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Need a new Mac Pro.
I hope so
Has this improved?
I cannot find the HDMI port spec information for the new mac mini. Anyone know?mm 1.4? Thanks.
Is the nvidia gpu okay now since the fiasco?
Hmm, we shall see
Nice to see!
[quote]Originally posted by detah: it doesn't matter, the mac is dead.
[quote]Originally posted by erbium: I really think we're going to be seriously let down when we find no G5 at Macworld. I think we should count on the redesigned Sahara G3, faster G4's, a commitment from Adobe, and call it a show. To me, the above would be big news by Apple's standards. IBM has been working on the Sahara G3 750FX, and Motorola has been working on the G4 7460. I think we'll see these processors before the G5 makes an...
[quote]Originally posted by MatthiasMHX: hi! i could get a a used G4/400, the one from the first series which had the AGP-graphic card slot. how much is this mac worth? the offer i have is DEM 2500.- (about $ 1140.-) plus 16% VAT. is this price fair? greetz, matthiasmhx
What CPU revision is your G4? [ 12-31-2001: Message edited by: sauria ]

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