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All a long straw man argument. Neutrality means being neutral between all content providers not not passing on costs to customers who over use or abuse fair use. An ISP can, and they already do, throttle speeds at certain times, limit customer bandwidth, or have a cap per month. This would stop a 4k stream from Netflix unless you paid.None of this violates net neutrality as any streaming site would be affected.
If AT&T don't build out some one else will take their lunch.You guys are a joke. A government regulation is not the same as government ownership. It's like saying that sanitary laws for restaurants are communism. What is injurious to liberty - since liberty can be removed by property owners*, monopolists as well as the state - is the control that private capital and infrastructure rentiers can have over information flow on the Internet.* ask a slave.
Nobody is asking for anything for free. The consumer will still pay.A government regulation is not the same as communism or state ownership. Plenty of "private property rights" are regulated, in particular anything for sale is subject to regulation. There are any number of regulations imposed in your iPhone for instance which is why it has to be certified . This is one more and one which any sane person should believe in. Especially Apple users or investors.
His ill gotten gains is free and unfettered access to the Internet?
Guest mode doesn't even have to be a new account. It just needs to be a setting where a switch button says "require a password to launch all apps except".. And there's a list of exemptions. That's almost there already in the General->Restrictions prefs but not quite.It's a very useful use case.
And sell Apple stock because iTunes, Beat music and the future Apple TV are dead if net neutrality is not enforced.
Jesus the American right is totally barking. Nut jobs. A sensible decision by a president of use to all Internet users and you fantasise about the commies or Obama taking over the Internet. You know just like declaring the telephone lines a public utility means the government controls them. Not.Obamacare my ass. Nothing to do with this but spittle flecked rant needs to mention it because Cruz dog whistled it.Well good luck. Back Ted and his plan to replace Netflix with...
Not only did I not move the goal posts that definition of a "public utility" is exactly what was being argued about. The telephone system ( largely the same back end as the Internet ) is privately owned but classified as a public utility.
A monopoly is the dominant or only player in a market. Your own private dictionary not withstanding.
As defined in law a "public utility" can be privately held but subject to restrictions to stop local monopolistic practices. That's exactly what is under debate here.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_utility
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