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That would be Corning?True dat.No. Sapphire is dead.
I have a simple idea to promote an upgrade cycle on the ipads. Entry level storage of 64gb. Max storage of 512gb if possible.
Dates can change. He got the announcement of the watch confused with the release.Now you are free to predict the next two quarter sales of iPad. I will too. And I go with Kou.What's your thinking?
LOL. He said up to $450. Getting the price right is always the trickiest as it's an internal marketing call but the rest of those details look correct.
Total misrepresentation. He said the watch would be delayed to Dec 2014 when most expected it in September. He got the exact sizes of the iPhones right and was estimating delays because of the sapphire. On most of the rest he was just a few months out except the Apple TV but Apple probably are sitting in that due to content deals.
Still laughing.Laughing at this too.
Oh you are being serious?As long as there is more than one poster per country its not impossible that a poster from a country will agree with another from the same country occasionally. You are basically accusing people of sock puppetry which is an ad hominem.Edit.And cnocbui didn't agree with ireland. He agreed with waterrockets who was criticising both ireland and you.
Even fishier is you, a guy from the U.S., defending the views of other U.S. posters.That, or maybe neither is fishy.
Yeah. Street view is so much more useful.
The curse for Limerick is possibly the lack of venture capital in ireland or Europe. Those guys would be in a startup worth millions if they were in stanford.I hope its not a self driving car.
New Posts  All Forums: