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Fair enough and I agree. Just correcting the maths but not really your mistake.
Great band V3 with slightly derivative a songs by bobo, the ledge and the other two.
This is the firstest of first world problems. If you have auto downloads on over 3G you are wasting bandwidth anyway. If you don't it's not on your device. It's not really in your icloud either. That's just a link to a track on some physical server somewhere. They didn't create 500M copies.
No he's using the stats from TheOtherGeoff and saying even 10% of 25% is too high. Geoff first mentioned 2.5%.You are right about one thing. I should have used multi -quote.
I didn't bother quoting everybody who got it wrong. Why mention 2.5%. It's 10% of 25% which TheOtherGeoff mentioned in a reply to you.You got if right though.
Are people confused about what a trillion is? It's 1,000 B. 190 / 4000 = 4.75%.
Plenty if countries smaller than Scotland survive and prosper. I bet most rich countries are small. And Scotland subsidises the UK.
The problem is that feedback theory in economics is in it's infancy.
Seriously strange concerns except maybe the paper receipt. I mean of course you have to visibly pay for something and that generally involves queuing at a check out, some self service excepted. Restaurants already bring their credit card readers to tables. You have to get fairly close to the terminal but not as close as a swiped card so you don't need to hand over the device and you can split the bills how you want. Either one person pays in full and gets a cash...
I suppose she could also buy her own?
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