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Well some people have successfully installed 10.1 on 6500.http://eshop.macsales.com/OSXCenter/XPostFacto/ Check out this thread from the XpostFacto support forums:http://anybox.owc.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=352
I remember having problems with self-assigned DHCP IP address under MacOS. What a pain. I never found a solution that worked reliably every time. Try moving the TCP/IP preference out of the Preferences folder and restarting the machine. Then, go in and set your TCP/IP preferences. When you reinstalled the OS did you clean install? If the TCP/IP prefs trick fails, you could try a clean system install. Also, I don't see how your machine could be pingable if it has a bad IP...
I'd go with an external Firewire drive, you can pick them up pretty cheap these days.http://fwdepot.com/thestore/product_...roducts_id/581http://www.dealsonic.com/plpmcousb20...927&PID=552179 (I am totally unfamiliar with the either the store or the brand in the second link there, but the price is great, -- maybe doesn't include cable tho?) Also, here is an illustrated guide to removing the drive.http://www.theimac.com/drive_steps.shtml
If you do not know the names of the jpg files that you wish to retrieve it will not be possible to retrieve them. Or am I missing something here? If there are links to the images from html pages then you could use a tool like Interarchy to mirror the whole site...
Try booting into single user mode and running fsck. (see the FAQ on how to do this). Are all users hosed or only one? It's a good practice to have more than one admin user just for emergencies like this. You can try booting off of another volume like a firewire drive if you have one handy or off of the system cd. You can then repair permissions again. Or apply system updates...
Googled on this, and found:http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/re...042003_2.shtml Sounds like the recommended fix is to boot into base extensions and update quicktime. Try it and let us know. Hope this helps.
I'd go with the OSX and 576MB any day. Under 10.2 it was probably a toss up. Under 10.1 OS 9 won out. But today it's got to be X.
At $300 for a 500Mhz G3 these are not a very good value in my opinion. You are still going to have an old iMac with a 15" screen, a tiny hard drive, an out of date video card, a slow CD drive with no burn or DVD ability, and a slow system bus. Compare that do a new eMac for $799: 1.25GHz PowerPC G4 256MB DDR333 SDRAM 40GB Ultra ATA drive Combo drive Here's an older model, refurbished for only $599:http://www.expercom.com/product_deta...DUCT_ID=262340 (appears to be back...
Did you ever try to launch Address Book as another user on the same machine? What was the result? Also, when you looked for fonts did you look in for both system fonts and user fonts? ~/Library/Fonts/ and /Library/Fonts/
I have a gig of ram in my Mac. VPC slider only goes to 512MB max. for me too.
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