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That does look good. I don't think I ever used the contacts on top so no loss there.
Watchkit was a clear placeholder. The original watch os is no doubt getting a major under the hood rewrite and do the new native SDK should run pretty well. Q
A different thing to not have a functional app at all.You've moved your own goalposts there by saying 10 seconds or less is acceptable. I'd find 2 seconds slow.
Apple doesn't work on a technology as significant as this to make like easier for one more year of users. In fact it clearly benefits as users. Once all apps update we can expect fairly huge savings particularly in games.It's future proofing. Games can shave off 50% or more so they can add more resources and code overall.
Well you're both wrong. You can't transfer everything from an iPhone to Android because of the sandboxing of apps. You can transfer non DRM music and videos, contacts and photos. Not wallpaper, apps, or documents. android can transfer more to the iPhone. Edit : although apparently they are using a Mac to read the iTunes database.
I presume that when the Beats 1 radio is playing the tracks being played are shown in the UI and can be saved to a playlist?
Actually the money often goes to new signings, which is why we need this model. The successful subsidise the unsuccessful, or the search for new talent. Thats essential. I am sure the executives are making off like bandits, thats American capitalism, but I don't think they are making excessive profits. 
Labels are specialised venture capitalists. They give you money to make money. Many of their projects will fail, the few that succeed make their profit. They also have distribution and marketing arms but that's just a side to the main business ( most people think it's the main business). It's possible to make it big without labels,  but most artists need capital to make their album, and the labels hope to make a return on it, just as startups need venture capital in most...
Firstly it's hard to see why anybody would think the Labels would be worried by getting more money from a streaming service. The reason the Music App will take off is because it has the advantage of being on about 500M devices to begin with, and you only need to convert a small enough percentage of that base to paid ( via the free sample) and you are in. The labels will be getting more money. I mean if the labels and artists collapse, then Apple has no music. Apples been...
Maybe people like quality. Nothing strange about that.It's fairly simple to explain Apples potential, to use spotify you have to actively search for it. To use a free trial of the music streamlining on iOS you just have to launch Music and then you get it.
New Posts  All Forums: