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You are basically justifying theft.Apps are cheap. Pay up.
Christ. The British press was going crazy about the older VAT rate and now this. Here is Luxembourgs actual rates for this year ( from http://www.meridianglobalservices.com/blog/2014/04/02/Luxembourg-VAT-will-increase-by-2-in-2015) The following changes will apply:· The standard rate of VAT will rise from 15% to 17%.· The reduced rates of VAT will rise from 12% to 14% and from 6% to 8%.The super reduced rate (relates to basic commodities) and 3% (applies to hotel and...
Good, otherwise devs would have taken a hit fairly badly with VAT etc.
I think Cook is too impressed with CV's from large corporations. Maybe the internal talent is leaving Apple, maybe not. However I would prefer that he wasn't getting corporate drones in from less successful companies. Top level managers can change cultures.
You are not really following this thread are you?Click on those links provided by Ireland.
As a one time producer of share ware I can say the Japanese are the best spenders. The U.S. was second.Dominating those two markets is what makes the iPhone so lucrative.
What got them here is quality software and hardware.
The latter is an estimate of course.Expect that Apples recent upgrades will dominate more of the higher end all through 2015 relative to 2014. So it won't reverse.
They need to not add any new features.
I was using the ipad recently for serious writing. It works fine until you have to copy and paste. Then it's a mess.
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