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Yeah an OS written like that would update with 4 features every 20 years.No excuse for the crash though although to be fair to Apple I have seen exactly 0 panics since 10.0 on any macs.
Hmm, I dont agreee. Firstly those cleanup scripts can be useful, secondly the OS can wire down memory and get starved of other resources in some cases. Errant daemons can be cured of their problems by rebooting them, and the easiest way is to reboot ( or for user processes logout). 
I turned up at launch day in a reasonably sized city in the UK ( this was a few months after the US launch and was the O2 store as there was no Apple store in that city then) to see a crowd of 5 people, count them, also queueing. Including a guy I texted and who also was an Apple fan. The iPod helped a bit I suppose, but not much. I know Apple haters who admit they bought an iPod shuffle or something, but everybody with an iPhone is an Apple fan ( with the exceptions of...
Kuo is indeed well connected, but is he well connected enough to anticipate supply chain problems for the whole year?   I would think that given 2.3 million pre-orders effectively "sold out" (if you can sell out pre-orders, I mean people gave up) and there are many more release countries to come, those yearly numbers seem low.    That said he does have good supply chain contacts.
What's interesting to me though isn't just how big money controls the republicans but also republican voters. You're entire argument is scripted for you.
You guys are hilarious. You basically want corporate socialism. Because you are too lousy or poor to pay for the top speeds you want that subsidised by the content providers, all of which means that the guy who is paying the top prices can't get what he wants despite getting fibre to the house. Freeloading bull.
Paying by the bit is what I do on my phone data over a certain limit. That's true of lower tiered plans on my ISPs plans too but not mine. I get 100Mb/s. But I can stream from where I want.
We're more likely moving in the direction of 3 oses sharing common lower level code.
You honestly make me want to puke. Listening to this nonsense is frankly soul destroying.One minute you call those of us prepared to pay for higher bandwidth freeloaders, next minute the providers are free loaders.What pays for the network roll outs is the sales of the higher bandwidth capacity to end consumers. If Netflix is causing more traffic because consumers steam more then the solution is to build out more fibre, the consumer pays more and gets higher bit rates. Win...
No it's not. This isn't some batshit crazy red necked phone in, people here are tech savvy. There is nothing in these proposals that censor the Internet.NoNo they are not censoring. The bloody corporations in the middle are censoring.I though it was censoring us?The removal of net neutrality clearly does affect my quality of access.Everybody's prepared to pay more for high bandwidth. Or less for lower bandwidth. What we don't want us to pay for high bandwidth and get...
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