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my feeling is this will sell on word of mouth. i think they barely demoed 10 percent. someone you know will get it, it will do something amazing and you will be sold, i think it looks like a proper watch.
well i never use a watch but i might get this. 
hope bono just sings
i think it is way ahead of expectation.
looks better than i was expecting
It's nice.
I think they'll be there but won't do much except announce a new RED version of the iPhone. The real deal is elsewhere.
Damnit. Ordered a dozen from that guys website.
Yeah. I wonder will the conference actually show footage live in there? I think the iwatch will trigger things as the user moves about. Heating turns on as you get within a few miles, music turns on as you walk between rooms, lighting changes as you change rooms, automatically or controlled by the watch.
Well I kinda like it. But I am trying to not be disappointed tomorrow.Of course, given the hype. I will be.Only the iPhone in my lifetime totally blew away expectations. It still is an amazing conference.
New Posts  All Forums: