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Don't they? I thought it was a requirement.If Apple stop now people will assume the worst.
Look while Apple's PE is relatively low there isn't a conspiracy to harm the stock price if guidance is low. The reason Cook was asked about Q2 (March) is because they wanted him to say he was anticipating greater growth because of lower forex issues, but Apple never forecast that far ahead. In the absence of such reassurance the analysts assume that the 4% growth will be the yearly growth rate, and that's a rate close to a y-o-y decline. Which might happen. In any case...
The watch could move the needle. It's not that cheap and has good margins. A new iPhone could move the needle. The tick cycle seems to do better than the tockYes I think so. Apples guidance didn't help. That said the iPad weighs on those yoy results as well as the much maligned currency headwinds. If Apple has factored in 20% yoy declines in iPad sales in the next Q then the iPhone sales will be fairly substantial.Guidance.
The Q&A is somewhat hostile I think. They are wondering what's going to drive growth post Q1. I'd expect some downgrades tomorrow.
The growths impressive if you consider that they would have very few sales to channel of the 6/+in the month before the 6S/+
Pity about iPads dragging this all down.arent the Mac sales much higher than predicted by IDC in their recent OS share survey? I can see the Mac getting to 30% of the market eventually.
Unless running improperly is an enormous caveat.
Pin pointing apps is nebbish. The vast majority of users use settings to set wallpapers and maybe ringtones once every few months.
The main theme of the movie was that Zuckerberg was love lorn but he had a gf in college. That's a huge misrepresentation.
I did some research and a Oscar bait release in 2014, the grand Budapest hotel didn't break the top 5 on release ( first weekend was $8m) but ended up with total box office of $179M I wouldn't worry about the investors here.
New Posts  All Forums: