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Btw another good article from DED. Credit where tis due. I used to be fairly critical but he's knocking out a few good ones these days.
Yes. That was my point. Apple is way ahead in software so doesn't need to max out its hardware specs. When it does android is toast.I still don't understand the controversy.
Of course they will. News flash. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus have very large batteries compared to previous iterations. So Apple could have increased the amount of RAM compared to previous generations with gains in battery life anyway. Chose not to. It could also run faster and on more cores. If people think that's impossible for iOS they should explain why.
No it's a fair bit trickier. To get to C++ you need an intermediate objective C++ file for instance. Swift isn't closer to the iron than objective C, quite the opposite.
No, know more. Some people are more expert than others. 
 Hang on, although I think that Apple is deliberately not going to market with the best chips it could, the real world stats show it is in real world tests way ahead of the competition on mobile. Thats the purpose of this article. It therefore is keeping it's powder dry for the future, a clever move even if I would prefer more RAM myself.
I know lots more than you. Are you saying there is something in iOS which prohibits it from running on Quad Core (or higher?), or accessing more than 1GB of RAM? Absent possible battery life problems ( which I doubt in any case) there isn't. And I was praising Apple's strategy not condemning it. It makes sense to not use the highest specced hardware if your software team is so good it doesn't matter. When the hardware race evens out Apple will be way ahead in software. 
I would say that Swift is a year or two away from widespread adoption. Lots of teams haven't even modernised their Objective C code yet.   As for Apple. Apple is definitely gimping on the hardware. It could probably go to quad core right now. It could use more RAM.   But it's got a long term plan. Get the software improvements in now and when the hardware specs in the Android world trend to smaller and smaller updates, which is just a few years from now, Apple will be...
What was the timeframe between the GM candidate and the actual GM release last year?
On second thoughts the bug here is restore settings deleting first party app data but not the app. This means on the next sync that apps documents folder is empty. I suppose that is what reset settings does but someone in Apple should have worked out that that is a data loss scenario with the cloud (of course it was always a local data loss - if you reset you lost local files like PDFs in iBooks ). Until now the algorithm for most of apples cloud is backup not sync. On a...
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