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A stupid comment. Look there are far more iPads sold per quarter than Macs. The ratio is between 3-7 to 1 depending on the quarter ( last Q was 26 million to 4 million). So most iPad users are windows users, often at home but sometimes in the office. Since Microsoft is a software not a hardware company and since this could sell in the millions this could be a win for them and Apple. It might even stop some migration to Macs. The sacrifice on that for Apple will be offset...
They always made more money from office than windows, per sale. So Good move.
I hope that real journalist does survive, so I hope this does well. as for the comparison between the Guardian and the NYT, I much much much prefer the NYT. The Guardian is a whiny self satisfied mess. I live in Ireland and England but would love to the Sunday NYT. This may help.
More money than sense the Facebook lads.
  No, the market price for somebody is not what "everybody" would offer but what anybody would offer. Again back to Soccer. Not everybody would offer Rooney the maximum he could get at Chelsea, but what he would get at Chelsea, or the counter offer from Man united, is his market value. If he had gone to Chelsea and didn’t fit in, didn’t do well, and then moved on his value would not doubt be subsequently diminished but at the moment his market value is the “highest” not...
 I was surprised by your post and then I read the article again. He did indeed sign this new contract in September, while at the same time negotiating with Apple, if the sources are to be believed. He also presumably didn't tell Apple his situation, or else he would have handed his notice in December, and we would merely have heard about this in a few months, if at all. Instead, if BB are suing, he must have just given one months notice, and/or left. Chancer. 
Not at all. If he is talking about HTML 5 in the same breath as opposing "vendor buyin" he is taking about apps. HTML apps. No walled garden. In fact that is clear from the rest of the paragraph too.
 You get that from that ( and I agree but Greg Christie didn't write a line of code, and wasn't the only UI guy either - a lot of the really technical stuff happened quietly in people's offices) - but I also worry that there isn't a CEO at Apple shouting at people for not being pixel perfect. Clearly standards have fallen, would Jobs have allowed the shadow buttons in the iOS 7.1?
Well it's complicated. But in theory until 2015 the app devs if they owe VAT at all owe it in their own country to their own tax authority, not the consumers country. Apple appears to pay in Ireland or Luxembourg.
I personally am dubious about this hire. Here's a quote. HTML5, for example. It lets you build rich, dynamic applications and user interfaces that can run on multiple types of devices without significant re-engineering. It also has the support of a large developer community and frees you from vendor lock-in. Cook isn't a software guy. The reason the iPhone is the best is software lockin. And the use of objective C and C. Marineu Mes might be a lone voice for now but...
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