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No. You've clearly stolen a viewing and the law ( and morality) would agree. Tresspass is another violation but not the only one.And you are being stupid about the DVDs. I said you compensated for the cost of the DVDs. You were a thief of content. By your insane logic a digital copy still exists somewhere and therefore there was no theft.Still going further to demolish the "copy still exists" argument were you to steal a digital copy of the coca cola formula and sell it...
Let me explain again my point ( not sure using non digital examples works).You go into a shop where there are 10 blank DVDs for $1. Also there are numerous movies on DVDs. You take 10 of these worth $50 and pay $1 because you only want to pay for the analog real life item. That's theft.Here's another example of "not stealing" by your logic. You illegally enter a cinema. Now you going to watch the movie doesn't take it away from the producers of the content, they still have...
In this case it's going to the UK (place of consumption) not Luxembourg
You can't really believe this crap can you? If you steal a physical Stephen king book can you compensate for the cost of the pages but not for the content because Stephen king still has it? Pay the retailer and the paper back and paper maker but not King because "he still has it"The value difference between 400 empty pages and a Stephen king novel is the value added by Stephen Kings writing. You have no right to his work unless you pay him. You also have no right to any...
Yes you did. You stole someone's digital property.
I still think that something is off with the 9 million figure though. I remember being struck by it watching the keynote. Is it any body who ever registered?
Very interesting. Odd that most people never publish given that they pay $99. Some might be publishing for other companies but keeping their own account open for private use.
didnt apple say 9 million devs at the last WWDC?
Think these guys create?
That's not either the law or any kind of morality. If you steal a book the content of the book still exists somewhere. But the book remains stolen.Of course some of the value of the book is its paper but not much. most of the value is in the content.
New Posts  All Forums: