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The government did a fine job with the interstates. And it bombs foreign people effectively but republicans kinda like that state power.This is regulation. Not control. We've had regulation for centuries.
Surely the keychain issue is a bug, the searching is a result of a unified toolbar ( and therefore UX) the the rest is down to bad teenagers.
I think so too. Whatever they have find for Apple TV they have been sitting on for a few years so I expect it to be great.
I remember that they went out of their way to fix that from 10.0 to 10.3, make startup faster. Thats important. Shutdown has to stop all the apps in order so it is always slow, and they have got better on sleep over time. Login is messier because they insist on launching apps in parallel.
Ok, but whatever have to "just works". That kind of rhetoric sounds like an Windows excuse in 1998, sure there are bugs but its complicated and users are morons. It's an excuse, not an explanation.
There was a lot of faffing about in that video. Could do with a voiceover or some text.
No I don't think that's going to happen. Apple generally ship to channel as well as online and that's how they manage inventory. Their reports at the end of quarters are shipments to channel (including Apple stores) and shipments to customers, booked on the day of transit.If it's online only there is no channel. That would be very odd but ... to argue against my original position , since they aren't breaking out watch sales it might be the case.Very interesting.
Cnocbui isn't a troll, he's just a very naughty boy. I jest. That's from Monty Python. Long live discussion on this site. This all escalated from somebody claiming that apple have sold more than all Android watches. I think Apple will end up doing that this quarter, but not yet. CB did get the 800k figure wrong though but I doubt it was deliberate provocation. It all escalated very quickly so let's all take a breather. Now I think that Apple did sell 1-2 million in...
People here don't understand the facts of inventory management. They are. 1) you can't accurately estimate a new product. 2) it would be nice to get supply demand equilibrium correct in the first quarter -- good inventory management is about exactly that - but it's not possible. 3) it's better in the long run to under rather than over estimate. Let's say Apple were over cocky about a release and they pre-built 10M and sold to channel. However (for this thought...
Apple haven't announced sales and I don't think they will.
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