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looks better than i was expecting
It's nice.
I think they'll be there but won't do much except announce a new RED version of the iPhone. The real deal is elsewhere.
Damnit. Ordered a dozen from that guys website.
Yeah. I wonder will the conference actually show footage live in there? I think the iwatch will trigger things as the user moves about. Heating turns on as you get within a few miles, music turns on as you walk between rooms, lighting changes as you change rooms, automatically or controlled by the watch.
Well I kinda like it. But I am trying to not be disappointed tomorrow.Of course, given the hype. I will be.Only the iPhone in my lifetime totally blew away expectations. It still is an amazing conference.
No. His statement is correct whatever is announced. He's probably missing the iPad. But historic would be at that level.
It's probably ABC, not Apple who decided on "historic".
He historically fires the iCloud team. And historically re-introduces the 5S as the new iPhone. "Same as last year, suckers" he says historically. Cook then storms historically off the stage saying "he was done with this bollocks", historically using bad language for the first time for an Apple CEO onstage; and then "Who needs this shit anyway. I'm rich enough. For ****'s sake learn proper passwords. What are we? Miracle workers?"The historic event then descends into chaos...
Hmm. Would you be shocked if that were it?
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