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So they are making money. I don't get the "defend Apple at all costs" fanatics who defend Apple even when Apple has changed its position.
I like the idea of this and Apple will be doing something similar with the revamped (if it's ever to be revamped) Apple TV. It's no more spying on anybody than Siri. The idea is to control the house. Siri is much improved these days so hopefully this kind of thing is in the future.
Sounds sinister.
People at Apple want to make money and get their software on as many devices as possible.
How can that per stream model work with a set cost? Surely it would be better for all if the artist/label got $7 per month * the percentage of plays of your particular songs. That is if somebody only plays Swift she gets $7. If a user plays her and a thousand other artists it's .07c.Maybe there's a minimum payment.
More than likely Jimmy is just setting up meetings and maybe going to the first introductions. Eddy cue has ultimate responsibility.
No it's not because on demand streams are much more expensive than restricted radio feeds.We're talking about the company and the department that gave us ping, iTunes Radio, and the U2 download fiasco. They make mistakes.
I think you're reading your own post hoc reasoning into this. Lots of large companies make mistakes. I'm yet to be convinced the Beats acquisition isn't a flop.If Apple thought they would have to pay, or might be forced to, they would have reduced their initial offer to a month. Or weeks.As it is if they offer to pay $10 per month for all free subscribers across all their 800M devices it could end up being materially very costly, enough to affect the forward guidance on...
Fairly reasonable suggestions and very unlikely to stall the project. They are really just posing some concerns. I don't see anybody objecting in these requests. As for darkness Ireland is dark at night but parts of the U.S. must be as dark or darker. Montana, Idaho -- the rural under populated areas.
Wow. That's a fairly big exploit.The URL schemes are inherently unsafe so if Facebook is passing the access token then it can be read. They are fixing this in iOS 9, not sure about 10.11.The helper app seems odd as I thought you had to codesign all the bundles.These are hard to fix without a large overhaul.
New Posts  All Forums: