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I stand corrected. Utterly stupid to call an entire half continent an ethnic group regardless of race. And include some Europeans. And other parts of the world colonised by Spain.I will respond to this outrage by calling all English speaking countries from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Guyana, India, Jamacia etc. Hanglos and insist it is one ethnic group.
It's not looking good for wearables is it? Not for September anyways, not for a release. Might still be mentioned and out in November.
I can see! said the blind man, as he picked up his hammer and saw.
But "they" don't include the Spanish who would be marked as white, not Hispanic white, in the American census but does include anybody from South America regardless of lineage.It's a ridiculous term and only used in North America. Somebody who travelled to Europe who was a "Hispanic white" is just white. That's it. ( So the idea that whites will be a minority in the US is suspect or at least just definitional). I understand, however, that central Anerica is more...
This is definitely happening, and Apple need to protect their brand by admitting it.
White Hispanic is fine. I would just say white for people of European descent who immigrate to the US from south or Central America. But if Hispanic is to be used then white Hispanic is ok.
Latino is such a strange term. It excludes Italians.
Ethnic group is a subset of race. A German ethnic is a white European. A Chinese ethic is Asian.It then can't also be used to describe national cultures particularly for colonial groups. Calling everybody in panama an ethnic group because of a shared culture is like calling everybody, regardless of race, in the US an ethnic group because of a shared culture.
It's the term Hispanic I was complaining about. I agree that Panama has a unique culture but the term I would use is "national" not ethnic. The US is diverse but also has a dominant national culture. Canada is similar and they both can be called North American. A super national culture. Central America has a super national culture. Europe too ( which isn't the same as white - Russia is white and Asian ). But these aren't ethnic groups.You described Hispanic as "ethnic "....
People in South America and Central Anerica can be of entirely European - from German, to Italian to Spanish and Portuguese, and mixed a European - descent, particularly the further south you go, or mixed racially. The terms used in South America for mixed race are apparantly not comfortable here so I won't list them. If the ethnic group of a person is Spanish ( 80% of Argentina is for instance) then the racial group is white/European. Hispanic can't be above race and an...
New Posts  All Forums: