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Also when not vat registered you neither pay nor claim back VAT.
Hungover - but Ireland's standard rate is 23%. Does that apply to downloads? I've been googling and devs don't know. They don't mostly pay vat on Apples remittances to them but some make vat returns treating income outside the UK, as not subject to UK VAT - and pay vat on UK sales. Others do nothing. Seems totally confused.
To the latter part. Yes I do. My degree is mathematics and engineering. Economics is a social science. But econ 101 is not real economics anyway.To the personal attack - I don't hate large companies, I love Apple, however I don't believe in supply side. I've also owned a company albeit a small one.As for your statement that profits are not taxed but "income before interest and taxes" are taxed. That's both tautological and wrong. Clearly you are not taxed after tax. And...
I need to look at the links Marvin. But I already pay 23% VAT on most purchases and my landlord pays tax on rent etc. I can't imagine 1% would be enough. Possibly a tax on texts might help. Or email.
This could cost a lot. Potentially every employee employed by any of the companies in the cartels involved - if proven - could sue for loss of earnings for the years the alleged cartel operated. And interest. That could run into billions across the industry.
Notice that the defenders of the cartel don't think Apple should have paid engineers their true value but nobody blinks when managers or executives are hired for millions. The best technical people in technical companies - the top 1% of the top 5% who get offered jobs in Apple - should be paid as much as some execs at least.
Jesus wept. Are you saying that to work for Apple you cant work anywhere else again, that you are a slave for life? What about the other way, should Apple not hire Google engineers, or people who work on Maps elsewhere. Or health?  Everybody learns something at companies. You cant sell the IP but you can sell yourself.
 Thats a distinction without a difference.
It was a conspiracy to reduce someone's pay, or potential pay. Jobs had two options. 1) shout at Google and engineer a cartel.2) Offer much more money to the engineers who were being targeted. If they were that good they were worth it. After all companies are often bought for millions, with the talent attached, often for the talent.
The other thing is you get far more real and decent economic activity with demand side rather than supply side incentives. Give people more money and they buy, give companies more tax cuts on profits and they hoard or at best make often stupid investments. Give banks more money and they throw it around like caviar at a Russian billionaire’s wedding.   Sure the extra money the companies make often goes into a bank, but that isn’t much different from printing money. If you...
New Posts  All Forums: