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That said the language has some potential pitfalls, the ease at which functions can be returned from functions. I can see that being overused. Returning tuples from functions? My solution to being able to return only one item but needing more information than a primitive was always to return a strongly typed object filled out with the needed values. I can see amateur programmers returning 100 results from a function and referencing then by index. Good lord. There is some...
It does allow easier string manipulation. Very like C#
C code ( and objective C code ) can be imported into swift modules. And swift code into obj c modules unless it has features (like tuples) which are not available on Obj C.C++ code has to be imported into swift via obj CAll to say you may be right. Going forward, if people get used to the swift syntax and it is faster, I see swift being used for UI and other prootyping and smaller apps. Will it replace objective c fully? Probably not.
Type after identifier is not the way I read. Yeah the playground is really going to promote it. I have new UI features for my application ( a Mac app) and I would use this if it integrates with the rest of the code. Although it may not be run time compatible with OS 9.We need to get a move on because recruiters are looking for 5 years experience already.
I am glad you capitalised and colorised that or I wouldn't have taken it seriously.
Forstall was technical. He wrote code in NEXT. In fact he wrote something which became the basis of UITableview which is the workhorse of iOS navigation.This has nothing to do with the hardware. Nothing.It's an interesting language and actually resembles C# rather than JavaScript.Some of the excitement about type inference is overblown. Generics is interesting. Triples are interesting. And I am 10% through the book.
It was a good post because it was backed up with data and he did the work for us. But remember one of the blacked banners last year showed the new UI of iOS 7 so this year at least one of those posters is hiding a new look OS X, not just the same photo as downstairs. As for the rest probably one is just iOS 8, but there may be others. Don't lose hope !
He said it moved on twitter. https://twitter.com/philiped/status/473239461367521280
Really? I thought all banners were covered last year ?
I was at a WWDC in San Jose once, back when it was easy to go to ( I got in free because I knew Apple employees ) and the guys taking down the posters were employees of the venue not Apple. I had left to go out about an hour and a bit into it and didn't bother going back in. Anyways I forget what was unveiled but it looked like they just took the coverings off at a few minutes before the hour. Not an uncovering for every announcement as it happened. I don't even remember...
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