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All you've shown there is that it is possible to surround a box shape with a circle. I don't think that is in dispute. It's still a waste of space though. All controls, and text would have to fit in that box or be clipped (if not immediately then on scrolling) except for the clock face and maybe other circular back grounds. In general though that's just a black background so it's just empty space.
Round isn't easy perhaps as easy on the OS as it is on the mathematics.
That's not the reason. Apple sells to channel. If it overestimates it's sales in any quarter and enters the next quarter with a stuffed channel sales look they collapse in that quarter.
Tell you what. I'll be your go to guy on "knowing stuff". You don't bother breaking out Google or anything.http://iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/14/10/20/apple-may-not-break-out-apple-watch-ipod-and-retail-sales-starting-q1-2015
I am enjoying this debate because it's argument on facts ( or as much as we know) not ideology and I am coming around to your position but ...One last attempt to support an initial inventory of 1M.Apple sells most iPhones abroad. I believe it's 70% or so. I assume that the ratio of tier 1 countries is similar so that would - if they assumed the watch would match this distribution - leave the U.S. with 300k watches.Could they sell out of that in 5-10 minutes?
Apple are burying all watch sales in some category or other. I don't think anybody is going to work it out.
Ok. Well I don't know because I live in a tier 2 country so I didn't even try. You might be right but here's a counter argument. Let's go with the lower of my estimate. 1 million.That's 1 million divided by each model across every tier 1 country. Could that sell out in 5 minutes?( and you may have missed it but people have been saying they had an hour or two on the Apple Store app before the website got its boots on).
Rene Ritchie and Jim Dalyrmple.
The gen1 iphone sold in one country on one network to a world unfamiliar with Apples products, iPod aside. This sells to iPhone users in top tier 1 countries, installed base 100's of millions (also people from neighbouring countries booked online). If only a fraction of the iphone install base were interested millions of orders could have been made today. We don't know.Demand is probably not low. I doubt Apple had fewer than 1-2 million units ready to go.
Nice to see homeless guys get a look in.
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