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Cue's presentation was extremely unfocused compare to the rest of the demos. Everything else was sharp, he was playing music. I think it will do well. The Siri integration looks cool, particularly playing songs or charts from a different era.
There is no 30% cut because Netflix don't want to pay it.
Verizon have an app to do this, and AT&T. Lots out there, but nice to see apple get onboard. The apps idea is new.
Sounds like feudalism.
Yes. Most of the commentators here seem to forget that simple fact with their inane witherings about how Apple hosts everything. Obviously Netflix hosts its own content and even handles fufillment.
Why would the promo matter to the industry. U2 and the label were paid
In the Yahoo weather app, which is pretty good, the main weather screen per location has Flickr photos. I suppose, since the Flickr terms are similar to google, that these are not paid for even though they say copyright the owner and Flickr on the bottom. That said why would somebody refuse? This is a bit of a nerd-storm. My guess is many photographers wouldn't mind their non-personal landscape photoography getting used in advertising or in apps.
They have a vast sales team. Of course they pitch to big potential clients.
Maybe. Maybe not. Flickr/Yahoo seems to use uploaded content in its weather app. I don't know if it asks permission.In general with regards the mobile OS wars I think we are seeing one of Steve Jobs' mantras come true. "We control the whole widget". He said that even in the days of desktop computers where it was less important. In mobiles it's essential. Not only do Google not have the ability to force manufacturers to update to the latest OS in a timely manner ( something...
Bookerly is very readable.
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