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Well they could have upgraded the 5. It's a model - it doesn't have to have last years internals. Call it the 5 LTE. Plastic is cheap. If you are going to look cheap, be cheap. Or don't look cheap and be expensive. The 5C was nowhere.
Nonsense. Smart phones are subject to price elasticity like anything else. The cheaper you go the more you sell. The plastic phone didn't sell because most people can afford $100 extra for a better looking phone. However if the cheaper one costs $200 less then you're cooking. Bad price management.
You do realise no phone is actually free?
Now when I said this in the other thread Oh how people sneered. The price was wrong or the plastic was wrong. Or both. If they were keeping the old idea of "last years price" they could have kept last years model. The 5 looked great.
The guidance is the problem. And the iPhones. The other two big categories were good actually ( Go! Mac!). Although nobody wants to hear any criticism here there was clearly a feck up with the iPhone 5c. Too expensive for the Chinese market, too plastic for the US and Japan. It's been a bad call. The market are obviously going to be disappointed with a Q2 which is flat y-o-y given its Chinese New Year. And with China Mobile. Plus we can take Apples guidance seriously -...
They predicted in October, possibly expecting a greater mix of the iPad mini and 5C than ( it looks like) happened. I think the stock will be fine because their Q2 will include China. Forward guidance will be intersting.
Quaking in his very rich boots bought on the proceeds of whatever percent of that $3.5B sale he garnered. Sure he is. We'd all be a bit distraught.
If Apple wanted the company they would have bought it. There was no offer. How were they "punched"?
I'll believe Apple could do Internet search when searching in spotlight, the iTunes Store or internally within Xcode is faster than an Internet search ( well the iTunes Store is an Internet search but it routinely takes seconds and doesn't correct.). Apple can't do search, they don't have the capability.
I'll pop back in here to say I think that they will produce two models and one will handle native games ( I can't see games being streamed ). It's important to realise that the 10Gb games will stay, for now, on the "pro" console market. Some of those game devs are locked down by contract to a particular device anyway. Apple will be smart to allow games devs to sell existing iOS games at an upgrade price for full resolution on the Apple TV. But the cost will never be $50...
New Posts  All Forums: