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Is it Splash News Abc?
It's a corporation. In fact multiple corporations. And not solely owned by the band members either. It doesn't matter. A company is a distinct legal entity from even a sole owner. The post I originally quoted suggested that Bono was living in holland. He isn't.
Yes. U2 manage their affairs to pay less taxes. U2 the corporation. As does Apple.But U2 != Bono.It's like someone saying that Tim Cook doesn't pay taxes and lives in Ireland to avoid them.Tim Cook != Apple.I don't deny that Bono can be a prick. But he doesn't live in holland.
Bono most certainly does live in Ireland and pays personal tax there. A lie gets around the world before the truth gets it's boots on.Also I assume he was, in a roundabout way, praising Apple's charity. And humility about that charity.
@wizard69 by legit I mean the underlying API is legit.
Yeah, the new API allows devs to describe how the same UI can be displayed on an iPhone or an iPad. For instance a splitviewcontroller will show as a master-details on an iPhone, and the left-right split view on an iPad. If devs follow that logic they get resizing for free.
I don't like this guy, bit of a hacker but. 1) the NDA has been lifted partially ( although it still applies here I think since this wasn't announced ) 2) he is exposing existing code by hacking a way to get at it, his simulated gestures. The resizing of the safari screen has to be Apples internal code. 3) in the simulator in Xcode 6 they have a re sizeable iphone. People think this indicates a larger iPhone but that doesn't explain the resizing. 4) Apple have a new API...
We'll just have to buy two.
You guys realise they are not getting rid of ads, right? This is to crack down on recommendation systems within apps, presumably because Apple want all of that pie.
I don't believe a word of that story. Management didn't know what spotify was , and never listened to it until iTunes Radio failed then they had the chops to look into the obscure Beats music. The reason it's a radio service is because it's cheaper to do that. Much cheaper. Apple would lose money the other way and probably couldn't get the deals they were looking for.
New Posts  All Forums: