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I really can't get excited either way. If a cross platform Google driven beacon protocol wins it won't affect Apple in the slightest.
Ibeacon technology shouldn't have been closed to begin with.
Your 6C is therefore a 6 in plastic? And that will stop cannibalisation how? I think the C days died with the 5C. It also demands lots of reworking as opposed to selling what you have already.
Yes, there's probably no need for a mid range device (by world standards) in the U.S.However even this year the iPhone 6, free on contract, could be disruptive.
Actually liking the company but not investing in it should make people value market share over profits, obviously not at the cost of quality. Particularly since this is a platform. My bold prediction - both the Mac and iOS will be 30% worldwide in 5-10 years of their respective markets. I don't believe that companies not making money tend to stay in the game long term except for vanity projects for large conglomerates. The Chinese manufacturers are all chasing share to...
Extraordinary differences between Gardner and IDC there. When's apples numbers?
These estimates are nearly always underestimates. Taking the report here the 16% yoy is excellent. If that keeps up apple is at a tipping point with the Mac and it may become a serious player in the industry. Again. If the new MacBook gets a price reduction with the same form factor ( or they sell last years model a la the iPhone) it could be mega.
This is all true. We can't tell anything about the success of the watch until later generations and apple can, like Microsoft used to, afford to wait.
Technical glitch.
A word or two of caution. the 90 m is plucked out of someone's arse. Supply chain experts might be able to predict or get data on phones at launch but not this. It's too far away and there's no way that Apple would order, pre-order or mention 90M to any one supplier. They'll be told how many are expected in the first month and to be able to ramp up. After that Apple will judge the market and build more as needed. AI used to be more sceptical
New Posts  All Forums: