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It's really an argument you can't win. Because clearly the data requirements of modern phones are getting greater as everything downloadable gets bigger.People buy at a price point, that doesn't mean they don't need more memory in day to day usage. You are basically saying that people "need" whatever they buy or they would have bought more, but since that argument could be used for any amount of available space you could make it if Apple introduced a 2GB base model at the...
PMZ is ignoring any arguments against his position and is treating iPhone users as feature phone users. In fact you just have to look at iTunes/App Store expenditure to see people are paying for more stuff each year, along with the free stuff. And the cameras take higher resolution pictures, apps cZche more local data, games are trending towards 1G.So no 16G isn't much.
 If Steve Jobs were alive we would have a 2" phone and a 28" mac book air.
It really isn't enough for most, the OS and the increase in camera resolution are eating into the available space. Then Apple is pushing HD movies, and the email client is caching more stuff. Basically you can't download much on a 16G.
This leak suggests that it is getting longer ( mostly) not wider to any degree. Personally I think that is a mistake. It looks like Apple does think that one handed use is very common. 
 I have used 12.3 G as of this morning and have 1G left. Even when I go to storage I can't really see where the 12.3G is going to, the biggest app is 1G, the photos take up a mere 436M  - and the photos app is the 4th biggest culprit for space. I don't take videos. There is one TV show downloaded. The rest is all long tail.  Clearly not enough. The next video I want to download will require shuffling stuff around, and deleting.
It matters for Apple's bottom line that people do it more frequently however.
 I have no idea why you think those are real prices.  I expect if they raise the prices on the top models that the lower models ( like the 5C) will fall below $300 off contract.
My guess is that the lower end phones will be significantly reduced to offset this.
Apple's own API are not affected. That's what they mean. But OpenSSL is available and can be used by certain apps.
New Posts  All Forums: