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The person responsible for iOS 6 and previous is out.That said I generally like iOS 7. Except that half arsed fake button nonsense they introduced in 7.1. And needs some shadows.I like the way the interface gets out of the way - scrolling in safari for instance. Seems snappy on my 4S. I think it was overly buggy on release though.
He wasn't a software engineer. He's a ux guy.
That raise you got is what others didn't get, but could have got were there no cartel. That is the essence of what is being argued here. Had she not told you, had you not pursued other channels you would have been down that salary increase every year since. You would have been owed that money and interest.Are the 100k people in the class action suit all signed up already or is it an estimate of how many might benefit?
It doesn't matter what you personally think. You think that greed is bad for employees and good for capitalists engaging in cartel. That's misguided and contradictory, but most importantly not the law.
Iwatch. Schmiwatch.
You mean now that an anti-poaching agreement has been discovered? Sure.
  No, its not going to work like that. Basically these agreements reduce everybody's wages across the board. If the high earners move on, they are replaced by people demanding more money ( as they move into higher paid positions and because the original company will increase wages to keep people). If people get high wages doing X somebody else will demand X, and so on. It will increase across the board. So all employees can join this class action suit.
There was an actual guy who was being recruited from Apple, who Google then stopped recruiting.  In any case this is clearly designed to keep all wages down. All wages.
Non-compete agreements are illegal. 
They already do mention it. 10 hours video playback. 10 hours voice calls. 10 hours wifi or LTE. 8 hours 3G. 250 hours standby. Is that non anecdotal enough for you? Or did you think I barely use my phone?http://www.apple.com/uk/iphone/compare/Apples claims correlates with my usage. About 20% left after 18 hours fairly high usage. I watch videos going to work and back. Listen to music and make calls.A user clearly - unless Apple are lying - hasto be on the phone or...
New Posts  All Forums: