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Thats an American perspective. Apple are selling the 4S and 5C into other markets. I can't see why they would stop ( or why 5 SKUs is so impossible to understand). But if they do reduce it probably won't be to remove the 5C until the 6C is out. And boy, isn't the Apple Watch going to really flummox you? The home button is going to be around for a long time. 
That argument about Apple making money was made when Apple was producing smaller screen sizes and the general opinion on here was that that should continue.I can't see why Apple would eol the 5c -- instead they should eol the 4S which has only a few months OS support left and reduce prices in the 5c
It's a developer beta. Not a public beta.There really is no need to install these unless the release notes fix a problem you need fixed or you need the API if there are any new. Installing the pre .0 beta makes sense as there are lots of new API devs need. Even then you are better off waiting for a later beta.Apples testing is getting worse but if you download a .x beta then you are responsible.
It's a beta.
 That choppiness on re-install is a big issue. It is generally the indexer which is running for Spotlight - the notorious MDWorker(s). The modern OS warns about the choppiness but apparently they can't fix it, to index the disk takes a lot of time and CPU.
The whole blaming of 3rd party applications for OS flaws is dumb. A 3rd party app isn't causing wifi problems, or crashes in the Finder, or anything else which is OS based.
 Sorry thats not the way an OS can be released. It's true that features should be tested as added during the cycle, but that for internal and  beta testers. A website is far less complex, and most importantly, can be A/B tested and the older website can be restored immediately.  Also an OS needs integration across all it's parts. New applications need new API to function, but those API could cause problems elsewhere.
Don't expect the defend Apple at all costs posters here to understand what you are talking about. You are right of course. Apple had to fix it so it was their bug. The extensions shouldn't crash the hosting ( or the container) app since they run in a different process.
This API is not the full deal as the app need to run most of the code on the phone But for now it's good enough.
Sounds like I am sticking with iOS 7.whateverI have for a while.
New Posts  All Forums: