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Or they are having problems with buggy software.
It's been crap on OS X for a long time. iOS is good though.I am also perplexed that the wifi code is so fragile. Every release something goes wrong with that.
No Apple is not a monopoly. Profit is not the criteria for being a monopoly, it's market share. As I said you can have local monopolies in situations where a company monopolises the provisions of goods or services in a city or region.
Can we take it that the opposers of net neutrality are happy with a company throttling iTunes, the services on Apple TV, the iRadio and Beats radio, because of the higher law of property rights. Or are you denying that could happen?
Of course, Apple isn't a local monopoly.
The very next sentence was me explaining that a monopoly can be private or public which is what ss disagrees with in his economically illiterate fashion.
Changing the goal posts again? A monopoly can be private ( most often) or public. As any link - including the link you posted shows. Also monopolies can be regional.Pertinent to this discussion is the monopoly power of Comcast as explained here.http://consumerist.com/2014/05/29/netflix-ceo-says-comcast-is-coming-for-the-whole-internet/
They are customers in the sense that I am a customer of the snail mail providers when I receive a post; however I am not charged. That wasn't always the case but charging the receiver didn't work as he didn't necessarily ask for the post.The modern Internet, which is largely net neutral, isn't going to survive your dystopian right wing fantasies about freedom for monopolised rentiers of the pipe to your house, and the lack of freedom to the end user to access the content...
That's a response which proves my point and invalidates yours. There is nothihg in that definition which says "the free market doesn't produce monopolies" because that claim is economically illiterate nonsense.
@wizard69 you are all over the place. I brought up food regulation as an example everybody would agree with and you are not certain that you agree with it or not. You say merely that word of mouth will close down restaurants. In fact that's not certain, a restaurant with a passing trade in tourists can be crap and the new customers, continually churning, will never know. However the reason for regulation is to stop serious health problems. A restaurant may close down...
New Posts  All Forums: