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Would make a shit getaway car.I just gave one example of a situation which has to be thought about. It's "easy" because you've be given the problem. Nevertheless your solution is human intervention. Now we have to buy all police men and all government officials these devices, hope they all work, and hope the officials use them fairly and competantky and don't stop all traffic all the time for minor events. We also have to worry about security of the devices or their...
You or someone else mentioned the "singularity". Just referring back to that.
It means the world isn't a freeway.I once drove in rush hour traffic in london where a man waved and I stopped the car. I stopped because he was a policeman and he was stopping cars because a pipe had just then burst just past where he was and left a man sized pot hole. A Google car isn't going to stop for every person waving from the sidewalk of a busy street or it will never move. To drive a car properly a human needs knowledge of the world, and real intelligence. The...
Pretty sure brlawyer is american.
Where were they driving?Let's see them navigate a mayo boreen, or London on a tube strike.
People who understand the limitations of technology unlike whatever we have here. Judging by the Swift thread not even hobby developers.  Hey I just read those books and now I am a convert!  Actually no. I have read those books before and they miss the important point. Software. If you were to take the algorithms for Newtons handwriting technology and rework it on the fastest iPad it would, without software tweaks, make the same mistakes as before. The cars will get faster...
To drive a car takes human level artifical intelligence. Self driving cars are being tested in good conditions on good roads, not on wet early morning wednessdays in Inverness as a few drunks come from the local pub, and unlit insomiac cyclists are about. At the basis this software will depend on the system recognising threats, recognising non-threats, recent road closures, the law and many other obstacles I don't think it will ever work, not outside a freeway system. 
@marvin. I merely called the report a puff piece and got technically illiterate abuse. The fixes Apple put in here are necessary for any sizeable project. People were complaining of incredibly slow compile times and continuous xcode and sourcekit crashes on moderate sized projects. And changing the syntax to break existant code( rather than adding new syntax) is rare to non-existant in computer languages in the field. The language is good and I am looking forward to...
The problem with the example is that NSNumber is not the most primitive way of representing an int in objective c - that would be int. so all this boxing and unboxing into NSNumbers or NSArrays is moot because you can use c arrays and c primitives if performance mattered in these things in real life . ( in most cases performance is affected by slow disk, network or UI rendering not sorting).You don't need C++ either. Objective C is C.
It doesn't look like the free market would survive without those bailouts.
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