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Are you a network engineer? No you're not. Where I live in a competitive environment more than one company has built fibre networks through the city, and cable operators also sell Internet. Speeds are 100Mb default. That's paid for by consumers paying more for fibre rather than copper wire connections. If you are happy with 1-10 Mb/s you can get that. Cheaper.No reason to double charge the consumer and provider. You are basically rehashing republican talking points. You...
The other way of saying that Netflix can pay to send more bits to the user is that if they don't pay their service is compromised to be unusable by the end user even if he has paid both a premium for Netflix and for his fibre connection.
It will be years before they even start of using swift as the default in their own code.
The only people demanding control are the local ISP monopolies. What they oppose is government regulations stopping their monopolistic control harming end users free and unfettered access to the Internet without bias.Please keep up.
I agree that the quality of the music and video apps were appalling in iOS 7. So much so that I abandoned them and can't tell if they are good or not in iOS 8.
Everybody else caught up because of .... Drum roll.... adequate Government spending.
That argument is pretty dumb. Of course government can enable local monopolistic practices - congress and state legislatures are there to be bought. In this case the ISPs are unhappy and calling in their favours. But the administration hasn't been bought.The solution is not to regulate the ISP monopolies just because they have used their monopolies to buy votes in the past.
The interstates were a good idea, badly maintained now but wonders in their day. And clearly I am not pro war but most republicans are.The ISPs act as local monopolies. They want to strangle your internet for commercial reasons. Treating them as common carriers gives the consumer the power.
If all the corporations had their own internet 9/11 wouldn't have happened. And there would be no sick kids.
The government did a fine job with the interstates. And it bombs foreign people effectively but republicans kinda like that state power.This is regulation. Not control. We've had regulation for centuries.
New Posts  All Forums: