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There really is no such thing as plenty of data capacity. The cloud storage worldwide is growing exponentially. This might answer some of the icloud critics.
Apple are missing a trick by not hiring you as a evangelist.
Maybe he wasn't in a foetal position but was just making a fairly sane point. While software always has bugs it should never be so buggy as to be unusable.
I just think copy and paste is broken on all iOS devices. I try not to use it. If I was responding to your post on a Mac i would edit it but since this is an iPhone its just impossible.Back to software quality. I'm on iOS 8.1.3 which is as solid as a rock (for me). If Apple released software as solid as its .1 releases then all would be fine and dandy. Unfortunately it's locked to a hardware schedule and I don't think that works. The .0 releases are buggy.
The right compiler? How's my do you think there are. Xcode has one default compiler.If people have been using some 3rd party framework to generate native code that might be a problem; hiweber Unity et al can handle cross platform already.
NoIt's just how memory is managed.
@durandal1707 I'm in general agreement. However porting to arm is hardly the chore you claim. Theoretically it's a recompile.
Which is an answer to a question I didn't ask.
BF asked a simple question. The answer is simple. The "dot" isn't a decimal place. You could make that point without recourse to nastiness.
Are computers just sold to developers now?
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