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Samsung phones are just ugly and the iPhones simply are the luxury brand that most consumers are drawn too. Samsung smartphones/devices just keep getting larger and larger - I don't want a freaking tablet to my ear while I'm talking.
The new redesign iOS 7 is a beautiful piece of software. It was definitely time for Apple to make a drastic change with the iconic OS.
I'm going to have to wait until a few more weeks - I want the (Gold) iPhone 5S.
Solid review and I'm going to get an Nexus 7 for Xmas to give my new iPad some much needed company.    I just wish Android had Infinity Blade II - the best mobile game to date.
I'm still baffle why Apple didn't include the one feature many iPad 2 users was looking forward to using - Siri.
I was watching The Verge podcast and the crew member was explaining that Apple Maps is still reliable, but Google Maps has a ton of data to comply with. However, Apple Maps will be a better source over a period of time. Apple have been working on Maps for about 5 years or so and it should have a much more compatible data package in tact upon iOS 6 release.
The iOS 6 has its flaws, but it is a reasonable upgrade and I'm glad Apple remove that pathetic YouTube app. I'm still waiting for the YouTube app for my new iPad - the YouTube app which Google release recently is much better than the previous version.
The photos maybe legit and the iPad Mini isn't going to be any revolutionary device. However, I hope it has some new features that set it aside from the iPad.   The price should be around $199.99 to compete with the Nexus 7.   Nevertheless, I will probably pick one up though.
Agreed! I always view AI on my MacBook Air.   Perhaps the iOS 6 upgrade will change this functionality.
Is Siri for the upcoming iOS 6 software going to be release for the iPad 2?   I have a new iPad, but my friend is the owner of a iPad 2.
New Posts  All Forums: