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Once again a useless post with no evidence, opinion or data. Just nerd sneers. Off to ignore with you.A note on logic. I said there were no significant complaints about scratching of Apple products. You asked for "evidence of that ". Clearly I can't give evidence of no or few reports. The evidence would have to go the other way, evidence you didn't supply. Not only have you contributed nothing to this debate but sneers, you feel comfortable with demanding evidence while...
You know what's nice too? Posters who give their own opinion, with reasoning,rather than whiny put downs.
Unless the people scratching their iDevices are subject to a different manufacturing process than me I doubt that. In fact there is no real discussion on the Internet on this widespread scratching. Spending billions so people who put their phones on their pockets with their keys don't get scratches is a waste. If these materials ensured different form factors it might make more sense.
I have a scratch free unblemished iPhone 4S in my hand right now. And I don't use a case nor really protect it. Seems good enough materials right now.
Great article btw. Good research. Informative about the processes and constraints. Mild but supportable conclusions. Old school journalism.
I can see Touch ID coming to macs too. For App Store purchases and keychain.
Don't need a history lesson as I am from Ireland. Thanks. Yeah I know it was a joke and I wasn't too serious in my response either. In an Internet first let's leave it at that. :-)
Is it jean luc Picard?
I think shadows make for better separation than blurs or transparency.
Calling Irish people violent can also backfire.And Irish and British humour are similar.
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