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Can you rephrase in English?
He's not baiting at all. You are opposed to the class settlement awarded to apple employees and others in a deliberate suppression of their wages but get angry when executive wage levels are criticised.
He's the creator of his own wealth. Not a manager of it.That's exactly where this analogy fails. I don't understand american sport so I'll stick with soccer.The best player in the world at the moment and maybe of all time is Messi ( Ronaldo is also one of the greats, just to avoid arguments) There are continuous rumours of him going to the premiership for up to 70M euro. If so he will - unless plagued by injury -- massively increase their profits by scoring and aiding...
So why isn't that salary. Is it triggered by certain conditions.I don't buy this "to get the best executives you pay the highest wages". Apple pays the normal (or below) Silicon Valley wages to get the best engineers because the best want to work there. It's paying out in a class action suit where it illegally held wages down by not competing for non-executives.Nor do I get that executives are 10 times more efficient than they used to be. None of this makes even free...
What's the non-equity incentive payments?
I'm a long term shareholder. I don't believe in massive salaries for executives ( are they really so much better than a decade ago?) and if you are getting well paid buy your own damn holiday.
Options are not the same as restricted stock.
Really?Why isn't that paid for out of his own salary.
She is making off like s bandit.These are obscene figures. Consider what apple execs made until 2004. Bertrand etc. Nothing like this and more valuable than most mentioned here.I wonder what Cook thinks that Angela is going to bring to the table worth that amount of compensation.
Apparantly you are.How do we know this isn't a conspiracy?Because Apple are producing fixes and asking people to concentrate on wifi, Bluetooth and Mail.Unless.... Unless they are on on it! Apple is run by anti-Apple conspirators!!!
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