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No. The opposite is true though. That's what omitting niche content means.
In terms of maintenance hidden obscure links in IB ( not outlets but the bindings), particularly those that have little or no documentation can totally obscure the maintaining of a code base. Objective C is verbose enough to be self-documenting. A bindings project ( just download one from Apple) is full of hidden bits which need the coder to write a few page of documentation in their own project to explain what is going on, which most don't. In the absence of doing that...
 By and large bindings are a maintenance nightmare. And Core Data is a beast of an API. It's not as easy as you pretend. And look, swift isn't changing anything about how you work with the Cocoa API. The barrier to entry for Mac or ios Dev is the sheer size of the frameworks.
Those numbers bear no resemblance to the real prices.
This book is much better on the technology. Isaacson barely mentioned OS X. It credits Bas Ording and Greg Christie. But, it is weak on the iPhone development. There it seems to credit Tony Fadell but it was Scott Forstalls team which did it. If you want real info on the iPhone and it's software challenges listen to the Debug podcasts with Melton and Ginatra.
You, and that site, don't really understand how to measure wealth or income distribution. I expect the stats are way out of date particularly since I put in $1000 and got into the top 50% but except for sub-Saharan Africa nearly every country in the world has a GDP per capita higher than $1000. India is about $6000 per person, China is effectively a middle income country. I think it's $11k this year.The other problem is this. You can't measure power distributions by...
It's also reminiscint of Apple 1996-2001
Weak quarter though.
The gloating here is a bit off.
Rich is indeed relative. However wealth is a power distribution. The real rich (the super rich) are the only possible market for a $17k item that is obsolete next year. The top 1-2 %.A millionaire would be careful on that. Someone earning $100k and paying tax, mortgage or rent -- he's not getting one unless he's stashed away some wealth and has no significant future outgoings.Lots of people here saying "you are not the market for this" when the pricing is criticised....
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