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At one point it inspired its own parody site, which was quite funny up to a point... http://macosrumors.blogspot.com/
I think you might need an airport card and an iMac Airport Card Adaptor... You need one of the older cards 802.11b not 802.11g (also called extreme). I know people were upset when the older cards were discontinued by Apple. They are going for surprisingly high bids on Ebay:http://listings.ebay.com/Apple-Netwo...istingItemList I don't know if a third party card would work. i've not heard of one that works in an airport slot...
Are your computers on the same subnet (on a LAN at home) or are you connecting over the internet? If the former just turn on Personal File Sharing in the Pref Pane for Sharing. If the latter then you need to know the IP addresses and may have to mess with Firewalls and Network Address Translation (NAT).
Some iMac G3s did have an airport slot. Think Rev A - C did not while the later ones did. Take a look here for your model and see if it has a slot or not: http://www.everymac.com/systems/by_p...owerpc750.html Hope this helps.
There's been some good info on disk images on Macosxhints.com. Like this one for example: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.p...ery=disk+image
What is a dialing noise? You mean the beeps you hear when you dial a phone? Is it coming from the speakers? A clicking noise is a sign of a failing hard drive.
Is your accountant's computer going to sleep? If so that could kick her off the server. Adjust the energy saver preferences.
I agree I think there is plenty of prior art on this. My guess is that Apple's lawyers will not settle on this. Apple is all about it's intellectual property these days. They defend their own IP against infringers and I expect they will defend themselves when they are are accused of infringing. Also, wasn't iTunes code base licensed from another MP3 player? I forget which one. AllInOne
Yes that is correct. Put the file in the same directory as the .dmg (or anywhere above it in the file hierarchy).
If you are running Apache and if your ISP allows .htacess files (most do) you can make the change yourself...
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