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He kinda did.
 I think we do agree on many things, but not on this. I think the iWatch will be a success, as do you. I think it will take longer than you. I think Apple needs to be in this space, as do you. What we differ on is what is the main device. I think I'l be using a phone as my primary portable device in 2050, if I live that long. Of course that phone will be a very fast computer, as it is now. It will be augmented by the watch and other wearables, some which may be very...
Nobody ten years ago saw the then "smart phones" taking over as a user's primary computing device. The trend pre iPhone was smaller devices. The trend post iPhone (including the original) is bigger mobile devices. You should compare the original iPhone with a 6 to see this. In fact Jobs, in his 2007 presentation, said that the problem with existing phones was the physical keyboard which made the screens tiny. Naysayers of the iPhone (the real first smart phone of the...
 The iPhone most definitely was revolutionary, I bought one on the first day and so long BB. The iPad, not really -- since it was a larger version of the phone with a slightly modified OS. I got a V1, don't use it. My phone and Mac are all I need. That said there is a market, my mom loves hers.  However it looks like Jobs was wrong about trucks and cars. As it now stands the Mac is accelerating in sales, while the tablet market is stagnant or falling significantly. Stuck...
Yes and many would also have other apps and IAP of course.
Apples agency model means the devs have to agree.
I'm sympathetic to the employees ( if the 15 minutes timing is accurate) however the recent Supreme Court ruling surely makes this case unviable. The legal issue is the same, but Amazon won and the employees lost.
It looks like it's pointless to even proceed. This is exactly the same point of law.
I can think of a much more spoilt generation than the put upon millenials, the generation that hoped it died before it got old, but didn't and now is running off with the family silver.
Probably in those retail jobs they don't. My job is flexi and I work from 9-whenever which makes an occasional hour+ long lunch acceptable ( particularly since I often eat at my desk). In retail, in a busy store, you are kept going and lunch is regimented.
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