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 You get that from that ( and I agree but Greg Christie didn't write a line of code, and wasn't the only UI guy either - a lot of the really technical stuff happened quietly in people's offices) - but I also worry that there isn't a CEO at Apple shouting at people for not being pixel perfect. Clearly standards have fallen, would Jobs have allowed the shadow buttons in the iOS 7.1?
Well it's complicated. But in theory until 2015 the app devs if they owe VAT at all owe it in their own country to their own tax authority, not the consumers country. Apple appears to pay in Ireland or Luxembourg.
I personally am dubious about this hire. Here's a quote. HTML5, for example. It lets you build rich, dynamic applications and user interfaces that can run on multiple types of devices without significant re-engineering. It also has the support of a large developer community and frees you from vendor lock-in. Cook isn't a software guy. The reason the iPhone is the best is software lockin. And the use of objective C and C. Marineu Mes might be a lone voice for now but...
This from the guy who previously opined with regards to Apple engineers on normal contracts being poached... you never work in consumer electronics ever again, there will be no problems. If you want to work in consumer electronics, you need to stay with Apple. Simple.
Answer: yes he was. Head of human interface. Makes sense that Jobs would discuss with that group first and not a random software engineer. Weird reporting on this.
Wasn't Christie a designer? A ux guy?
No I meant serious economists don't. Most scientists disregard anything with no empirical basis - and quantum mechanics has massively predictive powers. The simple axioms of economics as taught to under grads are just not true, and are non- empirical. What would happen in a recession where workers reduced their wages is not full employment but greater unemployment as workers are also consumers. Most economics doesn't treat the system as having feed back loops.In terms of...
Personally I think there is too much positive feedback in the App Store. The popular marketed stuff is downloaded, rises to the top of the charts, and that's reinforced by apples recommendations or charts. It might be worth apples time showing the less popular stuff in any category, maybe even randomly some of the least popular in a More To Try. That would change every day as the subsequent downloads would exclude those apps from the least popular but would keep the long...
Where are the be freckled redheads. Racism
@mensmovement 1) lower end PC makers either make profits or are subsumed into larger companies. No Android manufacturer makes profits. Excepting Samsung 2) Samsung will allow to begin with android compatibility on Tizen. They want to be Apple though and so will have their own App Store with pride of placd given to Tizen only apps. Samsung is looking at the App Store profits 3) when companies don't make money they go out of business. Apple might well step into any mid...
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