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That said this muppet McCourt needs a good kicking. "Apple is in ‘deceleration’ mode on iPhone trends,” Tavis McCourt, an analyst at Raymond James & Associates, wrote in a research note Tuesday..." Besides the fact he is talking,apparently, about the velocity of growth not the growth he didn't seem to understand exactly what Apples success in China meant.
Yes. It's nigh impossible to game Apple now. This is a sell on news sell off. Happens all the time.Look if you watch these kind of news feeds they actually change during the day. "Apple down on worries about continuing growth" replaced by "Apple up on strong growth". Or vice versa. The broader market isn't mentioned. There has to be a story.It's not just Apple. Stocks down on blah. Stocks up because of Foo.It can never be profit taking. The market always has to have a...
Yes. They were vague on whether this low margin on the watch is a teething issue or a permanent thing.
A cheap large screen next year will sell like gang busters. A quick back of the envelop calculation gives me about 30M switchers or new users across 2Q.
Cook didn't answer when he was asked what the situation was last year. It does seem low, even more so when he said low teens at the last call had updated. So just 5-7 % increase? It's clearly good news because it means many if not most buyers of the iPhone 6 are switchers or first time users of iPhones.
What debacles are you talking about, the 6 and 6+ was near flawless.
He uses 1Q15 to mean the first calendar quarter of 2015. Which makes sense. He's reporting to a world that may not know Apples peculiarities.1Q 2015. Revised is, I'd guess, since the last estimate by him. This is a report he sends to subscribers.As for the shipments in 1Q of the watch, they are probably his estimates of shipments to channel. It won't be broken down in the conference call however.What will be interesting is projected revenue for calendar Q2 and margins....
Unless some radically new battery comes about that's not ever going to happen.
It really doesn't. It might "execute" but the output is clearly different. For instance with the same input ( and keeping your stupidly named class).   dumbThingSaid.Replace("Is", "Be");dumbThingSaid.Replace(".", " when it's finished."); would replace my statement with "Xcode. Is Great." Serious misunderstanding of the very basic of programming, or how English works,  here. Back to ignore.  
I have been building software on the Mac and then the iPhone for years. You are clearly a hacker. Plenty of people who aren't hacking ( and some who are) have had problems with xCode related to certificates, memory leaks, slowness in general, crashes and general instability across point releases. It is getting better, but it reverses.  If you had to produce production code you would know about it.  Now let me explain your logical problems before I put you back on...
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