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You guys are crazy. It's a small event at HQ. nothing big. No new products but refreshes.
Good point. Also I am pretty sure a free video or TV show which automatically appeared wouldn't piss people off.That said the album was mediocre at best.
If it's in Town Hall it's not a big event.
Well they released a second candidate for a reason. Got to assume they fixed something.
What was fixed?
As far as I can see it hasn't been fixed in any beta for iOS 8, nor has Yosemite GM candidate mentioned a fix, so pretty soon now this could go live. 
A candidate for GM has shipped.
You don't need it if it is eating your data.
@Tallest Skil Yeah. They are in danger of harming the brand. The hardware is always top notch. ( Bendgate was just click bait) but the software can be lagging. Apple need to release when ready. Internal deadlines for sure. Bonuses gained in meeting them fine. But if there's a serious problem don't release. A week or two can make a huge difference. iOS is tightly coupled with the hardware releases. Most people are happy with 8.0.2. 8.0.1 was a disaster and 8.0 removed...
Hopefully they release Yosemite when ready. Not on that day. Apples release schedules shouldn't be tied to hardware. Specifically unrelated hardware.
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