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So you can move to the iPhone from the iPad, and move to the iPad from the iPhone, without having to buy new software. For instance my mother has an Android phone and an iPad. She likes the iPad where she has lots of apps - self downloaded - and on the Android she has nothing. She just got it because the salesman sold it, normal story. I got her the iPad.   She has asked me would the (more expensive iPhone) be worth it on her next upgrade, in particular could she use her...
It will mean universal apps are easier - effectively blown up iPhone apps. Which means that iPad owners will be able to buy an iPhone and get their apps, and vice versa. 
  Oh many companies do this. In any case they are maintaining it, fixing it, at the moment. Thats the downtime. The intruder has been extruded.
1) This isn't iCloud 2) No Credit card information as devs are redirected to the iTunes store to purchase ( the purchasing of a dev program is a basket "item"). 3) It was hacked. An intruder is only an intruder if he intrudes. If not he is a non-intruder.       There has been a noted increase in people's inability to understand basic sentences. I could post from the children's book in the 19th century which has far more complex structures than anything posted or...
God forbid anybody come here with expertise and pick on Apple. Heretic.
Amazon and Google. You're welcome. And it is now 3 days, so about 99% uptime. Apple needs to be in the 99.99%
Apologies for saying dumb.
If they go to a model lineup they will probably stop selling last years models, except to clear their channel inventory and as refurb devices.
It will probably be faster than the 4s, and will run iOs7. Fragmentation in the Android world is generally OS fragmentation, if most of the population is on a older version of the OS you cant program for all of them and use new features. Screen size isn't really an issue because Android handles that quite well. The other issue is that some API just don't work. In my company the Android guys are getting grief over their app not running on some machines. Looking into it, its...
that system is designed to reduce complexity and failures.Apple's OS team can easily shift people from iOS to OS X and to different projects since - some specialisations apart - its mostly objective C.Cloud skills are something else entirely.
New Posts  All Forums: