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Apple used to produce plastic iBooks. I am not sure what kind of argument that even is? There was a time when Apple didn't produce phones. Now they do. They do stuff they haven't before sometimes. In this case they have before. WebRep   currentVote     noRating noWeight                      
Apple tried the Mini. It didn't work because it was a decade too late.  However it is most certainly a cheap PC.
Except of course the answer was given multiple times this thread. Reduced component costs, reduced margins.
Apple doesn't historically enforce the NDA regarding the WWDC, if they did their legal teams would be extremely busy from June every year. In any case I doubt that courts would agree with enforcement of NDAs where the company has already broadcast live some information about an API - as Apple did with this very topic on Monday when Craig either mentioned it, or it was in the slides.( I didn't watch the keynote but I have seen the stills. )   See...
Rubbish. Same argument every year. The iPad won't be cheaper because Apple don't do cheap. The iPod will never be less than $400 - although you have to go back to 2007.And then the cheaper stuff comes out and... The arguments change to the next device. The older devices which were cheaper? That wasn't cheapness that was product differentiation.Look apple are not going to produce one phone a year for ever - no company ever fits that
They could do all that, remove the pHone chips as well and then sell an iPod touch for $229. Or do you think those radio chips are hugely expensive? They aren't.
Every year the same arguments. In 2015 Apple won't be producing cheaper TVs despite the Android competition.
Samsung is catching up in profit in all reports on profit share since last year. Google it.Tim Cook is not going to announce new products - his defensive answer is typical of a non-response when apple is questioned about new products. See the 7 inch iPad ( and we got the exact same arguments last year when iPad mini components were being seen).Lastly Apple do care about market share when they are winning market share, all conference calls mention the iPod percentage of...
iOS is a platform.Samsung are catching up on profit.Next argument
They can remove .....Very high margins
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