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I think you're replying to me. I said in my original post that iOS's 20% was misleading because of android fragmentation, Apples lead in America, in enterprise and its high end base.However platform still matters so the car analogy doesn't work (nor is the iPhone luxury in the same sense as a Mercedes Benz) and those of you who talk about android fragmentation and how that 80% isn't really the same as a more useful engaged 20% are both stating the obvious and admitting...
India is similar for now. A client we have in India is android first. iOS there is about as popular as windows phone worldwide.The size of the market matters.
What Cook if he were working at Starbucks or the typical Starbucks employee?I'm not buying the latter statement at all. Or either.
The fragmentation matters to developers ( and I mentioned that), so does the fact that iOS is high end ( and I mentioned that), but Apples profits don't matter to developers except that it's not likely to disappear.
That creative thing isn't true. Windows is used there too And it's one or two companies who need developers for that. Adobe. A few others.I have plied my trade in Mac and windows development so I know the score. I now do iOS and Mac as a tech manager and we can't recruit Mac devs because there aren't any. There aren't any because of a chicken and egg situation where people don't do it because no jobs. It's next to impossible to convince internal iOS devs to do Mac too.
I have no idea why text based web sites need that app. General "we need an app" groupthink? Or are mobile apps stickier?
It's not actually what developers look at, since we don't have bedroom developers of any significance anymore. Managers in companies have to decide who or what to develop for and what mobile experts to hire. If an OS is 10% (and all things being equal) there will be fewer applications being produced first, or even at all for the lesser platform. iOS is still the favoured OS at 20% partially because all things are not equal ( iOS owners buy more stuff), partially because...
It probably needs to be 20%, and 50% of the high end, to dominate developer mindshare. As it does now.Apple does care about market share, they mention it when doing well. And unlike IDC I can see Apple continuing to grow as Android commoditises.The android market can't continue with thousands of loss making devices. However there are very few candidates for apple competitors if Apple does go mid market.
That's an android fantasy of what iOS should be.
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