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I doubt if the top end will send anything near that, but it would be a big success to even sell 100K $5k accessories.  They could go large on the lower end devices. I believe this will be a big seller for them in a few years. Personally I'll let the first adopters work out the bugs. Sure I will get one someday.
Yes that was an interesting move.I don't think they expect this to match iPhone unit sales. Of course if the margin is 50% on the $ 5k watch it's worth 15+ iPhone sales
All I am suggesting is that they will set the default setting to apps downloaded from the App Store for new users. These apps are automatically sandboxed.
That's not the model for luxury jewellery. It tends to hold its value as well as being a status symbol. Win win.Cars are a status symbol which seem to follow your model - rich people taking a hit on depreciation and buying new every year. Maybe that will work for the Apple Watch but it's not common for jewellery.Watches at that price tend to last at least a decade. People don't sell them every year. Some last a lifetime.
That's not the psychology of luxury items.However they might feel ripped off in 2020 if their $5000 watch is clearly much worse than some other guys $250 watch ( I'm assuming some price drop at the lower end).Who knows. Apple haven't said anything about upgrades or trade ins but they haven't officially announced prices yet either, except the entry price.
Expensive jewellery of course doesn't go out of date. For many rich people it's a show of status but also a store of wealth. An object really only costs it's depreciation. The rich realise this and buy 25k watches which sell for 25k, or a bit higher or lower. The real cost isn't the 25k but the depreciation. But you need the money to begin with.The cost of servicing isn't an issue for mechanical watches however what would matter is if it went out of date technology wise.If...
The escalation to root isn't much of a problem for normal users. Download an app which can not escalate to root and it can pretty much do what it wants in your admin account except where further password authorisations are required. If you have used always allow on keychain that's pretty much everything. It certainly has access to your documents. Unless it is sandboxed. That's Apples security solution. In a release or two it will stop the launch of non sandboxed...
Steve was pretty unique looking. Wiz on the other hand - well a woz beard will do it for Seth.
If you go to the users login pane in the preferences app you can see the default user is admin. Apple doesnt stop the admin user from installing but the OS warns on unknown devs.
Apple sets up the default as admin. So probably very few people.
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