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People in South America and Central Anerica can be of entirely European - from German, to Italian to Spanish and Portuguese, and mixed a European - descent, particularly the further south you go, or mixed racially. The terms used in South America for mixed race are apparantly not comfortable here so I won't list them. If the ethnic group of a person is Spanish ( 80% of Argentina is for instance) then the racial group is white/European. Hispanic can't be above race and an...
It's an ethno religion.
You have lost all coherency. You are opposed to (innate) discrimination based on appearance but also affirmative action which is supposed to compensate for that.
Not the job. Education. The whole point of affirmative action is to make up for past wrongs or present day hurdles. Which is why I support it for black Americans, and native Americans in the first case and the poor in the second case. That's the way, as far as I can tell, the education system now runs quotas.Beyond that companies should not try and be prejudicial against or in favour of anything.
Hang on. Why wouldn't this hidden unconscious discrimination not be based on class, nationality, state or university? Why would a white American be prejudiced towards a Russian or Albanian but not a Chinese-American who gets American humour?And the stats in Apple - once again - show, and only show, that Apple is "biased" ( if the bias is there at all and not a reflection of educational achievement) relative to population to Asians at the expense of blacks and Hispanics...
Trail of tears. Native Americans should be helped, sure. The Japanese internment was bad times. So was the internment of Germans in WWI. However Japan != Asia.In the 19th century Catholics were routinely attacked by Protestant supremacists. You could go on righting past wrongs until nobody is safe.Except the rich of course. Rich WASPS descended from the mayflower with a few million in the bank don't need to worry about affirmative action. The socialism of fools.
What's this "people like me" nonsense. I reported that as an ad hominen.Let's revise where we are.1) you said that Obama is not considered white because racism. I suggest a term for white/black. Also racism.2) the one drop rule is in fact supported by the NAACP. When tiger woods claimed not be be black there was uproar. But he isn't entirely. I think people of mixed heritage should get to say that. Mullato is one term. Say mixed if you prefer.3) you continuously contradict...
So mullato then?The US left tends to create these categories - the one drop rule is generally used by the census and black groups. If you believe that Obama is white, and he is half white, then those categories should be in the census.Why should affirmative action benefit people of half European descendent, why should they be treated the same as fully black if affirmative action is designed to right past wrongs.
Oh come on. The us was segregated for years. Black people should benefit from affirmative action but why Asians or "Hispanics "?
The stats you link to show Asian male income higher than white male income in the last record. Over time that will increase.This isn't Apples job to solve. They have to find qualified engineers. The us education system has to solve it, along with the communities themselves.That said it makes sense to hire a working class white, any black man or a Hispanic with the same grades as the trustifarian WASP whites because they have to be smarter given the lack of home advantage.
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