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Poor old Gene Munster. Hated by Apple haters. Hated by Apple lovers.   I like him. He's mostly good on peer quarter estimates, although clearly not so good with first week totals or new products.
I hate this kind of comic book guy sneer masquerading as an argument.
Apple needs to publish those figures.
Well two reasons.1) market share since iOS is a platform.2) apple would make money. As we can see from the breakdown costs.
They could be saying that. Or they knew that they had plenty of pre-orders for the 5C in China etc ( where they probably are giving a deal rather than getting the $350 *margin* - I knew that of course).In any case they are right to maintain a high price now. They couldnt meet demand in the holiday Q for a cheap 5c. But free to reduce it in future. You know - like the original iPhone.Best of both worlds.Again though. Why are people so upset by the idea of a cheaper iPhone?
The 5s is outselling according to a few reports on one site on the Internet. Now if any of you people owned stock or listened to conference calls or read asymco etc. you would know that the 4S was selling more than the 5 recently.However the 5S outselling the 5c is probably a first week thing. In the long term apple would expect the lower cost phone to sell more.Cf iPad mini
Yes they do. But why would you care about "margins" rather than earnings?I ask as a ten year on-off owner of Apple stock who is heavily in aapl options.Apple probably did get it right for this and next quarter . But they also need a mid range phone.
Lol. Pricing elasticity is exactly what we are talking about here. Cheaper prices drive more sales unless your product is a super elite product like a BMW. The iPhone is a mass market product.I am sure they can estimate sales in apple better than me, or an idiot who thinks that you can't get orders if magnitude more sales at some prices than others. A good historical example is the original iPhone. Far too expensive at $399 - sold like hot cakes at $199. (Subsidised)My...
Very cheap I am sure. But that is not what I am talking about. I acknowledged , and you quoted, that we were talking about the $300+ market but that it was growing.Overtime the sub $100 market will collapse like the home computer market of the 80's. apple can sweep up the middle range.
When they release the next machine. Which might be sooner than 12 months.Appleinsider. The only Apple centric site where being pro-Apple( I hope they sell more devices) gets the Angries out in force.
New Posts  All Forums: