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This assumed cheaper phone probably isn't primarily aimed at the US. In any case the upgrade program runs all year. Although apples holiday Q1 is the largest single quarter, still a minority of all consumers across the year buy in that quarter. And Apples upgrade program is by and large just replacing existing carrier plans.Also if Apple thinks there's a market for smaller devices the market includes, as well as the price conscious, existing users with a 4/S or 5/s who...
A new cheap(er) phone doesn't need an OS release. Decoupling the software and hardware releases would be a good thing.
Only in the US.
No. It will be cheaper than the iPhone 6.Please don't say "cheaper than free?"It's also likely to come out early 2016, before the 7 if this reports accurate.
He's clearly wondering about the other stats that contradict these figures, Internet usage, revenue etc.
I would dispute most of that. Firstly the cost of the Mac and iOS developer licence should be less than a few hours contracting. Maybe two. Xcode is free and I'm surprised to hear anybody think it much worse than Android Studio, though it's not perfect. And if you are developing for both iOS and Android your best option is a Mac. The savings are – you just need one machine.As a developer who is contracted just to develop you probably don't see all the costs of testing. It...
Barely functional then. If they are trying to replicate the third world experience it can't be high or mid level phones but the very low end, and for day to day corporate use those phones are worthless.Which is why I think it will be second phones.
Every time I see a billionaire accused of being a socialist I do a quick internet search to see if they believe the government should own the "commanding heights of the economy" and I never do find that.
Once again. There is no need to do this with people's corporate (and possibly only) phone. Everything you have said about testing and dog food is trivially true but it doesn't mean that you penalise some employees (but not all) with a non-functional or barely functional work device if that is in fact their main work or work/home device. Or overburden the IT dept with unserviceable and non-upgradable devices, a clear security risk.Give the product team a second crap android...
Your cause and effect arguments are quite data free. Except the second one.
New Posts  All Forums: