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The 75 million Spotify subscribers are all revenue generating right - ads and subscriptions. Apple Music is just revenue generating from its 6.5M
Firstly I was pointing out that the existence of government institutions isn't necessarily socialist. (Nor is socialism a pathway to communism despite lenins bollocks).I was talking about universities, often state funded who contributed to the modern era.
Never a middle ground with Americans and the state is there? Without socialist state institutions (what the rest of the world calls government institutions -- socialism is more about redistribution) there would be no iPhone.The funny thing is its US institutions who have created much of this but rather than be proud of it, modern Americans despise anything funded from the public purse. War excepted.
I didn't say it was rational. however investors always assume that outsized margins reduce over time and don't take the specifics into account.
Nobody has seen the movie except a few reviewers and a few thousand people in NY.
It's useful if you do want to go back to where you came from. Annoying otherwise. The solution is to go to the home screen and back again. They should really make it disappear if you double click to show the app list and click back to the same app.
It's fairly common to gauge interest in this way for non-block buster movies. 
By the way, once you hire enough good people from company A, then other people will more easily leave company A to work with their friends and colleagues. You can end up with the same teams more or less if this takes off.
I don't always agree with SOG but he is correct on this one. If the work is similar why would people work for the company with no money, an possibly few prospects, rather than the one with money? Why would the worst people join Apple, why wouldn't Apple know that these people were fired ( in the interview or in the hiring process). Its much more likely that Apple is head hunting Tesla engineers, paying them stupid money, and they are leaving for Apple for the same kind of...
Hes not even quoting economics 101 because economics assumes that the market always fairly prices stock, and has perfect information. Which is nonsense. You need to get to a PHD level in economics before the tell you that markets aren't perfect and can have bubbles.  And value != price. Singularity should have said "The price of any stock is what someone is prepared to pay on any given time point.", which is of course tautological. Its not true that value == price. 
New Posts  All Forums: