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Oh you are being serious?As long as there is more than one poster per country its not impossible that a poster from a country will agree with another from the same country occasionally. You are basically accusing people of sock puppetry which is an ad hominem.Edit.And cnocbui didn't agree with ireland. He agreed with waterrockets who was criticising both ireland and you.
Even fishier is you, a guy from the U.S., defending the views of other U.S. posters.That, or maybe neither is fishy.
Yeah. Street view is so much more useful.
The curse for Limerick is possibly the lack of venture capital in ireland or Europe. Those guys would be in a startup worth millions if they were in stanford.I hope its not a self driving car.
Really the work assigned will increase if you hire more engineers. And believe it or not sometimes apple will pay good money for engineers and not just ex-CEOs of clothing companies.I wonder what the Tesla engineers have though? Battery expertise?
What if they hired Elop or Ballmer. We're criticising the actual person, her actual actions and her actual cost.I'm not sure that adding seats or changing the color of a shirt is worth 70M.
Burberry isn't a very feminine shop anyway.
The Mac reveal will be Fasbender popping in. Shaking a few hands."Walk with me" he'll say. And everybody ( about 5 journalists and a lacky) trundle out of Flint and walk around in circles as he discourses on a slightly conspiratorial history of personal computing.He can't demo much but he lovingly, articulately, describes MacPaint. They reach a park bench. A bird flies by. They eat some ice cream.Credits roll.
I was a skeptic too but changing the colour of the shirts and putting in new seats, well that just blew me away.
They don't have to pay any dividends or a certain amount per stock.
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