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If you can post your address we'll send the police to rescue you from the bad men who make you go to AI every day.
That's a good addition but why not keep it in maps too?
He's using rather as a synonym for prefer. There are no laws saying rather needs to be followed by than.
But under discussion is iTunes Radio. Which is a radio - not On Demand - service. On Demand costs the vendor lots more. Ten times as much.
Nothing in that code which couldn't be done in objective c of course, albeit without the compile error. Most of the work is the frameworks. At the moment swift is unstable in its design, it's philosophy of design in many ways, the debugger, playgrounds, interaction with objective C, the compiler and debugger. Which is a lot.Is it easier to understand than objective C? Sometimes. Sometimes not. See generics.They have in many cases - and this is a design philosophy -...
Swift continues to change so I doubt serious devs are tackling it. Even IBM. Not until the end of beta. It's a myth that it makes programming for the iPhone or Mac much easier given than the real knowledge you need when programming either is the frameworks.
We are speculating. We aren't pretending it's fact. We are no more "navel gazing" than anybody else commentating here.I don't even dislike Cue that much but clearly, since he has been replaced by Apple as head of iTunes Radio he wasn't seen internally doing a good job. At that particular job.Why this statement upsets people I don't particularly know.Most of the world can't even judge the success or not of iTunes Radio because it's only available in two countries. Apple...
If it played what you needed on demand it wouldn't be a radio.
It took you about two hours to come up with that incredibly crap argument. iTunes was purchased to create something new, not replace a different internal service.What's with the Cue loving around here. I know some people refuse to countenance any criticism of Apple, but why get upset when a manager is criticised.
Pandora isn't installed on every android device. People have to search for and download it. In the US Apple have an iOS installed base - including the touch and iPad - which is probably equal to or more than the Android installed base. With that running start iTunes Radio has not done well.But don't take my word for it. Look at what Apple did - they bought in a streaming service and replaced the existing manager.
New Posts  All Forums: