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Agreed! I currently own a 16GB iPad mini Retina and will sell it on Gazelle. I hope I get a reasonable price for it.
I'm actually enjoying the Facebook Messenger app for my iPad. The Facebook site messaging feature is horrendous.    
I actually like the current design of the iPad Air, the tablet just need a few refinements and it will be just fine. It's time to start saving as I prepare to pick up a new and improved Air on its launch date. Finally Touch ID on my iPad :-)
The rumored split screen feature is cool, but I want a new iPad Air with Touch ID.
Samsung does a great job with their marketing department, but Apple fans shouldn't take the TV ad personally. Quite frankly, I like the competitiveness of Samsung - as this will make Apple strive to do even more. I have a iPad mini Retina and the lack of muti-tasking does not worry me. However, I do like those Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, but not that price tag though.
Samsung phones are just ugly and the iPhones simply are the luxury brand that most consumers are drawn too. Samsung smartphones/devices just keep getting larger and larger - I don't want a freaking tablet to my ear while I'm talking.
The new redesign iOS 7 is a beautiful piece of software. It was definitely time for Apple to make a drastic change with the iconic OS.
I'm going to have to wait until a few more weeks - I want the (Gold) iPhone 5S.
Solid review and I'm going to get an Nexus 7 for Xmas to give my new iPad some much needed company.    I just wish Android had Infinity Blade II - the best mobile game to date.
I'm still baffle why Apple didn't include the one feature many iPad 2 users was looking forward to using - Siri.
New Posts  All Forums: