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Fishes and rotting from top. Etc.
Heads should roll. Not devs. Head of test. If they have one.
True. However last year it was hard to convince people that the 5C was probably not selling through.Apple pretty much choose their own stats this weekend. They knew they were going to sell 10M to channel but couldn't have been 100% of 100% sell through. If they were braver they could have sold more. Impressive all the same.
They can't really test with proprietary technology.
Apple is playing a very smart game here. They probably have specced out hardware improvements for a decade but are using the software team and the CPU team to eke out what they can now in lower specced machines. Mobile chips can only go so fast or have so many cores or have so much RAM and android machines will reach that limit pretty soon. Apple will stay competitive in benchmarks in that time and then give itself the extra hardware to blast past the competition while...
Munster is correct. Last year it looks like the iPhone 5C didn't sell out. Reducing sell in the next month. That wasn't the plan either. It might explain the abscence of a 6C.
Are you hoping to get rid of all public sector jobs or just make them so badly paid nobody would do them? Your article came to the wrong conclusion despite presenting the facts clearly enough. The problem for middle class private sector America isn't the public sector unions but the lack of private sector unions. It kinda even admits that. And then goes on to wish the destruction of the only sizeable middle class left.
I was merely quoting from an article which you linked which, clearly, bemoans the very existence of a middle class of "janitors to jailers" comparing them unfavourably to the decline of the private sector middle class. It's apparantly supportative of that decline and wishes it to spread to more workers.
Indeed. From that article.The rise of government-worker unionism has also combined with the broader transformation of the American economy to produce a sharp divergence between public- and private-sector employment. In today's public sector, good pay, generous benefits, and job security make possible a stable middle-class existence for nearly everyone from janitors to jailors. In the private economy, meanwhile, cutthroat competition, increased income inequality, and...
All we know is an iPhone has chips fabbed by TSMC. Not all of them.
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