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The right compiler? How's my do you think there are. Xcode has one default compiler.If people have been using some 3rd party framework to generate native code that might be a problem; hiweber Unity et al can handle cross platform already.
NoIt's just how memory is managed.
@durandal1707 I'm in general agreement. However porting to arm is hardly the chore you claim. Theoretically it's a recompile.
Which is an answer to a question I didn't ask.
BF asked a simple question. The answer is simple. The "dot" isn't a decimal place. You could make that point without recourse to nastiness.
Are computers just sold to developers now?
The searching up the stack is done at compile time (pre process time).The headline is also incorrect since ARC is only required for GC apps not manual apps.
 You mean the incumbents will be beaten and Android will dominate the rest? Not seeing it. 
How can somebody be worth $1,100 an hour and be so inexpert he has to hire an actual expert?
They can sell the cheap watches in the normal store and sell the expensive merchandise in a more politely lit environment. In there will be a well dressed man with a clipped british accent who will ask you the minute you walk in "Can I help you sir?" Meaning "I really don't think I can help *you* sir". They always scare me and the rest of the riffraff away.
New Posts  All Forums: