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The reaction to analysts depends on the news. It might be a good idea to release at least one model in March anyway. To balance the year and get production ramped up before Christmas.
As others have pointed out a single app is very likely to be multithreaded these days particularly with Apples GCD technology. iOS will benefit more than most from multiple cores.
That video tells me nothing about anything. Could be an Apple part with Sapphire. Could be an Apple part with Gorrilla. Could be a google phone part with neither. Could be a piece of plastic the video maker put together himself.
I was going to say this. Time to have real models rather than last years model( if slightly repackaged), the year before's model, and this years model.Probably though they won't have the 3.5. Which is a pity.
Which means the larger screens will be even more popular than in the survey.
Windows does well in the Mediterranean. I don't see anybody with a windows phone who cares much about it. I think we are at peak android in Europe. Apple can only win more customers at the high end with larger screens, and it will probably move into the mid range with the 5C. Or something. Then add some iwatch or accessories which can only be used with an iPhone - the kind of addition that works better with vertical markets - and I can see apple growing to 30-40%. As it...
Once again a useless post with no evidence, opinion or data. Just nerd sneers. Off to ignore with you.A note on logic. I said there were no significant complaints about scratching of Apple products. You asked for "evidence of that ". Clearly I can't give evidence of no or few reports. The evidence would have to go the other way, evidence you didn't supply. Not only have you contributed nothing to this debate but sneers, you feel comfortable with demanding evidence while...
You know what's nice too? Posters who give their own opinion, with reasoning,rather than whiny put downs.
Unless the people scratching their iDevices are subject to a different manufacturing process than me I doubt that. In fact there is no real discussion on the Internet on this widespread scratching. Spending billions so people who put their phones on their pockets with their keys don't get scratches is a waste. If these materials ensured different form factors it might make more sense.
I have a scratch free unblemished iPhone 4S in my hand right now. And I don't use a case nor really protect it. Seems good enough materials right now.
New Posts  All Forums: