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I doubt if the market is really 20 times larger. I know the population is but Europe is still richer.
Yes. This is a mobile (as opposed to a portable) device. It will over time come down in price ( the air is clearly on the way out) until at its entry level it will be at parity or $100 more expensive than the top level ipad. Apple has got to be looking at the Mac and iPad market and seeing that the Mac is growing while the iPad is not. This is totally a consumer device not a prosumer device. And just like an iPad it doesn't need a USB cable nor a HDMI cable. The MBP is...
Also the 17" just did not fit on british trains.
Lol. I now use my company supplied iMac but when I was contracting I had a 17" until it was stolen. Then I had a 15". For the times you need to work in transit the difference between a 17" and a 15" isnt all that spectacular and for the most part you can connect to externals.Look. If the 17" MBP was so essential to the mobile professionals that they always bought it then it wouldn't have been discontinued. Apparantly not. Many people bought the 15". Very few bought the...
Apple is always removing old and unused technology. People always get mad. Then they buy it anyway.
Of course you poisoned the well by saying we should ignore the pro options that have lots of ports.As for the 17inch. If Apple were selling those at a decent rate when they had them they wouldn't have got rid. Clearly they weren't.Pro tip you can attach an external monitor.
I don't know where you got those figures. I know that in the recent conference calls they were "pleased" with the product mix which brought in higher margins. in any case if 10M is true its just 13% of the 73M in that last Q and I bet the entry level phones were higher percentage wise in previous years, even the 5C.
You are not really capable of reading and understanding at the same time, huh. I said nothing in my post ( nor have most of the people who responded to you ) about the entry machine being a bad deal for customers. I said the 16G is designed to upsell the 64G to make the higher margins you are so concerned about.
Release dates will be the last string added.
There'a a story in one of the pop economics books about how bread machines weren't selling when they came on the market. Basically nobody knew if they were worth the price or not. There was one model which cost ( if I recall correctly) $349. So the manufacturers produced a gimped model -- which could bake a half loaf -- at $239. The top model cost $439. Slightly more bells and whistles. Result -- the middle priced machine flew of the shelves. This is Apple's strategy...
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