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Presumably if they increase prices at the high end they will reduce em at the lower end. Maintain rather than increase margins. He's probably right about top end iPhone buyers, or potential buyers of subsidised phones being not very price conscious. The middle unsubsidised smart phone market is pretty price conscious though. So, continue the 5C selling lower than the 4S now by $100, have a plastic 6C ( or just keep the 5S) selling at the price of the 5C now; and up the...
It's 4 seperate email accounts. I've also had .mac since it was iTools. Just ignoring a few a day adds up. Work mail generates automatic mail when somebody coughs. Or farts. Or adds a file to a build system or changes a document on our shared workspaces. Can't be turned off. I do send certain mail to folders but I don't see a way of deleting a folder. I can select all and mark read but not delete.
Compared to what? Criticising google for search is not the same as criticising them for Android. In search there are really no competitors.
Yes. And the text seems off centre. By a pixel or two. Very obvious in the back "button/shape" in mail.
It's new. Thanks for mentioning.So a lot of fixes are to negate the original premise of iOS 7 ( and remember the iOS 7 beta was even more radical in its lack of shadows and contrast).
I can't get the software reboot to work. Anybody else seeing this.
Presumably it's LTE or worldwide LTE. Or some such.
Videos is still a world of pain. The UI fixes are over due, I don't notice any increase in speed on the 4s. Bit meh.
I've got 14000 unread.
Were Apple to change chips again, it would be easier. The way to not worry about emulation is to use the built in app universal library packaging from AppKit/Mach-o.    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_binary#NeXTSTEP_Multi-Architecture_Binaries   The executable can be built FAT ( all executables for iOS are built fat if they have to handle the different versions of ARM or ARM64, which most do). There were FAT builds for PPC and Intel.   I don’t see a modern need for...
New Posts  All Forums: