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Are you a mod now? Gator guy had reasonable arguments against your replies but as a totalitarian mind you can't really broker dissent.Also can you post below the line as DED. No problem with top line posters coming into the fray but thet should announce themselves.
Well I now believe that Apple is at 120% of the market. Thanks DED.
While DED in this case does have more logic than usual, the white label vendors of tablets should be named or ignored, he is guilty as usual of assuming the conclusion. iPads are apparantly as dominant as iPods. But the same analysts who admit iPod dominance dispute the dominance of the iPad. Look. This is a business. DED sells kool aid to believers. You can believe what you want but actual facts matter - the iPad is not as dominant as it was and nowhere near as dominant...
I am not going to enjoy videos on my watch, or read a book. So no.
My feeling is it will be a watch in much the same way the iPhone is a "phone" ie much more than that. If it can warn people of health problems etc if could sell in the hundreds of millions. It will probably be also used to trace people or as an emergency call mechanism - transmitting the location to the police. ( true a phone can do this big you need to get it out of your pocket. ) making the person seem safer could be the killer app.
Yes that's it. I am not denying Apple avoids tax and I would prefer it paid ( albeit lower) taxes in the US. But the Italian job is a shake down.
I took a look. It's what I explained earlier, about how Apple is using Irish laws on "resident" companies to avoid tax in Ireland. What it is not saying is that Apple charges IP to sellers. That would be meaningless ( Starbucks are pushing it by claiming coffee is "manufactured" in stores. )
I am not "catching on". I refuted your accusation. I can't really explain it anymore remedially than I have already. Apple Italy is the Apple stores. They don't get transferred IP from Apple Ireland because that would be nonsensical. Why the fcuk do you think companies need to transfer IP to sell?You've vaguely put together some English tabloid review of Starbucks tax system and think it applies every where. Starbucks claims that the coffees are "manufactured" in their...
No you are confusing apple with Google or Amazon maybe. Possibly Starbucks. Apple doesn't licence any patents to Italian companies because all it does in Italy is sell stuff. You don't need to transfer IP to sell.As for the 2% that's a matter of how the US and Ireland tax companies. The Irish tax 12.5% on sales if you are based and registered in Ireland. But only on Irish sales if you are based in the US, or outside the country but register in Ireland. The US taxes...
You still don't seem to understand where corporate tax should be paid. It isn't where goods are sold. And neither Ireland nor the Netherlands are tax havens. The companies there are abusing laws which were not set up for the purpose of avoidance. That's not a haven, it's tax avoidance by the companies.
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