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Even if Ireland is fined the back taxes are owed to Ireland not the EU.It's hypocritical nonsense from the rest of Europe. France and Germany vigourously protect their native capitalists and the French are always demanding impediments to free trade. For instance only one area on the world which produces fizzy wine can call it champagne.
I really doubt they knew about this and released it. Of course not. It seemed to primarily affect new devices so my guess is that they didn't have enough devices to test it properly. In any case the procedure should be to release to beta test first.
Better to see what he's up to in public. Keeping quiet looks like he's biding his time. For a return. I'd prefer he was outspoken.
Absolutely. Unless QA went around the world how could they test anything except the software running locally in California. I don't think that any testing in Apple is outside the US.It was hubris or a mistake or both to think it would work everywhere.
Wonder if that was Scott.
Why is Scott Forstall so quiet anyways? I'd like to see him on TV.
Heads should roll over this but I doubt I would be the guy mentioned. Why? Because QA didn't make the decision to release to everybody without releasing to devs first. That decision is not made at the level of a director. It's made at a higher level. It's company policy. It looks like it may go to the top. As for maps again not a QA issue. The software worked fine it was the data which was faulty. And the decision to go worldwide was made at the highest level. Not giving...
That's just not true. Apple had a way of catching this - a release to devs. Sure some devs would have been pissed with a release which ruined cellular connections but devs are warned not to put beta releases on important devices.That's the dumbest post I have read in my time on this site. I surprised that anybody who can make that level of "argument" can type.
So basically this guy is talking crap. Basically it would take years to test the 20,000 passwords. 
Hmm. The hacker guy wanted a lockout - but I think Apple have a timeout, which is better. Nobody wants to be locked out for ever.
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