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Is it jean luc Picard?
I think shadows make for better separation than blurs or transparency.
Calling Irish people violent can also backfire.And Irish and British humour are similar.
Is it Splash News Abc?
It's a corporation. In fact multiple corporations. And not solely owned by the band members either. It doesn't matter. A company is a distinct legal entity from even a sole owner. The post I originally quoted suggested that Bono was living in holland. He isn't.
Yes. U2 manage their affairs to pay less taxes. U2 the corporation. As does Apple.But U2 != Bono.It's like someone saying that Tim Cook doesn't pay taxes and lives in Ireland to avoid them.Tim Cook != Apple.I don't deny that Bono can be a prick. But he doesn't live in holland.
Bono most certainly does live in Ireland and pays personal tax there. A lie gets around the world before the truth gets it's boots on.Also I assume he was, in a roundabout way, praising Apple's charity. And humility about that charity.
@wizard69 by legit I mean the underlying API is legit.
Yeah, the new API allows devs to describe how the same UI can be displayed on an iPhone or an iPad. For instance a splitviewcontroller will show as a master-details on an iPhone, and the left-right split view on an iPad. If devs follow that logic they get resizing for free.
I don't like this guy, bit of a hacker but. 1) the NDA has been lifted partially ( although it still applies here I think since this wasn't announced ) 2) he is exposing existing code by hacking a way to get at it, his simulated gestures. The resizing of the safari screen has to be Apples internal code. 3) in the simulator in Xcode 6 they have a re sizeable iphone. People think this indicates a larger iPhone but that doesn't explain the resizing. 4) Apple have a new API...
New Posts  All Forums: