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The term "overpriced" is subjective. If Apple can sell t those prices they are orderly priced.
Yeh. No need for the average employee to be burdened with a crap phone for that though
It is actual a strange decision because he seems to be mandating that the affected employees switch their corporate phone. Testing old phones is what testing groups are for. And devs of course, but in that case giving each (Android) developer a cheap android phone as well as a corporate phone. As for the rest of the staff, dont piss then off with $50 phones they need to use as a primary device.
It's also a subjective opinion.
U2. Hated since 1983. Loved since 1983. I found that app very interesting. I was wondering what was so special until I started moving the device.
The director of Adeles video said he used flip phones as smart phones tend to "remind us too much of the real world". Whatever dude. I'm not necessarily a fan, normally, of big ballads but she's talented as f*ck. Great vocals. Impressive song writing skillz. Popular across age groups. Would be a good catch for Apple.
This is what Apple meant by the future of TV is apps. There is no need for content deals if the content comes to you.
I don't think they see both AWS and Azure as monopolies, they see huge growth there.
I am giving the analyst reasoning. Cook got in the 7% currency in an answer ( it's not in the formal transcript) and subsequently the next question was about how Apple anticipated revenue growth post Q1, that is post this once off headwind. Of course Cook can't be specific, or even have the numbers on that yet.
Yes I did. But that number is apple's internal figure which analysts can't really verify. It's specifically why the analysts asked about the next quarter, and currency hedging. They want to know if cook would say that this headwind was a once off or not.of course he can't really say.
New Posts  All Forums: