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Microsoft's Mac team - which probably got tasked with this to begin with- would have Objective C skills. Rewriting C# is a lot of work. Making an API work across all platforms is both very difficult and limiting.
lots of work, that would be crazy. Yeah mono etc, can never compete with native code as there will always be something missing, c# is a better language than Objective C to look at maybe, but thats not enough. Well it's open source which makes security much more difficult. Probably Tizen will run Android apps out of the box, its open source, they can use the API at will, but also add some of their own API ( they do this anyways). 
 and android is going to go nowhere in the Enterprise. the Surface might, but MS is hedging their bets.
 Well, not true. Apple does give shipped, not sold numbers, thats what they give. You have to work out "sold", so thats the roundabout way. But you are right in not trusting the others. 
This whole thing is a joke. Even news organisations hostile to Apple think this is nuts.
Maybe I needs a /s ?
 Seriously though. you don't need to defend him, he can defend himself.
Sounds to me like that's an anecdote, not a statistic.
By stupid comment I was taking about the Asymco quote not you - although he wasn't talking about being doomed in this particular context. Asymco - normally very good - seems to believe that MS are doomed regardless of the CEO. In any case the quote was a few months back. Office may well become microsofts biggest money earner particularly if the sub model takes off. It's near guaranteed income every year. EDIT: we crossed posts there. You might be right that Deidu means...
Nevertheless most new customers downloading this for the first time would use the IAP subscription model.As for the cost to apple of hosting it - about the same as any digital bytes of the same size. It's probably much smaller than a HD movie.
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