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Yeah. I'm in the 4S camp. Been out of contract for a year but decided to skip the 5S.
I have no idea why anybody criticised your grammar to begin with. Just ignore them.
This thread is surely only to debate the present article.DED doesn't really prove anything in these articles, one way or the other. He's not giving a scientific opinion. In this article he is claiming that google 2014 and MS 2014 = Apple 1994. Which gives them a few years until they almost go bankrupt, then comes along a saviour?This kind of equivalence is polemic. The past is not prelude. Apple had far fewer irons in the fire in 1994 than google or MS do now, a much less...
He could do with an editor. And he hasn't really proven that MS are in the same position as Apple 1994. These kind of comparisons across times make little or no sense. If Apple take the enterprise market in tablets - which is happening - and if tablets replace laptops, which is not, MS can still sell office for iOS. The subscription model is yearly. The cost is higher than the wholesale cost of windows. Apple also make their 30%. Google may hit the wall sooner than MS as...
Swift isn't written in java.
I doubt they have much up and running yet. There are no obvious job openings in IBM for iOS developers.
And you'll see why 1984 won't be like 1984. Instead 2014 is where we're hoping to be like 1984.
The reaction to analysts depends on the news. It might be a good idea to release at least one model in March anyway. To balance the year and get production ramped up before Christmas.
As others have pointed out a single app is very likely to be multithreaded these days particularly with Apples GCD technology. iOS will benefit more than most from multiple cores.
That video tells me nothing about anything. Could be an Apple part with Sapphire. Could be an Apple part with Gorrilla. Could be a google phone part with neither. Could be a piece of plastic the video maker put together himself.
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