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We'll just have to buy two.
You guys realise they are not getting rid of ads, right? This is to crack down on recommendation systems within apps, presumably because Apple want all of that pie.
I don't believe a word of that story. Management didn't know what spotify was , and never listened to it until iTunes Radio failed then they had the chops to look into the obscure Beats music. The reason it's a radio service is because it's cheaper to do that. Much cheaper. Apple would lose money the other way and probably couldn't get the deals they were looking for.
And yet Apple themselves showed the swift being faster than objective C in at least two common scenarios on their slides.How could it be?
Swift is most certainly a c based language. A mixture of procedural and object orientated. It's not a scripting language.
what the optionals buy you is safety. With obj C the nil pointers are (unlike other languages) safe to message but not safe to pass to methods which expect a non- nil value. You are right about the strange mutability of the immutable array.Because it's not bedroom developers anymore. Actually adding swift to existing objective C projects shouldn't take that long but because interoperability is perfect only one way it doesn't buy you much, as you can't use new features like...
Objective C developers are generally fairly young given that the iOS SDK is young. Mac devs are a tiny part of that ecosystem.However they may not be happy with swift. Objective C had faults with some of its syntax, the headers and old c style imports but that came with the ability to import a c project and just use it (unclear on swift) and c++ ( impossible on swift). Further although you can get interoperability in one direction, from objective C, you can't reliably in...
So not so bad then. Just bad against the potential perfect world of non existant OSes ( networking and file system aside) rather than the competition. And Safari is not an OS release. It can continue to add security, as it should, between cycles. They have sandboxed tabs and windows into their own processes since mavericks and fixed numerous security issues. It keeps getting updated.Good news to white background haters. Yosemite has a dark mode. iOS 8 has a greyscale...
I do the hiring here. Thats hilarious. A conversation with Comic Book guy. Ok, I’ll google all your comments in future to see if they reference a 1960’s Russian TV program abandoned after 2 months. Just in case.
 Literals are available in Objective C 2.0. 
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