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It's not 1880 and I'm typing this on a qwerty keyboard. Albeit a virtual one.A desktop class device has a mouse input. Tablets are driven by touch. Notice that Apple is selling a keyboard but not a mouse with the iPad pro.
Because the mouse and keyboard are the future of desktop.
This was in response to me pointing out that Apple continue to diversify their OS offerings including 2 this year. Watch OS and TV OS. I know people see what they want to see but clearly Apple is not going down the monolithic one OS runs on everything route.It really doesn't take a lot of work. Any properly written app would take a recompile and most App Store apps wouldn't even need that.My last post about the apple bit code got lost I see. Here's what Apple says in the...
They already share lots in common ( SDK wise) from the entire foundation layer, SpriteKit, scene kit and more. You can share code between OS X and iOS already and there are sample apps to do that.That doesn't make iOS = OSX or TV OS = iOS. If Apple wanted to go the MS route it would just have merged these sdks to begin with. They didn't. They have differentiated them for a reason.From the user perspective the differences between iOS and OS X are the existence of multiple...
OS X is not going anyway although it may run on different chips. If Apple wanted to merge OSes they would have called Apple TV and Watch OS iOS and released one SDK. Integrating is not what they are doing.
Not that Intel will go away. The bit code can be compiled to either binary -- ARM or Intel -- by the App Store and the result made available for download on either machine. Intel will stay because of Windows compatibility and the power of their top end chips.
Do people assume that Adobe doesn't use the Cocoa frameworks? I'm pretty sure they rewrote that years ago. If there are ARM processors for the lower end macs the developers, in theory ( and by and large in practice) can just compile to a FAT binary. In fact Apple is encouraging, but not yet demanding outside watchOS, that devs compile their apps in llvm bit code and upload that to the App Store. Since Apple thinks strategically these days ( see auto layout coming a few...
That would reduce revenue.
You always win a list war if you control the list.
New Posts  All Forums: