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Or the iPad Newton. Which preceded the palm pilot.
I thought the 5C should have been cheaper. But it served it's purpose and who knows what they will do this year. The tablet market has been disappointing for a while but I think it will motor along but not make huge strides beyond it's market now unless someone fixes copy and paste.Apple Pay will be a success. And open new revenue streams and apps. I bet the new Beats products will be big. And they must be doing something with prime sense.Lots more arrows in the quiver.Oh...
The hysteria is amazing all right.An analyst suggests Apple will have an optional accessory and all hell breaks loose. Apple is doomed.
He's right.
What you are describing we already have at least in the sense that back end code is shared.If you think however that ios and OS x SDK will be merged at the Appkit/UIKit level I think you don't understand the challenges involved or are not articulating what you understand very well.
The simulator isn't an emulator and there would be no need for a VM, just a recompile. Its possible that an app designed for the iPad 12" in landscape mode and the Air 12" would work in full screen. But the vast majority of iPad/iPhone apps won't scale to a full screen because there would just be too much space. Imagine a 27" iMac. The typical list view wouldn't work, right and left toolbar buttons would be too far apart. At least on any decent sized monitor. So my guess...
While all that is theoretically true, the mixture of OS X apps ( with access to the file system) and iOS apps (without that ability to save anywhere) as well as the differences between how the UI and UX would be a nightmare. I can see two modes maybe: an extension of what we have already with the launchPad ( which looks like an iOS style layout). In there you could have a tab on top which shows either iOS or OS X apps. Launching an iOS app will show it as an iOS type app -...
1000 is way too much. And as has been pointed out swift adds nothing to portability.Can people stop opining on what they don't understand.
Meaningless response.
The iPad certainly needs a keyboard for enterprise use. Text selection and copying and pasting is a mess right now.
New Posts  All Forums: