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US is the thread. Can you explain why you think OS X uses RAM inefficiently?
Some people mentioned the studio take but I doubt it is 50%. In any case the 3 weekends it's been on show garnered it $9m. It might have legs and it has yet to be shown abroad. Most importantly it will have Oscar nominations and that alone will give it a second wind early next year, to coincide with a limited re-release and the DVD, digital releases. ( Although Apple could cause problems there but I hope they don't).I doubt they spent $30M on advertising yet either. They...
The blame the consumer and the idea that people should know the intricacies of every setting in an OS is an attitude better suited to Android users. Apple should, by default, choose the best option for average users so it "just works".
I don't think turning off wifi is a power user experience. It's there in the control panel. Going to settings to edit your preferred apps to change their individual cellular data settings (as the previous poster opined) so as not to eat into their their data plans is.The problem is when some user has weak wifi in part of their house. In the old days were the signal available, no matter how weak, you stayed on wifi. Now the heuristic seems to be that if your 3G or 4G...
This is way past the "it just works" philosophy that Apple fans used to trumpet. Going into that list is a power user act. ( Which isn't to say i don't use it ).
its a feature that epitomises feature creep to me. Engineers can do it, some power users might love it, but it's of little or negative benefit to the average iPhone user.Wouldnt have happened etc etc
Is that indicator really constant? What if I am downloading content from a full screen game? What if iOS 9 had a back button which hid it.
Good. As an advanced user who needs this you should be able to use it. Not so much for mom.
This should always have been a non-default advanced users option. Use the tips app to explain it to people.Here's Apples own explanationThey clearly realise there would be problems in those cases so it is clearly possible that there could be problems elsewhere.Even techies can't be expected to monitor the top left all the time and it might be hidden in full screen apps. Should always have been an advanced user option.
Apparently 1B do.
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