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Hmm. That could be an opening. Virtual security guard for the rich and famous.
It's a big old Internet world these days. The UK newspapers do well online.EDIT:Mail online is 8th in the US, Guardian 10th, BBC 13thhttp://www.ebizmba.com/articles/news-websites
Well anything legal is what I meant. Let's not blame people for taking legal photos
Apparently most, but not all, of the metadata in the photos indicated iPhone pictures. Which doesn't rule out dropbox of course.
Nobody's reported any pictures of her so it's hard to know what she is even tweeting for.
Not that I think this had anything to do with icloud. The Mail is not a Murdoch paper btw.
It's not a valid argument. People should be able to have whatever they want on a hard drive or in a secure cloud.
The might have to do this to get developer buy in. In particular this kind of functionality will need devs, and therefore I believe there will be a limited release to people who are devs.
Maybe nobody in Apple can actually pronounce "more".
Yeah. No point complaining about how Apple stocks fall on news when we commentators on rumour sites add to the frenzy.Wish we could say more. Might just be better Siri.
New Posts  All Forums: