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FB admit it's a audio session issue.
That's probably dropbox scanning folders. Is the client installed?
I assume it's a mistake. They probably want audio to continue for a video (why?) and are not closing down the audio channel when it finishes.
That's excellent investigation.You are right about the volume/ringer thing. If you are playing a podcast or music in the background then hitting those buttons adjusts the volume not the ringer. So FB must be keeping open a silent audio channel.
You live in an ideal world my friend. I understand the theory here too, but some people were rubbished for saying their phone ran hot when they were running maps apps ( not that I think google or Apple maps are bad citizens. Others may be).Here's the FB story. In the battery usage settings page people clicked on the clock icon to see how much time was spent on screen and in the background in the last 24 hours. Some saw FB taking 24 hours in the background.They are clearly...
FB was abusing the system to stay awake. It's worth looking at the battery usage stats.
Of course it's not relaunching all those apps on an iPhone. We have 1G of memory, most of us.Yet. FB was always on even when background app refreshing was off. The OS kills apps that are in the background and consuming too much memory, they get a few warnings until they are kicked out. All you are seeing in that list is the order apps were launched or switched too.However there are ways to consume background services and never die. People are right about GPS services....
I think you have a point there. Apps should have access to an API which blurs the content on app switching ( for banks etc)
Because the 75M are all generating some revenue? I'm lost to that argument to be honest.I'd prefer this thread wasn't dominated by the kind of people who jump at any criticism of Apple as heresy. But it is.So I'll present all my arguments now and leave.Bad or underwhelming.The 11M-15M or so seems low. Weren't we all automatically subscribed (or given the option) when we launched music on 8.4? Why so low relative to the installed base?I doubt if they are making profits if...
New Posts  All Forums: