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Shareholder suits are ridiculous anyway, although this one is against Job's estate not the company. It's going to be hard to argue that Steve jobs destroyed shareholder value or that reducing employee wages also harms shareholders, their employers.
And I hate people who quote typos.
Well we segued from the present into the past there and you brought up one European country. In terms of major colonialism only about 7 European countries had major empires, and some have been colonised by the Turks, Russians and other Europeans. Including the internal English empire that was the UK ( and previous Kingdoms).I don't buy that someone from the Hebrides is part of a dominant global white culture, he isn't even dominant culturally where he resides.It's...
iPhone 9!
It's also just a renaming of an calendar and epoch based on the supposed birth of Christ with one which is based on the same demarcation but changes the initialisms.If it needed to be done the French Revolution did it properly.
I am white. But not American white. Here's a heretical idea - in terms of economic and cultural dominance there is no such thing as "white privilege" unless you think all Europeans have the same culture and that it is world dominant.An intelligent alien would see Anerican culture it's producers and participants, regardless of race, as hegemonic.I notice once again you failed to deal with my critique, that while these tests are no doubt true they are also limited to race,...
iPhone 9. This time it's personal.
None of that deals with my claim. All of those tests might be valid , I am sure they are because humans have all kinds of bias, but not just white/ black. I am talking about the biases not tested for. Americans tend not to look into class biases because there is a general uniformity of class accents. And regional biases tend to be limited as the accent is fairly uniform. These things do exist elsewhere and may overcome racial biases ie somebody with a RP/Oxbridge accent in...
These studies tend to look for what they want to look for. If nobody is testing for discrimination towards southerners you won't find it ( although I do remember a study suggesting that people thought people from the US South were more stupid than northerners when listening to accents. My bet is all non standard American accents will have that effect ).There are more studies in the UK on class bias.
I stand corrected. Utterly stupid to call an entire half continent an ethnic group regardless of race. And include some Europeans. And other parts of the world colonised by Spain.I will respond to this outrage by calling all English speaking countries from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Guyana, India, Jamacia etc. Hanglos and insist it is one ethnic group.
New Posts  All Forums: