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Surely the email was always meant to be public. I wouldn't be too sure that ever email sent by apple management is vetted, however. Jobs wasn't very careful.
Bannings are not what they used to be.
You generally accumulate infractions -- a points system. Go over an amount and you are banned temporarily.
How can that even happen with so many shares in trade?
He may not have to worry about self banning
Odd. If that happened it happened so fast that the graphs couldn't graph it. I was eyeballing my stocks app and, since that comes from yahoo, here's the equivalent.http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=aapl+InteractiveIt does say today's ( and the 52 week) low was $92 but it seems to start at $95 in the graph and go up from there
AAPL starter the day at $96 and zoomed up from there
Whether it's this port or not. Whether this is feasible in this generation or not, Apple would be mad to not look into additional functionality and sensors in the band, and creating some standard for other manufacturers.
The problem with machines is they are stupid. If I don't like tomato, which I don't, it's a trivial task to ask a human to not add it, less so with the machine.We've had machines replacing or augmenting some jobs in the service industry for decades. In general these are either the simplest of tasks (ATM, Vending machines) but even there we still have human tellers and shop assistants, or the machines need human input ( self service cashiers). The latter is just making the...
Genetics have little or nothing to do with culture.
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