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Most of the negative feedback is misinformed rants by designers who have skin in the game. The easier buttons are to design the fewer designers needed.We aren't seeing the final iOS 7 look here, no more than we have the final OS. Most of your criticisms are probably due to that fact. Except typography that's final (and adjustable, so I don't see the issue) and the use of text in back buttons. The text running into text is just a bug, border less text is here to stay....
Total nonsense. If some one has been here since before the iPhone - like moi for instance - we are aware of apples flaws and are used to robust debate. Being sacmrcastic or witty is not trolling. the OP here is sarcastic in defending Apple, if never witty.And people can be fans of apple and disagree on the whether there should be cheaper iPhones. I've been called a troll for supporting cheaper iPhones even though cheaper iPhones would increase Apples market share.I'd like...
The new compiler has better warnings on cycles apparently.And this feature doesn't depend on developers.
I am comparing 2001 to 2007 in iPods because we are comparing 2007 to 2013 in iPhones.Remedially yours.Asd
Getz is on ignore. The reasons why Apple will introduce new iPhones can be summed up in two statements of fact. 1) they have more than one model of everything else. 2) if your existing market is saturated you introduce new products.
Can Appleinsider please ban idiots who call those of us HERE SINCE 2003 Microsoft trolls.If not , say goodbye to your audience.
Start doing that and this place will become a clique or diminishing like minded people, with no criticism of Apple allowed.   A thanks is ok, though. Non weighted
This is a pretty awesome web app. And don't worry there will be newer versions for the iPhone and Mac later.
The original iPod in October 2001 cost $399. It had a mechanical wheel. I have one. And I got it that month.   Nobody is saying the cheap iPhones will shrink, as far as I can see. Shrinking may increase the costs, increasing the size with a plastic case could reduce costs. They may not increase size on the lower end model yet though - as they will want to make sure that the top end also has that size ( but then, there are rumors that the next top end iPhone is not...
The iPad mini. The iPod touch - which is way cheaper than the original classic, originally costing about $400. Maybe thats $500 today. The mini.    And to hell with this dumb restriction not allowing different form factors. If they are cheaper, they are cheaper.   The iPad mini was getting the exact same arguments against last year, even as the components rolled out. Apple doesn't do cheap. And the people who were wrong then are wrong now. Always wrong, always arrogant...
New Posts  All Forums: