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I was at a WWDC in San Jose once, back when it was easy to go to ( I got in free because I knew Apple employees ) and the guys taking down the posters were employees of the venue not Apple. I had left to go out about an hour and a bit into it and didn't bother going back in. Anyways I forget what was unveiled but it looked like they just took the coverings off at a few minutes before the hour. Not an uncovering for every announcement as it happened. I don't even remember...
But... Given that OS X banner is visible this year they probably are new products or a new look, or new apps etc. Thinking health book.
They are unveiled during the keynote. Just before people leave and after all announcements. So the attendees will leave the keynote to see them but of course they know what's in there by then.
Probably not going to happen in an OS update.
iOS and OS X are already the same OS, pretty much. Or are overlapping Venn diagrams. However Apple chose to change the prefixes of its UI layer (Appkit -> UIkit for a reason). To differentiate between these two OSes. It isn't just frameworks though, it's philosophy. It's UI. The UiTableview is the workhorse of iOS, the major navigation aide along with UINavigationController. The NSTableview is on OS X but is limited. A navigation controller makes little sense. Add to that...
Ones Yosemite. The others a cloud.
I'm not buying underwater as a theme either.
And cloud would actually make sense. Cloud is something they do. Cloud is a tech term. Water not so much.
It's hard to tell with eights of course but, yeah either this is "turgid" cloud cover or it's upside down. ( If it is upside down they shudda hired someone a bit more clued in than louis. He's funny but not really handy. )@solipismX I was joking about acqua on iOS
Probably the aquatic theme means that Apple has learned the error of its ways with flatness and is changing OS X and iOS to aqua style UI.
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