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Surely the carriers are out of the loop when Wifi is on? My carrier here does advertise "unlimited wifi" when getting a package. That's kind of them but not really for them to say.
Personally I think they should reduce the 30% on IAP. P
The thing people are missing is that Apple pay allows a new category of apps. Apps which sell non digital items (IAP didnt allow that). This allows trains, hotel rooms, taxis and physical items to be booked within apps. That's possible now provide you want to hand your credit card to the app - or have pre registered on their website. Eventually I can see Apple banning apps which allow users to independently access credit card info. That's a bigger revenue stream than...
It think it's only ok. Not bad. Not good.
iTunes -> purchased -> not on this device-> various
The real interesting thing is that apps can now use this. Apple was letting some companies use credit cards in apps - see Uber - and are now in a position to monetise.
Note on whether Apple gets paid. Apple said. the company said it won’t charge users, merchants or developers Which doesn't mention banks or visa etc. So the cost might be, and probably is, to the banks who can pass it onto the merchants in their interchange fee or take the hit and make up for it in volume.
Apple pay will be huge.
I am not sure we would be defending this were it an Android workaround. I may come around to the 6 when I see it. I may not. I will never like the 6+
It isn't really. It's the internal chips etc which cause the problems.Anyway that's apples core skills. iOS/ OS X. And that watch is probably faster than the original iPhone.
New Posts  All Forums: