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What was fixed?
As far as I can see it hasn't been fixed in any beta for iOS 8, nor has Yosemite GM candidate mentioned a fix, so pretty soon now this could go live. 
A candidate for GM has shipped.
You don't need it if it is eating your data.
@Tallest Skil Yeah. They are in danger of harming the brand. The hardware is always top notch. ( Bendgate was just click bait) but the software can be lagging. Apple need to release when ready. Internal deadlines for sure. Bonuses gained in meeting them fine. But if there's a serious problem don't release. A week or two can make a huge difference. iOS is tightly coupled with the hardware releases. Most people are happy with 8.0.2. 8.0.1 was a disaster and 8.0 removed...
Hopefully they release Yosemite when ready. Not on that day. Apples release schedules shouldn't be tied to hardware. Specifically unrelated hardware.
Dick that isn't bringing in a c library written elsewhere - it's just using a c foundation struct syntax. CGRect is toll free bridged to a swift class or struct afaik. It's probably possible but I know that c++ isn't.
Btw another good article from DED. Credit where tis due. I used to be fairly critical but he's knocking out a few good ones these days.
Yes. That was my point. Apple is way ahead in software so doesn't need to max out its hardware specs. When it does android is toast.I still don't understand the controversy.
Of course they will. News flash. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus have very large batteries compared to previous iterations. So Apple could have increased the amount of RAM compared to previous generations with gains in battery life anyway. Chose not to. It could also run faster and on more cores. If people think that's impossible for iOS they should explain why.
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