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He only got 4 wrong if you want to hold him to the dates. Which might have been correct when he was writing the schedule. Otherwise he got everything right bar the Apple TV refresh and the 12" Mac Book which was clearly delayed but he got that it was slimmer and all new, as opposed to a standard refresh ( if these rumours are correct). In short a year ago he had indications about the rumour we are now talking about.  2 watch sizes. Check.The correct sizes of the iPhones....
Apparantly nobody clicks on links. Here is the first paragraph on the FBI's page on IP infringements.It’s an age-old crime: stealing.But it’s not about picking a pocket or holding up a bank. It’s robbing people of their ideas, inventions, and creative expressions—what’s called intellectual property—everything from trade secrets and proprietary products and parts to movies and music and software.
If the hub is a slightly larger version of the thunderbolt -> HDMI I already have I don't see the issue. Most people who connect to projectors, most workers, have to carry something like that around anyway as there are few native thunderbolt projectors. My company has converters for macs in all meeting rooms. Adding it to the power supply is a no no as that's a heavy awkward accessory.
Presumably the one port would connect to a hub which could handle multiple inputs right? Or will this machine not be able to work as a projector or handle as SD card?
wrong. The theft is the viewing or using a digital item which the producer has demanded payment.The fact that it exists somewhere else is not an argument. Stealing a copy of, say, a Harry Potter book prior to its release and allowing it to be downloaded will get you in jail for theft.I mean the FBI link used the word theft. Unauthorised use of or copying of digital items is theft.
Being off by a few months isn't a big deal and may have been the plan in January. The watch was demoed about when he said it would be announced. The phone sizes were correct ( back in Jan). Mostly right give or take a few months.Also the abscence of the Apple TV update is interesting. It seems likely that something went wrong there.
Yes they do. For copyright violation. Or intellectual theft.Here is the actual law rather than your made up nonsensehttp://m.fbi.gov/#http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/investigate/white_collar/ipr/ipr
No. You've clearly stolen a viewing and the law ( and morality) would agree. Tresspass is another violation but not the only one.And you are being stupid about the DVDs. I said you compensated for the cost of the DVDs. You were a thief of content. By your insane logic a digital copy still exists somewhere and therefore there was no theft.Still going further to demolish the "copy still exists" argument were you to steal a digital copy of the coca cola formula and sell it...
Let me explain again my point ( not sure using non digital examples works).You go into a shop where there are 10 blank DVDs for $1. Also there are numerous movies on DVDs. You take 10 of these worth $50 and pay $1 because you only want to pay for the analog real life item. That's theft.Here's another example of "not stealing" by your logic. You illegally enter a cinema. Now you going to watch the movie doesn't take it away from the producers of the content, they still have...
In this case it's going to the UK (place of consumption) not Luxembourg
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