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Fairly underwhelmed so far. But it's not worse
A dislike button creates ghettoes.
Are you sure AI introduced "compatible?"If it is just compatible then the figures are slightly off. The iPhone 4 was on sale in certain markets this year and last.
In general a fear of shares happens when interest rates rise is spooking the markets.
No. It's about quick downloads. iOS 9 brought in this idea that you downloaded resources when needed not in the original download.Edit. No that was resource on demand. That's there too. What you say is correct.I don't think this is about saving space but state across games on all devices.
Quote is “handwriting [is] probably the slowest input method ever invented. It was doomed to failure.” Jobs shied away from stylus-based hardware because the competition was doing it. “If you need a stylus, you’ve already failed,” Jobs said. ​So its an attack on having to use the stylus for primary input, including  handwriting. By needing a stylus he was attacking it as an inout method ( including the Newton) and as a method of control. Window mobile was largely stylus...
Siri works in Ireland in the iPhone so why not this?
and why reveal your hand immediately anyway. 
they didn't go into speed or any specs really, did they?
last thing he said. 0.99 per month
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