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Well done. You said you want to access files... Couple choices: Filesharing, FTP, SFTP actually there are lots and lots of choices... TB2, VNC, Remote Desktop, etc etc FTP is very insecure. Data and even passwords are passed unencrypted. For simplicity, power and security I recommend just opening SSH and connecting via SFTP. You will need an SFTP client. Transmit and Interarchy are commerical FTP clients that have SFTP...
I have gotten good advice with such issues here: http://www.dslreports.com/forum/linksys Might try posting there.
Are you up to date with the Linksys firmware?
Check out resexecellence:http://www.resexcellence.com/
To connect to your home remotely you need to know the internet address of your home. This can either be an IP address (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) or a domain name (foo.bar.co.uk). If you have DSL you probably have a dynamic IP address (static IP addresses are available for an additional cost generally). If you have a dynamic IP address that means that your IP address is leased to you and changes periodically. The addresss you have now may not be the one that you have in an hour,...
You have to tell us more about your particular situation. The forum discusses many different problems and suggests a large number of fixes. What have you tried? Does your computer lose connection to other base stations or just your own? Does your base station drop connections to all clients or just the one? Best, AIO
I googled on "Xerces Panic Error" and found some other users with this problem. The thing that worked for them seemed to be reinstalling or upgrading Windows XP. Anyway have you tried: Running the application as a different User? Upgrading to the latest patch version of DW? When you search your HD for Xerces what do you find?
This is what I would do: run a firewire cable between the two machines. boot up the g4. boot up the g5 in firewire target mode (hold down the 'T' key) (see more here: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.p...20401233536141) Use Disk Utility on the G4 to reformat/partition the hard drive of the G5. Use Disk Utility to clone the G4 drive to the G5 drive.
Firewire devices should always be ejected before they are disconnected. Drag the device's icon to the trash to eject. This is true under both X and 9 as far as I know. The iPod can only be "registered" with one computer at a time. Only the registered computer will allow access to the songs through iTunes. I believe that there are hacks that allow file system access to the songs on an unregistered computer but that is not something that I can recommend in good...
Not sure this is: a. possible b. advisable The keyboard acts as a heat exchange. Closing the lid traps heat. Running with trapped heat fries the machine...
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