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Don't underestimate the power of people claiming any old bollocks as gospel. The Iovine made the record companies get onboard with iTunes is a newly invented myth.Probably bollocks. Certainly a new story.
Jobs - who cost apple $ 400m if you attribute no value to Next - was a triple successful entrepreneur when bought out by Apple. The company had previously founded. As a side project jobs created the most successful animation studio of its day. Jimmy Iovine is a sound engineer. Contacts my arse. Music is dying anyway. But if you think that when billion dollar boy walks into a record company who have previously rejected apple the managers will go " it's that guy from...
No man is worth billions.
For thousands of years we've been parking cars and taking pictures of them? I've been lied to.
I too find googles voice search to be better than Siri, except for the obvious lack of integration with the OS. And it sounds a lot better. Both companies are recording data.
A lot of the discussion here could go elsewhere.
Not impressive, most are there because of an AT&T pre-install, probably on Android only.
They have to be to develop. It's a dev conference so most are mobile or iOS devs for which you need a mac.
If all they announce is a Mac OS overhaul all people will be talking about is that all they announced was a Mac OS overhaul.For most devs there that would be an irrelevance.
What ever they do won't be ready probably for a year.
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