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IDC has really just recategorized feature phones sold for a pittance as smart phones. Good luck with that one.
They are probably big increases from a low base in China. It makes no sense to think that the 39% in China most be half the growth. It depends on the previous number of sales in China.As for the general linguistic theme here: if a CEO groups otherwise unrelated countries into a "across all countries with double digit growth" list, he means they all individually had double digit growth.If he was averaging it out he wouldn't need to exclude any countries because overall unit...
 Unless the iPad becomes a hybrid type device, it won't replace most serious business usage. Nor do Apple expect it to. They make the analogy between trucks and cars - the PC being a truck i.e. used for work, with most people needing cars to get around but not for work. Thats a fine analogy, but it still means some people continue to need trucks, like Rogifan who is talking about his work environment. SQL server will never work on an iPad. xCode will never run on an iPad....
 What you are asking for comes out in the wash with handoff. If you are starting a mail on your iPhone and it is handed off to your iMac then it stands to reason that the iMac "knows" how much mail you have drafted, read, and unread. So it will not just allow you to continue the mail, but will update the count. As for one device notifying, my expectation is handoff will do that too. Come into proximity of your iMac and you will automatically hand off the phone to the iMac...
your issues and more: http://www.macrumors.com/2014/06/03/ios-8-yosemite-handoff-and-continuity/
Isn't that in Yosemite?
The fan is irrelevant as that's affected by CPU not disk usage. That combination is using more than 4G. A lot would be virtual memory. In your case the SSD hides a lot of beach balling.The beach ball is nearly always disk access and swap. Seeing it at all indicates memory pressure.
Do you mean increase?
I upgraded my iMac to 16G from 4G recently and it is like a totally different machine. Both mavericks and Yosemite need more than 4G. The number of system processes is exploding.
Kudos to Apple. I think they are leaving some money on the table at the moment with fairly tepid updates. I want a 15 inch mac book pro with a flash drive and Touch ID. Preferably thinner. My existing 2012 model will do until that happens. It's pretty good. They can push the upgrade cycle by adding these kinds of functionality.
New Posts  All Forums: