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Release dates will be the last string added.
There'a a story in one of the pop economics books about how bread machines weren't selling when they came on the market. Basically nobody knew if they were worth the price or not. There was one model which cost ( if I recall correctly) $349. So the manufacturers produced a gimped model -- which could bake a half loaf -- at $239. The top model cost $439. Slightly more bells and whistles. Result -- the middle priced machine flew of the shelves. This is Apple's strategy...
Yeah. Well Apple need to get other web services up to scratch before they try the search.
I am going to try DDG. In general with bing and yahoo I feel I am missing results. DDG seems good so far though ( 10 minutes testing).
I found the Isaacson book dreary. This sounds interesting.
Oh for the love of frick. I tend to defend apple fans against claims of cultish behaviour but it's definitely out there.All we know about Lynch is that he ran a team at Adobe. We can't judge him until the product is released ( and it's clearly behind schedule).At the risk of being accused of fetishing Jobs I don't think he would have made this hire and he was brilliant at choosing who to hire and who to ignore. But then he wouldn't have fired Forstall either ( who really...
Dude I write in proper languages for a living.Flash is non-performant. It doesn't work even now on mobile devices because it stinks. It might be "easier to program" than CSS/HTML but it's a resource hog.
"Jobs lover". What's this AndroidInsider 2010.If flash couldn't run in mobile devices - unlike that subset of OSX called iOS - it's clearly inefficient. As it is in my browser.
Oh you can climb the managerial ladder without much knowledge of software. And flash was always shite. It never was improved.We'll see. ( unlike you I am not going to say this watch is a success software wise until it proves it).
Yeah. I still don't understand the hiring of Lynch.
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