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These guys are total spoofers. Firstly the bug was noticed by the open source devs at AFNetworking a month before. They've announced a vulnerability before devs can get a patch out. Spoofers and con men.
I never sign up to iCloud on setup. I can access that stuff later. Apple seem to be doing two amateur programming errors here: a network call that never times out ( you have to go out of your way) and one which seems to lock the main thread.
No it doesn't. I'm afraid you don't understand either English or logic.Didn't I have you on ignore?
VS is better and Xcode is pretty good when it works. My "snarky" comment refers to the frustrations about its cycle of stability and instability. It was super robust until 4.0 and then has gone in cycles of full and point releases regressing and stabilising. Rinse and repeat.6.2 was good.
I doubt you can read because I didn't say a thing about swift.I've been using Xcode since it wasn't Xcode.
That's a longer way of saying "be great when it's finished".
Xcode. Be great when it's finished.
I wonder how they got to 1 million. This was introduced in AFNetworking 2.5.1 and fixed in 2.5.2.
You are expecting a fairly spectacular y-o-y drop in the holiday quarter. I'd be surprised. They are probably hoping 80m-100m units. I think there will be a reintroduced 4" for poorer markets.
That's just a click bait blog. Badly written, no research, ridiculous conclusions.He's not an analyst though.
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