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There is a body of thought in Ireland that Ireland subsidised Germany. Basically by bailing out the Irish banks and their creditors - the bond holders - and rolling that debt into sovereign debt Ireland helped stop a crisis in the creditor banks. Largely German.
The stimulus is not what Keynes suggested. Not QE anyway. He also suggested higher taxes in boom times. Simple dampening.Yes it did but letting banks fail would have been worse. However I agree with you that QE needs to end now and interest rates go up sooner rather than later.Not really. Although read my last paragraph.But no real stimulus actually happened. The UK had - and still has - QE.Very little true here. Sterling is not tied to the Euro and Germany is faltering....
You are taking utter nonsense. You have no idea about iOS or any OS. You are basically taking through your proverbial.An un launched sandboxed app is just a folder or bundle on the drive. Neither the system or the app need to know its preferences until it is launched. When touched or double clicked on the Mac the executable is launched and the app reads the local preferences. A quit app takes up no RAM and doesn't make API calls.The springboard app ( which isn't in fact a...
The preferences are sandboxed in iOS. It doesn't matter even if they weren't. The OS shouldn't reboot. It's an OS problem if it reboots.
No it doesn't. Apps are quit by the OS when there are memory constraints. Do you really think that up to 700 apps are running at the same time? Some apps are woken on different events ( like a push notification or a location change) but they don't get very long and are (re) quit very fast.None if this matters. The OS shouldn't reboot regardless.
I'd worry a bit that a less than compelling upgrade cycle from Apple might hit the skids some year. That said the tick/tock is clever.
Of course. The guys don't know what they are talking about. They seem to think that all 700 apps are running and any one of them can crash the OS. In fact there is no indication that any app causes the problem. It seems to be the number of apps installed. Running or not.
Apple really want these widgets to basically show information for events or updates happening today that is related to the app's main functionality. Hence the name. It's not called widgets. Therefore it's not a direct replacement for dashboard and they have to come with apps. So really just useful for weather apps, sports updates, calendar, events, social media updates and so on. A calculator is full functionality and not summarising today.
Yes, I read that before I commented.
Apple does between 60 and 70% of it's revenue worldwide.http://www.statista.com/statistics/263435/non-us-share-of-apples-revenue/It pays less than 2% of it's tax on Global revenue ( most declared in Ireland).Many sources of course. Here's wikiAlmost all of Apple's foreign operations are run through an Irish company with no employees.Apple pays 2%—or less—in corporate income tax in Ireland.[Note 2]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Apple_Inc.Assuming that the ratio...
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