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Hmm. The hacker guy wanted a lockout - but I think Apple have a timeout, which is better. Nobody wants to be locked out for ever.
No he said that they did get back to him.
She's Mac OS X program manager.
That's how I live. But it's not an excuse. If you release an os it needs testing.Actually why wasn't 8.1 released to devs ?
So. Dearest Apple. I know you watch these forums. Or fora if you are a Latin scholar. When you release the iPhone put iOS X.n on it. Where X is the present release for everybody. Where the .n adds the new functionality for that phone if needed. Then spend a month on iOS Y. Y is 1 major release greater than X which also contains the stuff in X.n. Test the bejesus of that and release when ready.
First time I even noticed a post by you. Hey. Disagree in future feel free to quote and reply.That's what we are here for.
A major problem is the decision to couple hardware and software release cycles. That causes software to be cut early. Then the update is rushed.Result. Misery.
I think you are wrong about Cook = Sculley.Apple is far more innovative now than then.However Cook does mess up in execution. Too much.
Despite what people think Apple users are not total defenders of Apple. Generally the attacks - maps, attennagate, bendy gate are unfair or experienced by few or none.This is serious stuff.
How would it be to stage upgrades to one city or to apple employees. For a few days. World wide.
New Posts  All Forums: