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It took you about two hours to come up with that incredibly crap argument. iTunes was purchased to create something new, not replace a different internal service.What's with the Cue loving around here. I know some people refuse to countenance any criticism of Apple, but why get upset when a manager is criticised.
Pandora isn't installed on every android device. People have to search for and download it. In the US Apple have an iOS installed base - including the touch and iPad - which is probably equal to or more than the Android installed base. With that running start iTunes Radio has not done well.But don't take my word for it. Look at what Apple did - they bought in a streaming service and replaced the existing manager.
How about this. iTunes Radio would have been a success for Apple if they didn't have to buy in another company to replace the service.Do you seriously think that you would be making this argument if Samsung tried their hand at a radio service and then spent $3B buying another?Give over. Cue failed to deliver.
It wasn't. As any sane person who read my post could see I then - in the bits you didn't quote - I explained my reasoning.If this is the extent of your argument, you may as well stop posting.I had three (related) points, they were helpfully enumerated . Feel free to rebut the points rather than selective quotes, and wry commentary.
Again. Nothing that you will accept.1) Eddy cue was in charge of iTunes Radio.2) It didn't work out. Wasn't a success.3) Apple buys a company in - the most expensive in their history - In part to better this service, and removes Cue from position of iTunes Radio head.TS believes there is nothing to see here. Most people would see it as a wake up call.(He was in charge of too much to be fair. )
We'll see. Like forstall I think he was more Steve's guy.
Which is a demotion for the guy who wasn't exceptional. He cost the company.
Craig's predominance at the WWDC is probably also bad news for big Phil.
No proof that you accept. If Apple are buying a company for $3B partially because of it's streaming service what does that tell you about the in house development and management of the existing streaming service?If they then make the manager of the acquired service the manager of the unified steaming service. What does that tell you?
Although it will be nice to see, and I am looking forward to it, it does look like the "best pipeline in 25 years" and new product categories "across 2014" was either categorically false, or they are having difficulty in production. 
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