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It tells us that, back then, OS X Xcode and obj c were minority persuits, with fewer expert devs and a smaller installed base. iOS vs Windows mobile is reversed.By the way I think most devs would prefer C# and Visual Studio to the Android mess and eclipse. But -the installed base and the previous sunk cost of iOS and Android development works against them. I mean that's why MS are thinking of doing this.
Their employers?
Presumably they have a cloud advantage and a brand name. You are on a field trip and you can.1) read your complex data for presentations or meetings.2) write or input into cells where the data are uploaded to a cloud, downloaded to your desktop, and the macros do their work.
The iPad would be useful for minor input of data on a field trip but serious data manipulation would happen on the home machine. In any case this is welcome for Apple.
I love the way you guys start off with such promise ( You know Apples plans!!) and then you end up with half baked bollocks which isn't really related to the discussion about content. Bluetooth. A wireless technology designed for low bandwidth and close proximity. That's going to replace cables and HDMI? Why? Apple TV's can airplay already. And not only, in general, can far more information be sent over a physical wire but it's much much less subject to interference. There...
He engaged in a non-sequitur and I called him on it. The fact that the iPhone outsells other models tells us nothing with regard to your argument or his.
I see, fake. Well spotted by whomever did the Sherlocking here. I liked it, but am happy with the 4" as well.
So do none of the content producers or US networks have apps? As I said I could use my iPad right now to bypass TV or airplay all TV because everything I get on my TV is available in Apps. Is that not the case in the US?
Looks pretty convincing and pretty good stuff. For those of us who like the bigger phones. Hopeful they will continue to offer a 5S size with same internals for the one handed fanatics.
This would be sheer madness, alienating their traditional developer base, undercutting their devs on prices and their own applications too, letting google in as a Trojan horse, and reducing the quality of software on Windows ( I know people will sneer at that but windows software is still better than Android). What an insane race to the bottom that would be.
New Posts  All Forums: