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You may have figured this out by now but there was an update to office 2011 that introduced a lot of issues with outlook 2011.   Microsoft has released a new version today you should try out.   http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/office_for_mac_sp2_update_released_fixes_outlook_corruption/   http://www.microsoft.com/mac/downloads?pid=Mactopia_Office2011&fid=18EB4867-97AA-4AE0-A5F6-EC8D5189208B#viewer
It sounds like a hardware problem to me. What happens when you boot off a cd? Does it run forever or does it shut down. If it shuts down that would be a pretty clear indication that the issue is hardware. What happens if you boot up your MBP in Target Disk Mode and attach it to another Mac via FireWire? If you are able to mount your MBP on the other Mac you might be in a good position to check for file issues. My guess would be that the machine is either...
Apparently there is an issue with DNS.http://lifehacker.com/5721188/fix-it...ty-dns-servers If you are using 3rd party DNS, try using the one specified by your ISP.
A client of mine is all Mac except for the accountant. He used QuickBooks under Windows XP on a ThinkPad. We had a hard drive failure and his new "PC" is an iMac, running Windows XP with Parallels. Has been very smooth so far. Had some issues with upgrade to XP SP3, but that was MS's fault not an Apple issue.
You can do this with migration assistant. It's the same tool you used to import your own stuff. Applications > Utilities > Migration Assistant start your wife's computer in target disk mode, only import her user stuff and you should be golden.
Couple things: Is your DSL connection PPPoE? If so is the airport initiating the PPPoE connection? Sounds like the PPPoE connection is what is going down. I have a Time Capsule with a similar problem. It starts the PPPoE connection to the Verizon modem but will drop it at random, at which point I need to restart the Time Capsule. Some possible solutions: 1. See if your ATT modem has a firmware update available. Might help. Might not (didn't help for...
Do you mean the system username? This can be changed but it is tricky and a mistake can be devastating. Apple actually recommends creating a new user account and moving stuff over: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=106824 Someone claims to have written a little utility to automate the changing of the shortname: http://homepage.mac.com/frakes/MOSXP...tusername.html (warning I have not tried this myself). There are also instructions on how...
OK found it: /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist Might check the values of these two strings: Root > System > Network > Hostnames > LocalhostName > Root > System > System > Computer Name > If this file is corrupt I would bet you have found your problem.
Sounds like a corrupt preference file. Not sure where it is stored tho... What happens when you try to change it from another user account on the same machine?
Wow those are some startlingly bad reviews. If it was the US and not the less-litigeous UK I would suspect some class action lawyer was posting those as a sock-puppet to show to a judge for financial damages to the class. I have a G4 iBook and I always seem to leave the power supply in hotels rooms. I have bought a couple off of ebay. One was had a 3 way grounded plug, the other did not. Neither has given me any trouble, but then neither did the original apple one...
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