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They are people who make a different consumer choice.
I was joking about the fridge building but I do ask this. How much can you resell for? The real cost of ownership of anything is it's maintaince costs and the cost of depreciation. The latter is important if you can't sell.
When people talk about creating their own PCs I talk about making my own fridge. It's cheaper you know.
The problem with this attitude is it's a rewriting of history. Apple was bleeding money in the mid to late nineties, at one stage it was merely a few months from bankruptcy.What started Apple down that path was - as Steve Jobs pointed out - too many salesmen milking the brand in the early nineties. Keeping prices too high for too long.The past is not prelude but DED's propoganda is based on fetishing profit share over market share, which was actually a decision which put...
Ridiculous sneer. The goto bug was clearly visible in code and should have been caught in one of a unit, integration or general user tests. The latter being as simple as just trying a bad cert in safari. See if that worked.The OpenSSL bug seems to have been submitted without review or unit test but it was a big addition in functionality. One guy wrote it nobody seemed to review it, it was built into a final product and half the world picked it up.Ok most people are not...
It's funny how there doesn't seem to have been any review at all of either the goto fail or heart bleed. Not internal nor external. Not a unit nor integration test.
Lol. Keyboard warrior. Why do I feel you look a bit like comic book guy from the Simpsons. I didn't say I was shy. I said I didn't want to feel like a prat. I said it would be noisy ( and Siri is crap with non American accents ) that's true of me and everybody else in the UK, Ireland or Europe I have visited as not once have I seen any idiot talk to Siri in public.
Well I haven't used shazam for a while. Normally where I would use it would be noisy environments where, hearing a song, I run the app. Asking Siri to identify that song would be less useful as it would involve asking questions in a noisy environment and seeming like a prat ( imagine being on a bus or in a cafe ). I never use Siri in public but often at home. In fact I have long believed apple should allow questions like "what's the nearest pizza restaurant" to be stored...
Johnny IVes been phoning it in for a while. The material here looks plastic. Produce a giant 5C and the queen will personally fly over & take away the knighthood. Or whatever he has.
It's really an argument you can't win. Because clearly the data requirements of modern phones are getting greater as everything downloadable gets bigger.People buy at a price point, that doesn't mean they don't need more memory in day to day usage. You are basically saying that people "need" whatever they buy or they would have bought more, but since that argument could be used for any amount of available space you could make it if Apple introduced a 2GB base model at the...
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