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It's probably just a recession not a revolution. The EU is led by donkeys.
All Apple Watch models.I suspect what slice is showing is true for the U.S. market at least. I also think it won't matter to Apple who are powerful enough now to not need a blockbuster product on first release but can get there over time.
This is unbecoming for people who supported Apple when it was 2% of the PC market, like me. A niche product can survive in many cases.And since windows phone is competing with android phones for the low end why would we care.
Windows is ahead of iOS in some markets. Personally I think it could be competitive with Apple long term, but I think that Android has peaked, and is an anti-brand.   My sister calls her phone her "cheap Android crap" but is, as yet, not impressed with iPhone prices although she loves her iPad.  On the other hand anybody who jumps to iOS tends to stick.
Surely it's going to include the iPhone?
Lots of songs they are playing, Julie in particular are not in the library. Probably not in any library.
Unless jobs is portrayed as a monk it won't be acceptable to everybody.
I liked the trailer. There I said it. I hope however it goes onto to the older more relaxed jobs.
It will go through his life, upto the iPad announcement. The whole point of these conversations that didn't happen is to explain the plot to those who know nothing. Woz probably didn't ask jobs what exactly he did, but somebody probably did.
It's pretty hard to change that format. DJ talks, plays music, interviews guests.Beats is just a start and if works they'll have localised radio stations, genre stations and so on. The idea is that if you like a song you can add it to a playlist.Zane's stuff isn't always available to stream but I suppose they can't really limit.Excellent work by Apple, try out Siri integration everybody. Compared to the abortion that was iTunes Radio this is utterly brilliant.
New Posts  All Forums: