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I like Musk but of course its fairly easy to see he is spoofing here. Does he really fire that many people, and do they all then go to Apple? If so how come Apple never noticed at the interview stage, or the during the HR checks that their new employee was out of work for a month or two?  Of course these people were hired from Tesla, probably head hunted, while still at Tesla. The only thing I can believe is that Tesla might have fired people from even talking to Apple, if...
Yes the stock is under valued but the market assumes future commoditisation of the iPhone. I bet the iPad figures are spooking them as well. The rest of Apples lineup is relatively chump change.Will they be convinced if this scheme works? I think they might. let's see next years figures.That said I won't go back into the stock until Apple has a quarter of low or negative growth yoy which might happen next Q before this leasing scheme full takes off. That will collapse the...
I reserve the right to hate sorkins movie (I'll wait until I see it) but of course jobs was like this. He was the anti-CEO CEO. Just look at the publically available WWDC session from 1997/98. It's full on plain speaking. No corporate bull. No reality distortions. And I'm sure internal speeches were the same.
I think you are confusing an argument that you made ( which didn't in fact say anything about how recent this is) with a definitive indisputable point.
Apples leasing program will have a huge effect next year. Mark my words.
The report compared Apple vs Samsung and iOS vs Android. Which is legit.
Since Shakespeare has been filmed that distinction, if it exists at all, is moot. And the latest movie version of Macbeth also has Fassbender in it. I doubt if people watching that will be expecting to see a Fassbender lookalike every time they watch Macbeth from then on.In any case you missed the point. Historical drama != documentary history.
So what. The entirety of Shakespeare's historical drama about Caesar ( I say for the 3rd time) is made up and in a different language than Caesar spoke. This isn't a documentary. As long as the speech gives the gist of what happened then that's what historical fiction does.
If flaneur doesn't like visual influences then he or she is missing out on Shakespeare's plays ( one out right now has the lead on Steve jobs playing MacBeth) and plenty of high quality movies. Nor is there a compulsion to watch Hollywood at all, or to watch blockbusters or anything really. There's good television too.What you do need to avoid is the 24 hour news cycle.
Was metaphorical speech invented in 1990?
New Posts  All Forums: