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That said the hair is not great. My guess or hope is this isn't shooting yet.
It really doesn't. As long as its within a reasonable ball park. Plenty of less famous people are played by actors who look only approximately like them. Because they are less famous no-one gives a Sh-1.t
I've seen skinny Henry VIIIs and black Scrooges. Both were fine.
How can this be squared with any WTO etc? If a company moves it's HQ it's gone. Companies don't have citizenship.
Value is not price. However I agree with your analysis in general.
Presume it's 14% minus tax already paid which isn't 0%
Nothing stopping them saying their HQ is in ireland is there?
Or the last.  Actually no it didn't. Even if QE is formally ended this kind of thing, using cheap interest to buy back shares ( and I say this as a shareholder) is not really going to kickstart an economy in any way. 
This is where all that QE is going. Great.
No. It can't last. You wrote a good piece about this last year. Android users think that there can is no way but up from here but I think the opposite. The market is going to consolidate into profit making manufacturers and unlike clone PC makers there aren't any. Except samsung. Which is rapidly declining.
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