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But everybody here buys Apple and/or are investors.
Says the guy who just attacked MS, Google and Samsung.Cook can be criticised as much as any other manager. He's already hired the guy from Penney. The people here who criticised that move, mostly British, did in fact know more about that company than the leader of a $50B company. Cook != Jobs. Cook was a great COO. May not be a great CEO.
The are very few defenders here of this rumour. But those who are defending it are ludicrous. What cred could Beats bring unless the brand is kept? And Apple never do that. What hardware advances have they that couldn't be replicated or patented? How can one man be worth $3B? Why are the services worth $3B? Beats bought that streaming for a few million. It's people flailing around looking for sense in something which doesn't make any. #cookout
What Android fans say isn't true. Apple are not a significant marketing force. Samsung alone beats them 4-5 fold. MS spends more. So does google. Add most of the other Android and PC manufactures and they are probably out spent 20-1. What they are is real good at what they do.As for the music streaming service as far as I can search - and I heard of beats the first time today - beats bought a company for $20M for that. How strange that it now adds so much value so quickly.
This would be jumping the shark. Big time.
Yeah you were. Your claim was that jobs didn't release much from 2001-2007. I listed the significant releases in that time frame.
In fact Apple have spent a lot of time and energy on security on the iPhone. In order to make a profit.
This is not very troublesome. Encrypted in transit via ssl. Not on the disk. That's true of OS X too except the file system is easier to navigate. And the encryption on disk wouldn't even help if the hacker had physical access and the password - he'd just have to open mail.
I wasn't agreeing with him.Jungmark was dismissing Jobs' record with sarcasm. Not very good sarcasm either. The sarcasm didn't change his meaning, sarcasm is not irony. I then responded to his post - which questioned Jobs' record to defend Cook's tenure - by disagreeing that Jobs' record was as limited as he made out.
Which is it? When ready or in time for the Christmas season? These are not equivalent.The problem is Cook said new products across 2014. Albeit in an internal menu. If nothing is discussed at WWDC then new products are unlikely later in the year as any serious new product requires an SDK. We might get upgrades to the entire line but that wouldn't be new products unless Cook means that the bigger screened iPhones - which seem to be locked down now - are the new products.
New Posts  All Forums: