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  He then went on to suggest numerous alternatives, which were - at the time ( and now, since little has been done) - clearly better. Or else why bother.   Apple reacted to this quite differently to the (largely fake) attenna gate incident, because this was a real issue. Suggesting someone else's software is an admission that yours is not as good.
  What kind of empirical test do you want? We could set up a website where everybody outside America in every large non-American city, or large town, or medium town, or village, or countryside posts the mistakes that Apple Maps makes compared to Google Maps, and vice versa ( if any). This would prove that x>y.   Without that immersive effort to impress a "random guy on the internet called Jragosta" I don't think you are going to accept any data you don't want to accept....
  My math is based on that yes. It was the ultimate consumer season, the season of gift giving. A mini is an obvious gift - cheap enough, top brand ( for now). Best ecosystem. So people bought, for their friends and families what was available. Some - if buying for themselves - waited. Others bought for friends and those guys are in a different platform now, some for life..  I see some of these lost sales as permanent losses to the competition.   To your second point:...
  They should, in fact, stagger their releases through the year, both to combat the supply chain issues, and to stop consumers guessing that a release is imminent and not buying the devices. Then the devices are upgraded but not available. That is a much greater risk to the company than a few disgruntled iPad3 buyers.
Its unlikely they are all making their own OS. So probably Android.
Apple's problem was the mini. Another 5 million minis sold and they reach 49%, another 10m and 53% etc. They needed to have that supply chain running well.
None of this explains a P/E ratio lower than the average. Apple would be priced for growth if its P/E ratio were higher than 15 and for revenue falls if lower.
People are choosing PC's over Macs because   1) they are used to the PC 2) software lockin 3) price   Apple cant change that overnight, its a generational change. In any case tablets will be 2-3 times the sales of PCs eventually.
The problem is that that the mini is a better product than the main iPad. I have the latter and I got my sister the mini for Christmas. I prefer the mini. The weight in particular.It's hard to make that mistake with the iPhone. Just restrict the lower end to 3G for now , etc.
Did you mean "seen"?I want Apple to crush Android. Not scrape by. This was rubbish.Also you highlighted sales slowdown - I meant sales slowdown growthSure there are technical reasons but..... Cook is not achieving.
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