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You claimed that only Ireland or the EU would be affected because this is a retrospective law. It's not a retrospective law. It's a case based on the existing laws. Apple will have to pay up hence the 10-Q. These laws are not Irish laws but EU laws against "state aid". .Ireland isn't going to have to change any laws, just stop these behind the scenes deals. It's 12.5% rate is not under threat. Since Ireland is arguing against the EU I can't see Apple leaving eve if they...
The others don't have the claimed sweetners below the 12.5%. Apple is as far as I recall just paying on its Irish sales in Ireland.
Apples 10-Q form begs to differ.
That's from the guys paying the 12.5%
The 12.5% is legal. Less than that is state aid because other companies in Ireland don't benefit. Or so the argument goes.
What you say about the paucity of fines imposed on the French and Germans is very very true.
Ireland will be fined. However if the "state aid" is considered illegal under EU law it would need to be repaid by the company that benefited. That's Apple.I don't agree with this but that's the explanation. Hence the 10-Q
I assumed about 500M but even then that's 35M
I think people are overestimating how quick Apple is going to update its lower level libraries.
That said this muppet McCourt needs a good kicking. "Apple is in ‘deceleration’ mode on iPhone trends,” Tavis McCourt, an analyst at Raymond James & Associates, wrote in a research note Tuesday..." Besides the fact he is talking,apparently, about the velocity of growth not the growth he didn't seem to understand exactly what Apples success in China meant.
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