of it's low tax payments in Ireland. This is what they mean by their "effective tax rate" on all conference calls. Its about...
The best thing the EU should do if it wants to survice Yes, and of course just being there. The stickiness of having sunk capital and a workforce in a place. Apparently the workforce in Cork is about 50% non-Irish so it could theoretically go anywhere but the exodus in the EU is East West and South North not the other way around. Everybody thinks lower wages matter but not if you are attracting people from anywhere. Not that I would complain about Spain. I'd prefer Spain...
Assuming Apple want to be in Europe I don't forsee any exodus from Ireland, unless other costs in Ireland are too onerous. Apple just now have to pay 12.5% to the Irish revenue, rather than 20+% elsewhere in Europe. This doesn't stop that. 
These are the kind of bugs that many users won't see but will nevertheless affect tens or hundreds of thousands and enterprise users.It's probably a violation of my NDA to be specific but the forums have lots of network and stability bugs. Very few people are complaining about widget order although no doubt that exists.Why the obsession with a release date from some? you can download the latest bits right now and out them on a partition. A release will automatically d/l to...
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