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Someday you might forget. Nothing wrong with this dialog. What was crap was the dialog bomb which happened when every single mail account you signed up to alerted you that it couldn't get mail, and there may be an internet connection issue. Every single one.Thats fixed.
I am blissfully aware that no website has been taken down, and to my knowledge no cease and desist letter has been sent, nor has any developer been banned for talking about iOS 7.My twitter feed which is about 25% devs - about 150, or so - is talking about the beta. Yes, the rules are there. They are not really enforced. Feel free to point to a news story which proves me wrong.
There is a dialog when the user tries to do Internet stuff while in airplane mode. Still there.
yeah they can. Or tryhttp://www.quillandquire.com/blog/index.php/book-news/apple-sends-cease-and-desist-letter-to-gawker-over-scavenger-hunt/Everybody knows about iOS 7. Apple demoed it. There are 100's of blogs about it. they don't really care.
They don't really care about people talking about the beta, have you seen any attempt to close down websites? Compare to the iPhone 4
Yeah that's easy to say. I intend my next iPhone to be unsubsidised because I want PAYG but forking out 679€ for the cheapest one doesn't work for me. Nor do I want the 4S - that's what I have. But I do want to leave a contract. It would be a simple sell at
I don't know much about the security but just because a few devices in android land have this won't stop apple.Probably not this year though.
Yeah. The web usage stats are even more impressive given there are more functional apps for the iPad than, certainly, cheaper android devices. Although possibly the Kindle is a more dedicated e-reader. My feeling is 1) The iPad is used more. 2) The iPad has legs. I bet the iPad 1 is still being used, and not in a drawer. The installed base of still used tablets is possibly 70% iPads.
Is flimsy the American for correct? If so, thanks. You have to choose free, $.99, $1.99 etc. in the US store. UK store starts at 59p, as I recall, for paid apps.I'm saying bump that up - or inflation will make it even more ridiculous over time but also continue with free promotions.It's funny how Apple attracts people who don't get their model - the ecosystem is the lockin. iOS 7 allows you to complete albums in the Music app and to buy there without going to iTunes.That...
Lock them in with 100 Color Zens
New Posts  All Forums: