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They have a vast sales team. Of course they pitch to big potential clients.
Maybe. Maybe not. Flickr/Yahoo seems to use uploaded content in its weather app. I don't know if it asks permission.In general with regards the mobile OS wars I think we are seeing one of Steve Jobs' mantras come true. "We control the whole widget". He said that even in the days of desktop computers where it was less important. In mobiles it's essential. Not only do Google not have the ability to force manufacturers to update to the latest OS in a timely manner ( something...
Bookerly is very readable.
All we know about driverless cars is that they run fine in perfectly good conditions. When a company like Google tells you that they have never ever ever crashed, I feel that they have never ever ever been tested properly. Most of the reasons why you test is to catch the bugs, of course, and I don't think Google has produced perfect software in any of their products, certainly not in version 1.  For that reason , outside limited routes and sequestered roads deliberately...
The 70M iPhones apple sold in Q4 last year was, according to cook in the "low teens" of the installed base. Assuming within 1% of 15% is mid teen the highest "low teen" would be 13%. That gives an install base of well above 500M. Since then a lot of buyers of the new 6 series have been switchers, and since there are few switchers the other way I would say it's trending towards 600M.
If given the choice between a shite actor who looks exactly like jobs and a good to great one who gets the mannerisms but doesn't look exact I'd go for the latter every time. I mean whose ever seen a napolean who looks exact?
I keep hearing this but where would they go to? If the EU enforces the law on tax universally the only option is outside Europe and that option is available already.You'll have to rephrase that.Well tips are part of the food costs of course. And it's not true that employers can always pass on costs to consumers, it depends on the competition.I do like one thing about tipping American style, it pays the best and busiest workers for being better and working the busiest...
It's interesting that Westminister type systems haven't then promoted more tyranny. Blighty seems free enough to me.
All countries do this. The UK ignored thousands of non tax paying non doms, which makes it a tax haven, and defends that position while dragging Apple in to talk.Companies like Apple can only owe corporation tax where they are based. Not paying that tax in Ireland is wrong but it doesn't mean the tax is owed in Oz.
They didn't collect taxes. Small businesses in Greece didn't bother to send in returns. Doctors didn't bother.Contrast with Germany, which didn't collapse and is a high tax high spend European country.Of course everybody sees what they want to in what was a financial collapse caused by over exuberant bankers.Edit:As Crowley said this is off topic so I'll stop now.
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